100 Difficult General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

Difficult general knowledge quiz questions and answers are here. Our failure to understand what signals signify would convert our books, articles, text messages, and discussions into a ‘blooming, buzzing muddle,’ as William James could describe it like difficult general knowledge quiz questions and answers. Let’s say you misinterpreted ‘What are the most essential things to know?’ as ‘Your copy of Philosophy Now is about to explode into flames.’ You’d probably toss your copy away and cancel your membership, which is a totally different reaction than you’d have to PN normally such as difficult general knowledge quiz questions and answers.

Because the purpose of the information is to direct our activities in the world, stability is critical. We won’t be able to accomplish our goals until we have reliable information and difficult general knowledge quiz questions and answers. To determine if what we believe we know is true or not, we must carefully examine reality and critically evaluate our evidence thru difficult general knowledge quiz questions and answers.

Knowing is one of our strongest abilities as humans by dint of difficult general knowledge quiz questions and answers. We learn to think better by paying attention to our own thoughts. We risk trusting erroneous information and failing in our objectives if we don’t have the proper information. As a result, the most crucial thing to know is how to know about difficult general knowledge quiz questions and answers.

Difficult general knowledge quiz questions and answers

1. What is the depth of the Chemical layer “Upper mantle” of the Earth?

35–670 km

2. What is the IETF tag?

a Language code

3. In which year, the longest-serving Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad was born?


4. Garfield is a what animal character in the comic fiction Garfield?


5. Inderan, Delgado, LeMond and Fignon names in what sport?


6. What links Carnosaur, Iguanodontid, Ornithopod, and Saurischian?

Classification of dinosaurs

7. In which year Chinook has been designated as the state dog in New Hampshire?


8. Olde English is a what type of dog?


9. Songs by Sinatra music album was released in which year?


10. In German cuisine what is kartofflen?

Potato dumplings

11. The French anthem “La Marseillaise” was written half a century later in 1792, and adopted in which year?


12. What is the second oldest of the four buildings of the Library of Congress of the United States?

The John Adams Building

13. Deinotherium is an extinct species that evolved in which continent?


14. Beaufort commune is located in which country?


15. Membrenaphone musical instruments commonly called what?


16. Crookshanks is a cat character in which fiction?

Harry Potter

17. What is Bopomofo Extended (Unicode block)?

an East Asian writing system

18. In 1643, who poses an elliptic curve Diophantine equation?

Pierre de Fermat

19. What is a Feist animal breed?


20. The Wright brothers made aircraft but what was their other job?

Bicycle manufacturers

21. Directed by Hu Jinqing in 1974, what is the name of the 32 min animation film made in China?

Whistling Arrows

22. What is Setina irrorella?

Dew moth

23. Slugger term is associated with which sport?


24. Yellow Acacia flower is the symbol of what?


25. What 1979 film won the Oscar for best visual effects?


26. Hussein Onn was the third Prime Minister of which country, served for 5 years, 182 days?


27. Acanthostega was a prehistoric animal belonging to which genera?


28. In which year, the Plimpton 322 tablet gives a table of Pythagorean triples in Babylonian Cuneiform script?

c. 1800 BC

29. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league in North America composed of how many teams?

30 team

30. In English it’s worth 10 points but in Polish only one what is?

Letter Z in scrabble

31. What is Ceviche?

Marinated raw fish dish

32. What type of boxers were Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.?


33. What was “Traquinices de Chiquinho e seu inseparável amigo Jagunço”?

A Brazilian animated film (1917)

34. What is called “flying fish”?

Silver carp

35. Where could you spend a Dram – Capital Yerevan?


36. What does the mathematical abbreviation “a.c.” mean?

absolutely continuous

37. Which flower symbolizes Grief?


38. Anacamptis longicornu is an orchid of which country?


39. After School is a 1972 animated film directed by Yan Dingxian in which country?


40. What is the world’s most polluted major city?

Mexico City

41. What is the most harvested aquatic fish in the world?

Grass carp

42. What is the Unicode for describing “Acknowledge character”?


43. What is Fistulina hepatica?

a common mushroom is known as beefsteak fungus

44. What is a highly composite number?

a positive integer with more divisors than any smaller positive integer has.

45. What actress said, “It’s better to be nude than unemployed”?

Angie Dickinson

46. What is Barracuda?

Seafood (fish)

47. William Shakespeare ascribed emblematic meanings to flowers, especially in which play?

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

48. What are the seven rishis in ancient India, who are extolled at many places in the Vedas and other Hindu literature?

The Saptarishi

49. Where do you find a Nganda restaurant?


50. Vanilla is part of which plant family?


funny iq test questions and answers weird trivia questions with answers fun facts trivia questions and answers unique trivia questions and answers
Vanilla Orchids

51. What is Browningia candelaris?

Edible cactus

52. On what date, a Picardie mid-air collision, a de Havilland DH.18A, G-EAWO, operated by Daimler Hire Ltd., collides with a Farman F.60 Goliath, F-GEAD?

April 7, 1922

53. Now defunct, which bookshop was opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1999?

Aqua Books

54. Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital is founded in 2004 in which country?


55. Who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird?

Harper Lee

56. Who painted the famous Madonna of the Carnation (c. 1472–1478) currently located at Alte Pinakothek, Munich?

Leonardo da Vinci

57. How does Plantain play role in Cameroonian cuisine?


58. What was the name of a US commercial steamboat that caught fire and sank in the Tombigbee River, and subsequently entered Alabama folklore as a ghost ship on 1 March 1858?

Eliza Battle

59. Vallnord ski area and resort is located in which European country?


60. Where could you spend a Rufiyaa – Capital Male?


61. What is a very small hammer designed for breaking up sheets or slabs of hard toffee, such as bonfire toffee, into small pieces suitable for consumption?

Toffee hammer

62. Gaig (one Michelin star) restaurant is located in which European city?


63. What does the Harvey balls symbol “●” means in Astronomy?

New moon

64. What is the Chess King named in the Albanian language?

(M) Mbreti/ king

65. William Joyce US-born of Irish descent famous as who in WW2?

Lord Haw-Haw — executed 1946

66. What is the name of a European company based in Belgium that markets organic and non-organic, non-genetically modified, soy-based food and drink products?


67. Fifty-move rule is applied in which sport’s rule?


68. Gazeta e Pavarur magazine was published in which country?


69. Potrerillos seaside resort is located in which country?

Mendoza, Argentina

70. Who broke Barings bank and inspired the film Rogue Trader?

Nick Leason

71. Cerro Catedral ski area and resort is located in which European country?


72. What is the Western equivalent of Vedic name Chandra, Soma?


73. Headquarters in Waiblingen, Germany, which manufacturer produces Stihl and Viking brands’ tools?

Andreas Stihl AG & Company KG

74. What is a fungi-derived meat substitute?

Edible mushrooms

75. Artist – The Monarch of the Glen in 1850 – Lions Trafalgar square?

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

76. What do the Kongo nganda restaurants serve in Congo?

Fish dishes with a vegetable sauce, together with kwanga

77. At the St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, Australia, there is a statue of whom built in 1850?

Our Lady and the child Jesus

78. Most of whose best-known paintings were produced during his final two years?

Vincent Van Gogh

79. Where in Myanmar, a 115.8 m (380 ft) tall Buddha (Gautama) statue is founded in 2008, named Laykyun Sekkya?

Khatakan Taung, near Monywa, Sagaing Division

80. Who created the animated characters Wallace and Grommet?

Nick Parks

81. Ain Diwar Bridge formerly crossed the Tigris river in Ain Diwar city is located in which country?


82. Réka Castle ruins is located in which country?


83. Mes Aynak is an archaeological site in which country?


84. What is the Cossa Cossa dish in Congo?

Congo River Prawns

85. Name the most downloaded cyberpet over 14 million?

MOPy fish screensaver

86. What is the name of the Greek monolith built in ~640 BC in Isthmus, Greek mainland?

Temple of Poseidon

87. Who is the longest-serving Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Mahathir Mohamad

88. What is “Peter the Great”, founded in 1997 in Vodootvodny Canal, Moskva River; Moscow, Russia?

98 m (322 ft) statue of Peter the Great

89. Unicode characters U+0001 describes what?

Start of Heading

90. And what the least – two tablespoons per person?


91. Temple of Mercury, the first monumental dome built in 1st century BC– 19 BC during the Roman Empire is located in which city?

Baiae, Italy

92. What is a type of tool used to grip and lift objects instead of holding them directly with hands?


93. Touch-move rule is applied in which sport’s rule?


94. What was an uprising in Novgorod, caused by the Russian government’s bulk purchasing of grain?

Novgorod uprising of 1650

95. Which element is extracted from the ore Scheelite?


96. What does the Harvey balls symbol “◑” means in electronics?

on/off switch, television contrast

97. What links Apex Fastening Tools, Belzer, Campbell, Cleco, Crescent, Delta, Dotco, Erem, Gearwrench?

Brands of industrial tools

98. Statue (1933) of Khachatur Abovian at House-Museum of Khachatur Abovian, Kanaker, Yerevan is in which country?


99. Jonsbu ruins is located in which country?


100. A cappella is unaccompanied singing but what does it literally mean?

In the style of the chapel

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