50 General Knowledge Family Quiz GK Trivia Questions Answer

The general knowledge family quiz has offered a framework for serious thought rather than repressing individualism. The general knowledge family quiz has provided various chances to study and critique the self, as well as to express its pains, ranging from the existential melodies of the general knowledge family quiz to the disciplined practice of meditation.

Objective facts – or, to be more exact, the knowledge that objective truths are conceivable – are the most crucial things to know. The concept of truth has taken a beating in our post-modernist environment in favor of relativism. However, part of the difficulty with relativism is that its proponents are unable to say that their own reasoning is correct (or incorrect), because doing so would imply a truth claim, which would fatally undercut the relativist assertion that there is no such thing as truth.

general knowledge family quiz manages to penetrate the traditional categories of self and other, individual and community, universal and specialized. It encompasses and affects everything we construct. This is mostly accomplished by listening. Religion has many different voices. Listen to its tune.

The general knowledge family quiz is the most important window into humanity. We risk losing our sense of ourselves and what it is to be human if we ignore it. As a result, we must assist it is evolving — so that we, as a global community, may evolve as well.

General knowledge family quiz

1. What was the name of the vacuum tube computer, launched in 1949 for Cambridge University?


2. What is the most successful southern rock band in history?

The Allman Brothers Band

3. Azercell is a commercial LTE network in which country?


4. Nova 9 is a model of which mobile phone brand?


5. The Golden Bear is awarded at which film festival?


6. What is the rural country-folk from Poor Valley, Virginia, known for hits like “Wildwood Flower”?

The Carter Family

7. Gosford, Central Coast is located in which country?


8. According to HURDAT, how many major hurricanes occurred in 1850?


9. A hurricane sets the stage for the British colonization of Bermuda when a ship bound for Jamestown, Virginia, is caught in the storm and forced to steer aground on what date?

July 24, 1609

10. What financial item was introduced to the UK in September 1963?

American Express card

11. What is a variation of blue that is often described as the color of the sky on a clear day?


12. What is a major tectonic plate underlying Africa west of the East African Rift – 61,300,000 km2?

African Plate

13. Who was the Canadian actress of the legitimate stage who appeared in vaudeville in a sketch, Maggie Taylor, Waitress?

Jean Adair

14. What is the Chinese Indonesian food, cured brined preserved vegetables in thin peanut sauce with krupuk mie?


15. Where did Indian ink originally come from?


16. Where is the mouth of the Amu Darya river, that passes through Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan?

Aral Sea

17. Gado-gado, Nasi goreng, Rendang, Satay, Soto, and Tumpeng are the national dishes in which country?


18. Demetrio e Polibio opera, played on 18 May 1812 in Teatro Valle, Rome was composed by whom?

Gioachino Rossini

19. Garten in German, what is this place in English?

Grodno (Belarus)

20. Where is Judge Dread a judge?


21. What is the English name of the Austrian city Brigantium, Brigantia?


22. Which horse has won the Australian Champion Racehorse of the Year most of the time?

Winx has won the award four times. Black Caviar and Sunline three times.

23. What are a British daily horse racing, greyhound racing, and sports betting publishers which is published in print form and digitally?

Racing Post

24. What is the tallest structure in Afghanistan?

Naghlu Dam (110 meters (361 ft)

general knowledge trivia quiz questions and answers australian general knowledge quiz with answers general knowledge quiz for students with answers
Naghlu Dam, Afghanistan

25. A crapulous person is full of it – what?

Alcohol – it means drunk

26. How many teams are there in the Scottish Women’s Cup football?


27. Acar, pickled vegetables or fruits with dried chilli, peanuts, and spices is a what dish?

Malay dish

28. What was the former name of Arasbaran, Iran?


29. Aberdeen Prima Donnas was a football club in which country?


30. In which film was the best supporting actor Oscar won in 1975?

The Sunshine Boys George Burns

31. The National Football Museum is located in the Urbis building in which English city?


32. Which water body is the second largest basin area in the world?

Arctic Ocean (23,100,000 km2)

33. What is the Australian Champion Racehorse of the Year 2020-2021?

Verry Elleegant (NZ)

34. Which river passes through Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Eritrea, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo?


35. Kevin Kline won the best-supporting actor Oscar which 1988 film?

A Fish Called Wanda

36. In order to eat Mee pok, where will you visit?


37. Barista in India is a what?

a coffeehouse chain

38. What is the status of Austria on the regulation of organic agriculture?

Fully implemented

39. Al Raha Mall is located in which city?

Abu Dhabi

40. Kipros in Greek Kibris in Turkish what is it in English?


41. What is the current name of Abdua, Addua – a river of classical antiquity?

Adda (location, Italia)

42. In Catholic tradition, what is the Month of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus?


43. What were the Birthstones of May during the 15th–20th century?

emerald, agate

44. What is the ruling planet of Libra?


45. Walloons speak what language?

French in Belgium

46. On November 12, 1918, which country becomes a republic?


47. Which women’s rights movement activist in the U.S. during the mid-to-late-1800s was born on November 12, 1815?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

48. What is an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems?

Lady Justice

49. What is the national dish of Brunei?


50. Which actress said, “Being a sex symbol is like being a convict”?

Raquel Welch in 1979

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