50 Family Fun General Knowledge Quizzes with Answers

Family fun quizzes with answers are a collection of some very interesting general knowledge facts and trivia. We don’t need to know that angular momentum is preserved to ride a bike. The ancient sculptors who produced exquisite bronze works of art had no knowledge of the atomic characteristics of copper and tin, as well as family fun quizzes with answers. Humans have produced meaning and objects for most of history without understanding even a fraction of what we now know. This is fortunate, because knowing everything is impossible, and becoming increasingly so by the minute with family fun quizzes with answers.

The accumulation of evidence makes answering this month’s question all the more urgent. The most crucial thing to understand, in my opinion, is that we are all flawed without family fun quizzes with answers. We may be mistaken about what we believe we know. Knowing this, we must make every effort to ensure that we are not incorrect in our convictions, both individually and within any scholarly group. Knowledge isn’t knowledge unless it’s true, and faith alone isn’t a guarantee of truth from family fun quizzes with answers. However, understanding that we are fallible is useless unless we also understand the various ways in which we might make mistakes without family fun quizzes with answers.

Arguments are invalidated by logical fallacies, and conclusions are untrustworthy without family fun quizzes with answers. Accurate conclusions aren’t always produced by fallacy-free arguments; the premises must also be true. Biases can also affect the psychological systems involved in developing beliefs in a variety of predictable ways of solving family fun quizzes with answers.

Family fun quizzes with answers

1. The earliest recorded one held 1887 Sheen House Richmond?

Motorcycle Race

2. What is the Unicode for describing “Enquiry character”?


3. In mathematics, what is an abelian variety?

An algebraic variety

4. Carpaccio is a raw fish dish in which country?


5. If you climbed the Dolomites what country are you in?


6. What is a form of single-cell protein, also known as fungal protein, a meat substitute?

Mycoprotein, is able to provide greater satiety than traditional protein sources such as chicken

7. What is Ctenopharyngodon idella?

Grass carp

8. What is Bopomofo (Unicode block)?

an East Asian writing system

9. What is WWE in America?

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

10. Which film won the best story and best song Oscars in 1969?

Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid

11. What is the raw fish dressed with olive oil, sea salt, and citrus in Italy?


12. What do the Riverside nganda restaurants serve in Congo?

Baked fish served with cooked plantains: recipes from upriver

13. What is Peruvian anchoveta (Engraulis ringens)?


14. What is a traditional Welsh vegetarian sausage named after the historic county of Glamorgan in Wales?

Glamorgan sausage

15. Only one world team horse racing event at Ascot what trophy?

Shergar Cup

16. What is the Chess Pawn named in the Afrikaans language?

(P) Pion

17. In c. 1000, who writes on congruent numbers in an abelian variety of mathematics?


18. What is India’s biggest dairy co-operative and the world’s biggest vegetarian cheese brand?


19. El Segundo is a city in which County in California, United States?

Los Angeles

20. Ursus Artus Horribilus – the Latin name of what creature?

Grizzly Bear

21. What is a dairy-based meat substitute?

Paneer (Paneer tikka)

22. In c. 1800 BC, who tablet seeks the solution of a quadratic elliptic equation?

The Old Babylonian Strassburg

23. Anacamptis laxiflora is an orchid of which country?


24. What is Anchovies?

Seafood (fish)

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Marinated Fresh Anchovies (Alici Marinati)

25. Which Graham Green book and film had Pinky as the star?

Brighton Rock

26. What is the Chess Queen named in the Albanian language?

(D) Dama / Mbretëresha/ lady / queen

27. What is Acanthocereus tetragonus?

Sword pear

28. What does the mathematical abbreviation “AC” mean?

Axiom of Choice, or set of absolutely continuous functions.

29. En passant term is used in which sport’s rule?


30. In 1924 the world’s first book of what was published?


31. What is Thumatha senex?

Round-winged muslin moth

32. A geometric construction for the solution of the cubic is sought (doubling the cube problem) in which year?

c. 300 BC

33. Who was the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, served for 13 years, 22 days, from Alliance Party (UMNO)?

Tunku Abdul Rahman

34. What does the Harvey balls symbol “○” means in Astronomy?

Full moon

35. Which Spanish town is noted for high-quality steel swords?


36. Caviar spoons are traditionally made of what?

inert materials, such as animal horn, gold, mother of pearl, and wood

37. How does Cassava play role in Cameroonian cuisine?


38. What is a composite number?

a positive integer that can be formed by multiplying two smaller positive integers

39. Who is referred to as the Father of Modernisation (Bapa Pemodenan) in Malaysia?

Mahathir Mohamad

40. The Ngorongoro crater is in what Tanzanian National Park?


41. What is the national dish of the Congos?

Moambe chicken

42. Who is the youngest Prime Minister of Malaysia to be elected at the age of 48. He is referred to as Father of Development (Bapa Pembangunan)?

Abdul Razak Hussein

43. What is the name of the Greek monolith built in ~650 BC in Delos, Greek isles?

Dedication of Nikandre

44. What is Glottolog?

Language code

45. In what city would you find the Spanish Riding School?


46. What is a thin metal or wood stick used to hold pieces of food together?

A skewer

47. Unicode characters U+0000 describes what?


48. Salt riot is also known as what?

Moscow Uprising of 1648

49. What are Harvey balls?

round ideograms used for visual communication of qualitative information

50. What is the most commonly used oil in Chinese cookery?

Groundnut or Peanut

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