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Fun facts quiz with answers to general knowledge trivia interesting facts to learn with surprises and entertainment. “To move ahead, one must frequently first look behind,” author David Garvin (2000) writes in his book Learning in Action: A Guide to Putting the Learning Organization to Work (p. 106). After Action Reviews (AARs) in the United States Army is an example of a knowledge management system that has helped the Army become a learning organization by making learning a habit to learn fun facts quiz with answers.

This has resulted in a culture in which everyone evaluates themselves, their units, and their organization on a regular basis, searching for ways to improve fun facts quiz with answers. Army teams analyze assignments after every major operation or event, identify successes and shortcomings, and look for methods to improve performance the next time (Garvin, 2000, p. 106). This method of recording experience-based learning generates information that may be utilized to simplify operations and enhance procedures to learn fun facts quiz with answers.

By enabling the free flow of ideas, actively managing organizational knowledge may also encourage cultural change and creativity and learning fun facts quiz with answers. Management development, business-unit leadership, and focused seminars, for example, are all part of GE’s Change Acceleration Process (CAP) program. CAP was established to “display the most up-to-date information to up-and-coming managers,” as well as “open up the conversation, promote corporate principles, and encourage cultural change” (Garvin, 2000, p. 125). These sorts of knowledge management initiatives may help managers accept change and foster ideas and insight, which frequently lead to innovation, even for small mom and pop business owners, in today’s complicated, global corporate climate as well as learning fun facts quiz with answers.

Fun facts quiz with answers

1. Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, Australia since which year?


2. How many museums are in the USA?

35,000 museums

3. What is Gifu-Jidori in Japan?

A chicken breed

4. What is Niflheim?

World of cold in Norse mythology

5. What lasted 5 hours and twelve minutes in 1969 longest ever?

Wimbledon TV match no tie break

6. Who was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington, D.C.?

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

7. Mention a word with vowels in order.


8. Volkswagen car brand was originated in which country?


9. A single negative thing could be only be outweighed by at least how many positive things?


10. Which 1977 film won seven Oscars but none for acting?

Star Wars

11. What is Caballo de Deporte Español?

Iberian horse breed

12. Ian Fleming wrote Casino Royale in which year?


13. Clown barb is a what breed?


14. What is Independence Day in Namibia?

March 21

15. It came into football in 1923 men say women don’t understand?

The offside rule

16. What is the study of demons?


17. According to Canadian Oxford Dictionary, what is a recounting of past events, written or oral?


18. In the case of which country’s flag, only the front displays the Coat of Arms?


19. Where is the present location of the ancient city, Alexandria in Orietai near Rhambacia, Alexander the Great founded?

Possibly Bela, Pakistan

20. What is a nidologist interested in?

Birds nests

21. What does the Latin derived term Quinquinquagennial / Quinquinquagenary mean?

55 years

22. What is a subspecies of the plains zebra spread over the northern parts of eastern Africa?

The maneless zebra

23. Who was the 6th Earl of Chester, Earl of Richmond jure uxoris (1199-1201) in the reign of King John?

Ranulf de Blondeville

24. Roman Emperor Probus, 276–282 was awarded what title in 279 for his contribution?

Persicus Maximus (“great victor in Persia”)

25. How does paella get its name?

From cooking pan

26. What is the name of the south to the southwest wind in the La Paz area of the Baja California peninsula and the Gulf of California?


fun facts general knowledge quiz funny gk questions with answers  fun gk quiz questions funny gk quiz
Coromuel winds are interesting

27. What is Japanese Brown?

Cattle breed

28. Málaga city is located in which country?


29. Birkbeck Research institution is located in which city in England?


30. Who was nicknamed “Lady Day” by musician Lester Young

Billie Holiday

31. What is the national flower of South Africa?

Protea (Protea Cynaroides)

32. What is the language of a Latvian?


33. What does the French idiom ‘jeter le bébé avec l’eau du bain’ mena?

to throw the baby out with the bathwater

34. What is a synonym of ‘Demanding careful consideration and application’?


35. What is the world’s fastest-moving insect?

Tropical Cockroach

36. Reese Witherspoon was a cheerleader for which institution?

Montgomery Bell Academy

37. Birkenhead North Railway Station is located in which country?


38. What is the output of keyboard shortcut ESC?

[Stop or leave the current task]

39. Name a country without rivers.


40. How is something cooked if done en papillote?

In Paper

41. Ballpoint pens have quick-drying ink making them perfect for which type of writers?

Left-handed writers

42. Cummins Falls is located in which place?

British Columbia, Canada

43. What is the national emblem of Bulgaria?


44. What does the word ‘truthiness’ mean?

A seemingly truthful quality not supported by facts or evidence

45. Which detective lived in Cabot Cove, Maine?

Jessica Fletcher

46. What is the internet country domain TLD for Saba?

.bq (not in use yet) / .an (stands for Netherlands Antilles)

47. What is cyanocobalamin?

Vitamin B12

48. Name a word with all the vowels in alphabetical order.


49. Name a country without a rail network.


50. What would you do with a naked lady?

Plant it — its Colchinium

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