50 Silly General Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers

Silly quiz questions with answers to general knowledge trivia and interesting facts for crazy learners. ‘What are the most important things to learn?’ is another way of phrasing the topic. As a result, we must question, “What are the goals of education?” The goal of education, in my opinion, is to enable us to operate properly in this world with silly quiz questions with answers. As a result, the most essential things to know aren’t ‘things,’ i.e. facts; rather, the most significant knowledge is ‘know-how,’ not ‘know-that.’ Life is made up of activities that can be done successfully or poorly. Our goal is to do a good job on them by dint of silly quiz questions with answers.

Communication is the most fundamental skill, which begins in the womb and might take a lifetime to master silly quiz questions with answers. Getting and delivering information, interviewing, amusing, expressing sentiments, persuading, reporting, bargaining, comforting… are just a few of its many aspects. Communication is a prerequisite for gaining knowledge and performing successfully with silly quiz questions with answers.

The ability to think is the second most crucial talent on the basis of silly quiz questions with answers. Detecting and avoiding fallacies, employing logic, organizing and classifying information, critical thinking, problem-solving, visualizing, analyzing, judging, synthesizing, and inductive reasoning are all examples of thinking about silly quiz questions with answers. Because statistics supply so much information, I believe statistical thinking is especially crucial for citizens in developed nations when you solve silly quiz questions with answers.

Silly quiz questions with answers

1. How does Cassava play role in Cameroonian cuisine?


2. What is Canton?

a subdivision of a country established for political or administrative purposes

3. What does 1′ mean in music terminology?

“sifflet” or one-foot organ stop

4. What is Pizzicato?

A playing technique that involves plucking the strings of a string instrument.

5. Which comedian and actor’s real first name was Leslie?

Townes Bob Hope

6. How many communes, a basic administrative division are there in Luxembourg?


7. Cheshire Cat is the character in which fiction?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

8. Adrian helmet was worn as a uniform during which historic event?

World War II

9. What was Arthur Halsey Dickinson launched in June 1939?

A vacuum tube computer (IBM)

10. In 1976 what show appeared on TV for the first time?

Charlie Angels

11. A cap comforter is a form of woolen military headgear originating in which Army?

British Army

12. What is a cattle prod, stock prod, or hot stick?

A handheld device commonly used to make cattle or another livestock move by striking or poking them

13. In which year Boston Terrier has been designated as the state dog in Massachusetts?


14. What was the first automatic electronic digital computer?

The Atanasoff–Berry Computer (ABC), 1942

15. Majorca belongs to which island group?

Balearic Islands

16. Ancient Natives of Mexico used what plant for making shoes?

Yucca plant

17. What is Blue Lacy?

a dog breed

18. Snowbell is a what animal character in the fiction Stuart Little?


19. Ballet dance developed into a concert dance form in which countries?

France and Russia

20. Name the American pilot shot down over Russia in 1960?

Francis Garry Powers

21. What is a traditional farming implement, used to spur or guide livestock, usually, oxen, which are pulling a plow or a cart?

The goad

22. Articulator device is used in which sector?


23. What is Fundoshi?

Traditional Japanese undergarment for adult males

24. What is a unified work comprises the choreography and music for a ballet production.


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Ballon (ballet)

25. The film 10 Rillington Place is based on which British serial killer?

Reginald Christie

26. Thoughts on Government was written by which US president?

John Adams

27. Arm warmers are a what type of wear?


28. The Voice of Frank Sinatra music album was released in which year?


29. Some states use their royal anthem as the national anthem, such as?

State anthem of Jordan

30. What is a percoid?

A bony fish

31. The first anthem to be officially adopted as the Spanish anthem “La Marcha Real”, in which year?


32. Adams House is one of twelve undergraduate residential Houses at which university?

Harvard University

33. Old Time Farm is a hat type of dog?


34. In which city of Argentina, there is a statue named Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus) built in 1895?


35. In Spain what are Paradors?

State-owned tourist hotels

36. Which president of the Confederate States is included on a bas-relief sculpture on Stone Mountain, which is just east of Atlanta, Georgia?

Jefferson Davis

37. How many stars are there on the New Zealand flag?

4 red stars

38. Bone splint is used for what purpose?

Orthopedic surgery

39. What is the UTC offset for Ivory Coast (CI)?


40. Helsinki 52, Melbourne 56, Rome 60 what comes next?

Tokyo 64 – venues Olympics

41. Ajeetgarh is a town located in which country?


42. Pan de yema (egg bread) is originated in which country?


43. What is a large, sprawling cemetery located next to Richmond, Virginia’s Oregon Hill?

Hollywood Cemetery

44. What was the first operatic masterwork composed in 1607?

L’Orfeo (by Claudio Monteverdi)

45. Which country consumes the most wine per capita 16.7 gal per?


46. Which Romanian, Hungarian, and American sculptor called the “sculptor of the Confederacy”?

George Julian Zolnay

47. Adai is a typical dish in which country?

(South) India

48. Abgoosht stew dish was originated in which country?


49. What is the name of the first Singles from Danielle Bradbery released on July 16, 2013?

“The Heart of Dixie”

50. What country consumes the most coffee per capita 25 Lb?


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