50 Fun Trivia Question Quizzes for Adults with Answers

People like us always find it beneficial to find concise fun quizzes for adults with answers. Let’s take an example, we love to learn about Frederick II, king of Prussia. The economic policies of Frederick were firmly rooted in the mercantilist heritage. In his Testament Politique from 1752, he stated that bringing money into the nation and preventing it from leaving was the basis of trade and manufacturing. Let’s have fun quizzes for adults with answers. A decree from 1747 prohibiting people from taking more than 300 thalers in specie out of their areas exemplifies the crude and unsophisticated way in which these concepts were occasionally implemented. Prussia was instructed to limit its reliance on imports of foreign manufactured products, and in order to achieve this goal, indigenous firms were to be given privileges and sometimes even direct financial assistance.

The same methods were to be used to promote exports. Particularly expensive attempts were made to create a sizable silk industry, but the outcomes were largely unimpressive. By the conclusion of Frederick’s rule, textiles of all types made up two-thirds of Prussia’s industrial output, and the textile sector employed about 90% of the industrial labor force. Solve the fun quizzes for adults with answers printable. However, Frederick’s economic policies had little role in this development. A number of 18th-century kings used porcelain as one of their economic status symbols, but efforts to promote its manufacture were both expensive and ineffective.

These tactics were essentially a waste of resources for Prussia as a whole, albeit a few favored industrialists, notably David Splitgerber and Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky in the 1750s, benefited from them. Enjoy the fun general knowledge quizzes for adults with answers. The economic life of Frederick’s territories, with the exception of Silesia, the region around Berlin, and the small county of Mark in western Germany, which continued to be based on agriculture, was also marginally affected by other new creations like the Maritime Trading Company (Seehandlung), a government-backed corporation established in 1772 to develop overseas trade.

However, a few of the state’s initiatives saw genuine success, albeit occasionally at a heavy cost. The concerted effort to draw immigrants and establish them on vacant or sparsely inhabited territory throughout the 1760s and 1770s was crucial; this settlement program served as the centerpiece of the rétablissement or making up for the Seven Years’ War’s losses. Ponder over the fun quizzes for adults with answers in English. More than 300,000 immigrants from various regions of Europe came to Prussia during Frederick’s rule, adding significantly to the region’s population, which in 1740 had only reached approximately 2,200,000.

Additionally, the army created a sizable market for weapons and woolen fabric for uniforms, helping to promote economic expansion. Furthermore, during peacetime, soldiers worked in agriculture or other urban jobs for the majority of the year rather than serving with their regiments for the majority of the year. Because of their successful integration into society, the economic impact of the massive military endeavor was lessened. There are many other fun quizzes for adults with answers, Let’s find below some of them!

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Fun Trivia Question Quizzes for Adults with Answers

1. Snow overalls military technique demonstrates which camouflage methods?

Seasonal variation

2. Which Roman emperor ended the rule in December 69 C.E.?

Aulus Vitellius

3. What fruit variety is Midnight Beauty?

Black grape

4. Canal for transport constructed in Ancient China at what time?

800 BC

5. Which Old World monkey species has its scientific name Cercopithecus doggetti?

Silver monkey

6. Which animal’s longevity is suggested by its long lifespan and its shell, which to some symbolizes protection from any foe?


7. Which ROman emperor was born in Rome in 42 BC?

Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus

8. Olhão Garden is located in which country?


9. Bloxwich town is located in which country?


10. In 1661, which labor issue and event occurred in the USA?

Virginia’s Indentured Servants’ Plot

11. Which airport has its IATA code ADI?

Arandis Airport (Namibia)

12. What is the most famous king of Mali in Africa?

Musa I of Mali

13. Stephen King authored the fiction “The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger” in which year?


14. In which year, did 4,500 British & Indian troops leave Kabul, massacred before reaching India?


15. How many counties are there in Puerto Rico in the United States?

There are no counties in Puerto Rico. The United States counts Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities as comparable to counties. Counting Houses.

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16. Peter Homann (athlete) from which nation was warded the Paralympic Hall of Fame in 2008?


17. Midland and Districts Historical Society is located in which Australian region?


18. Aegae (Achaea) is an ancient location mentioned in which literary work?


19. Who became the first female cantor to be ordained in Reform Judaism in 1975?

Barbara Ostfeld

20. Which English poet contributed to The Gem: A Literary Annual (1831)?

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

21. Margaret Atwood was featured on a postage stamp of Canada in which year?


22. London city was nearly destroyed by a massive fire in which year?


23. Who patented the “Method of Electrical Power Transmission” – 1889 June 25?

Nikola Tesla

24. In 1853, which President-elect of the USA and his family were involved in a train wreck in Massachusetts?

Franklin Pierce

25. In 541, The Sasanian garrison went over to the Byzantine side in which event in history?

Siege of Sisauranon

26. Who beat Babe Ruth’s home run record in 1974?

Hank Aaron

27. Which space mission featured the first manual pilot control of the spacecraft and the landing with pilot still within it?

Mercury-Redstone 3

28. What is the literary genre of Dream of the Red Chamber, by Cao Xueqin?

Family saga

29. Roger Zelazny received the Locus Award in 1986 for which Fantasy Novel?

Trumps of Doom

30. Who was the artist of “The Landing of Columbus” on the stamp of the United States that appeared in 1869?

John Vanderlyn

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31. Where is the Optical and Near-Infrared Solar Eruption Tracer (ONSET) located?

Nanjing, China

32. What is flax (Linum usitatissimum)?

A bast (plant) fibre

33. What does He stand for on the periodic table?


34. In 1983–86, which miners’ strike occurred in Arizona, United States?

Arizona copper mine strike

35. The puppet character Macintosh Mouse was belonged to which American TV show from 1952 to 1955?

Garfield Goose and Friends

36. What famous actor starred in Lilies of the Field and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Sidney Poitier

37. What does the word Barbarian mean?


38. What is ‘Swahili’?

Swahili is an Arabic word that means ‘of the coast’

39. Amman Civil Airport (Marka International Airport) is located in which country?


40. PC shortcut keys: Win + V=?

[Cycle through notifications]

41. What is the Dorado?

A crater constellation

42. In 1857, the patent for reducing zinc ore was granted to whom in Penn?

Samuel Wetherill

43. Noël Coward took the title of the book “Blithe Spirit” from which source?

Percy Bysshe Shelley, “To a Skylark”

44. What was the incident of Australian(s) died/being killed at the Bay of Bengal on 1935 Nov 8?

While flying between Singapore and Allahabad, India, Sir Charles Kingsford-aircraft, Smith’s the Lady Southern Cross, crashes.

45. Who depicted two combatant airships flying above a burning town in his triptych The temptation of St. Anthony about the year 1500, among other things?

Hieronymus Bosch

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46. In what park was the New York City Marathon run until 1970?

Central Park

47. Wheelbarrow was first referenced in Ancient Greece at what time?

408 BC

48. Which church in India belongs to the Syrian Orthodox Church which stands on a hill about 30 km from Ernakulam on the Muvattupuzha road?

Kadamattom Church

49. In 1887, who opens the Battle of Chelenqo with an attack on the camp of the Shewan army of Negus Menelik II?

`Abd-allah II of Harar

50. Which video game system debuted in the 1970s and featured now iconic games like Pong and Pac-Man?


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