100 Hard General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

100 hard general knowledge questions and answers are here with many fresh facts and interesting information you did not know. We live in such a liberal and varied country. You must instill in you the virtues of cultural sensitivity and awareness. This is frequently impossible to obtain only by reading school textbooks as well as 100 hard general knowledge questions and answers. Festivals and the reasons for their celebration must be taught to learners. Religion, faith, and ideology should be introduced to children as early as possible since they need to comprehend them with 100 hard general knowledge questions and answers.

The physical world must be known to family members. They should be able to recognize physical components, bodily functions, and sensations. It’s also important to teach a learner about the environment, including animals and birds, as well as the different seasons by dint of 100 hard general knowledge questions and answers. They should also be able to distinguish between different types of geographies, such as mountains, seas, oceans, and deserts, among others. You should also teach your youngster about the topic of climate change. Learning about concerns such as global warming will help your child develop a feeling of responsibility and awareness with 100 hard general knowledge questions and answers.

GK plays an important role in a learner’s development. Your youngster should become acquainted with the types of sports that are popular in the nation from 100 hard general knowledge questions and answers. He or she should be able to recognize well-known athletes and determine the sport they play. Sports participation benefits a learner’s motor abilities as well as his or her physical well-being. As a result, it is critical for a youngster to be aware of several sports and to engage in one of their choosing the 100 hard general knowledge questions and answers.

100 hard general knowledge questions and answers

1. What is [naahp gàt] (naji) according to Chinese traditional marriage rites?

placement of the eight characters at the ancestral altar to confirm compatibility

1. What is a cake that uses strawberry as a primary ingredient?

Strawberry cake

2. What is Seriema?

a bird of prey

3. Speen Ghar Region is a popular first-class cricket team in which country?


4. What is the home ground of Cricket Australia XI, a popular first-class cricket team in Australia?

Allan Border Field, Queensland

5. In North Africa a mouflon is a wild what?


6. What is the Ant’s home called?


7. What is the scientific name of red raspberry or European red raspberry?

Rubus idaeus

8. What is Rubus phoenicolasius?

wine raspberry or wineberry

9. What is the length of the United States numbered Highway US 5 (I-91 in New Haven, CT – Canadian border at Derby Line, VT)?

300 miles

10. What name’s given to a number that exactly divides into another?

Factor or Divisor

11. What is Aspen?


12. Alexandria and Washington Railroad is now Defunct, once operated in which US city?

Washington, D.C.

13. Gauntlet is a premodern combat weapon in which location?


14. Who was the 5th Earl of Rutland?

Roger Manners

15. Who is the Greek Goddess of witchcraft and black magic?


16. Which Hungarian footballer has scored 84 international men’s football goals during his career 20 August 1945 – 14 October 1956?

Ferenc Puskás

17. Banaba Island is the westernmost point of which country?


18. Meuse–Argonne offensive was a deadly offensive in which historic event?


19. Rosh Hashanah is the New Year celebration for which religion?


20. Grande and Chico are versions of what Spanish activity?

Flamenco dancing

21. Tome windmill is located in which country?


22. Battle of Mechili was a deadly battle in which historic event?

WWII (January 1941)

23. Bab Ezzouar Shopping Mall is a popular tourist attraction in which city?


24. What is Ascolano in Italy?

olive cultivar

25. What is a Bodhran used in Ireland?

Irish Drum over a frame

26. Operation Compass was a deadly battle in which historic event?

WWII (December 1940 – February 1941)

27. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal played his first international football match on what date?

20 August 2003

28. What is the name of the 120 MW solar thermal power station located in María Elena, Antofagasta, Chile?

Cerro Dominador Solar Thermal Plant (Atacama 1)

29. What is the “Sandstone City” in Canada?


30. Who dictated the Quran to Mohamed (PBUH)?

The Angel Gabriel

31. Favosites fossil is found in which country?


32. What is the significance of December 27, 1788, during the French Revolution?

Necker says, against the nobles’ objections, that the Third Estate’s representation would be increased, and that nobles and clerics will be entitled to sit with the Third Estate

33. Oeno Island, Pitcairn Islands is the westernmost point of which country?

United Kingdom

34. Which US city has the nickname A-Town?


35. Ancient Rome / Greece what Temple was dedicated to all Gods?


36. What is CI(G)S?

Copper indium gallium selenide solar cells

37. What is Eeron Bagany?

a Beer festival

38. Oviedo is a professional football club in which country?


39. What is Allium bigelovii?

Bigelow’s onion

40. What US State flag has a UK Union Flag on it?


41. In which location in Taiwan, there is a tower windmill?


42. Biancolilla olive cultivar was originated in which country?


43. Second Battle of the Aisne was a deadly battle in which historic event?


44. Beach polo sport was originated in which country?


45. In the Old Testament whose name means Gods with us?


46. What is a national meal of Azerbaijani cuisine, a soup traditionally made from plain yogurt and herbs?


47. Cayenne capsicum cultivar is originated in which country?

French Guiana

48. Loud Park Festival is a what type of festival in Japan?

Metan festival

49. Giesl ejector was invented in which country?


50. What is an anthropophage practice?


51. Who was the top scoter of the La Liga football league session 1930–31?


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La Liga football league

52. 150MW Solnova Solar Power Station is founded in which location in Spain?

Sanlúcar la Mayor

53. What is Walking with Dinosaurs − The Arena Spectacular?

a live adaptation of the award-winning television series Walking with Dinosaurs

54. AoC Beacon Awards is an education award in which country?

England and Wales

55. The average American does what for 52 minutes a day?

Read a Newspaper

56. Cantius Stele is an archaeological discovery in which country?


57. Mid-Autumn Festival a harvest festival in which country?

China; the eighth full moon according to the lunar calendar

58. What is GaAs?

Gallium arsenide germanium solar cell

59. Istiglal anti-materiel rifle was invented in which country?


60. Who was the Christian missionary portrayed in Chariots of Fire?

Eric Liddle

61. PET for bone imaging technology was invented in which country?


62. In marketing, what is a planned event designed to attract the public’s attention to the event’s organizers or their cause?

a publicity stunt

63. What is Cubanelle?

a capsicum cultivar

64. What is Caesar cut?

a men’s hairstyle

65. What are silver coins made from Copper?


66. What is the IUCN status of Dominica Frog (Eleutherodactylus amplinympha)?


67. What is the name of the country with the third Highest Average IQ – Ulster Institute 2019?

Singapore – 105.89

68. Wehani rice is a variety from which location?


69. What is common among Faroe Islands (DEN), France, Georgia, Germany, and Gibraltar (UK) regarding bordering factor?

Countries and territories bordering the Atlantic Ocean

70. Contralto and Soprano are female voices what comes between?


71. Montesilvano beach is located in which country?

Abruzzo, Italy

72. Which organization has its motto in Swedish: Snille och Smak (Talent and taste)?

Swedish Academy

73. Gullruten is an award-giving event hosted by which country?


74. Infosys is indexed in which country?


75. What do you call it when a bowler takes three strikes in a row?


76. What is Caladbolg?

Mythological sword

77. Terceira island is located in which Ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean, Azores (Portugal)

78. What is the name of the gigantic cosmic winged sea serpent and later became a dragon in Arabian mythology?


79. What name is probably an abbreviation of Obediah, meaning “servant of YHWH” according to Old Testament?


80. What’s the national sport of Canada?


81. Chevy Chase Circle – the intersection of Western and Connecticut Avenues, Chevy Chase, and Magnolia Parkways is located in which city?

Washington, D.C.

82. HCL Technologies, an Indian company works in which sector?

IT Services & Consulting

83. Blackpoolbeach is located in which city in England?


84. Al-Firdaws Madrasa is a tourist attraction in which city in Syria?


85. How many dimples does an average golf ball have?


86. Marina Mall is a shopping mall and tourist attraction in which city?

Abu Dhabi

87. What is Protamblyopone inversa?

an extinct ant

88. In journalism, what is a scoop or exclusive?

an item of news reported by one journalist or news organization before others

89. Breadtop bakery is located in which country?


90. What country has competed the most times in the Summer Olympics yet hasn’t won a gold medal?

The Philippines

91. Which Peerage of England was attributed from 1514?

Earl of Worcester

92. Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa is a tourist attraction in which Egyptian city?


93. Asti city is located in which country?


94. Abed Hamdani Stadium is located in which capital city?


95. The classic 1980 movie called Raging Bull is about which real-life boxer?

Jake LaMotta

96. Kachag Castle from 9th century, built by Arab Caliphate located in Khankendi which country?


97. An equestrian Monument on Bartolomeo Colleoni’s tomb in Cappella Colleoni is located in which country?


98. MARC Train (MARC) is a what type of railroad in the USA?


99. Banana passionfruit, taxo, or churuba tree is available in which continent?

South America

100. The Triple Crown award is given to a horse that wins which three races?

The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes

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