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Fun trivia quiz questions and answers are a source of learning some entertaining interesting free general knowledge in English printable format. Your presuppositions are the most crucial things to know since they set you up to know everything else that you… um… know. Justified genuine belief is a common definition of knowledge, fun trivia quiz questions, and answers. I know Kent is taller than Graham because I think he is, I have grounds for believing so, and Kent is indeed taller than Graham.

However, there is another common usage of the term “know”: when I say “I know Kent,” I’m not implying that I believe in him or that he is someone I can defend. He is neither true nor false. Kent is his name. Another meaning of the word “know” is “awareness.” like fun trivia quiz questions and answers. Kent is someone I’m familiar with, and I know a few things about him. The ‘know’ of my solution to this month’s Question of the Month comes from this knowing-as-awareness of fun trivia quiz questions and answers.

You’ll have a means of understanding the world — a way of making sense of it all with fun trivia quiz questions and answers. Your worldview is a framework for understanding. Religious (Christian, Islamic, Hindu, etc.) and secular (non-religious) worldviews exist (Humanistic, Nihilistic, etc.). Each of these worldviews is based on axioms, or presuppositions, that serve as a starting point for the remainder of the worldview and a criterion for evaluating new concepts from fun trivia quiz questions and answers.

Fun trivia quiz questions and answers

1. Which country is the major producer of the grass carp fish?


2. The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league consisting of how many teams?

32 teams

3. In his first term, Mahathir Mohamad served as the Prime Minister of Malaysia for how many years?

22 years, 106 days

4. What is Bass?

A seafood (fish)

5. Which film won the best screenplay Oscar in 1970?


6. What is Cyprinus carpio?

Common carp

7. Beckerich commune is located in which country?


8. What is a dibber or dibble or dibbler?

A pointed wooden stick for making holes in the ground so that seeds

9. What is a hard, unleavened bread cooked in the desert areas of Rajasthan, and in Madhya Pradesh in India?


10. Who was the first English Poet Laureate in 1616?

Benjamin Jonson

11. What is a collaborative compilation of information about the world’s time zones?

The tz database

12. Bone skid is used in which area?

Orthopedic surgery

13. What is the “Big Four” leagues in North America?


14. What is the UTC offset for The Gambia (GM)?


15. The word gospel from Anglo Saxon literally means what?

Good Tidings

16. E’ia Ota is a raw fish dish in which country?


17. What is Nudaria mundana?

Muslin footman moth

18. The Cat in the Hat is the cat character in which fiction?

The Cat in the Hat

19. Redange canton (subdivision) is located in which country?


20. Who wrote the novel The Money Changers?

Arthur Hailey

21. What is one of the first of Francesco Cavalli’s operas to be revived in the 20th century composed in 1644?


22. What is the literal meaning of Pan dulce?

“sweet bread”

23. What does 2′ mean in music terminology?

two feet – pipe organ indication; see Organ stop § Pitch and length

24. A side cap in the military, can be folded flat when not being worn, known as a garrison cap or flight cap in the United States, what is Canada?

Wedge cap in Canada, and field service cap in the United Kingdom

25. Thor Heyerdahl vessels were Kon Tiki, Ra, and what?


26. Brodie helmet was worn as a uniform during which historic event?

World War II

27. What was Manchester Baby launched in 1948?

A vacuum tube computer

28. Who is the singer of the popular music track “I Will Never Forget You”?

Danielle Bradbery

29. Which shoes, dating to 3300 BC, featured brown bearskin bases?

Ötzi the Iceman’s shoes

30. Where might you spend a Won?

North or South Korea

31. What is a pointe?

A type of shoe worn by ballet dancers when performing pointe work

32. What type of dish is Besan halwa?

chickpea dish

33. Globally, which is a $200 billion-a-year industry?


Museum display of shoes
Museum display of shoes

34. What was the name of the vacuum tube computer, launched in 1950, the first U.S. stored-program computer to become operational?


35. A flocculent thing resembles what?


36. In which year Great Dane has been designated as the state dog in Pennsylvania?


37. A statue of which president of the Confederate States stood in Memphis Park (originally, “Confederate Park”) in Memphis, Tennessee, removed in 2017?

Jefferson Davis

38. Hobbes is a what animal character in the comic fiction Calvin and Hobbes?


39. Cubilete bread with pineapple filling is originated in which country?


40. Selma Lagerlof of Sweden in 1909 first woman to get what?

Nobel Prize for Literature

41. Rat is a what type of dog?


42. Who was the artist of the music album Frankly Sentimental released on June 20, 1949?

Frank Sinatra

43. One of New Zealand’s two national anthems is commonly sung with the first verse in Māori (“Aotearoa”) and the second in what language?

English (“God Defend New Zealand”)

44. Adams County, founded in 1911 is located in which US state?


45. What European city is nicknamed Auld Reekie?


46. How many countries celebrate holidays on Columbus Day?

Five: Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, and the United States

47. What is McNab?

a dog breed

48. In which city of Argentina, there is a statue named Busto de Cristóbal Colón (Bust of Columbus) built in 1884?

Buenos Aires

49. Which country’s national anthem is unique in that it is two different songs put together with five of the country’s eleven official languages being used, in which each language comprises a stanza?

South Africa’s

50. Ad Lib is short for the Latin Ad libitum what’s it literally mean?

At Pleasure

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