50 GK Trivia Questions and Answers General Knowledge Quiz

GK trivia questions and answers are really useful for your knowledge management. You might begin to concentrate on attainable objectives: practical, conventional, contextual, and relational. You may start to see the world as GK trivia questions and answers are, without holding to any hope of genuinely knowing it; or you can start to live and enjoy life without worrying about its extrinsic worth, for the desire for value just serves to compound concern for GK trivia questions and answers.

You can embrace change without hesitation if you are no longer driven by principles, and you can classify the world without the need for clarity if you are no longer directed by truth from GK trivia questions and answers. Such phrases as “truth,” “morality,” and “knowledge” may take on new meanings in such a world: “truth” may become “constant,” “morality” may become “ethical,” and “knowledge” may become “perception” – and nothing more with GK trivia questions and answers.

Every day, managers are inundated with an almost continual stream of data and GK trivia questions and answers. “Scientists have worked out just how much data is delivered to an average individual over the course of a year – the equivalent as every single person in the world reading 174 newspapers every single day,” writes David Derbyshire. Let’s read out these GK trivia questions and answers below!

GK trivia questions and answers

1. What is the ALS Awareness Month in Canada?


2. What horse received the Cartier Racing Award 2021?

St Mark’s Basilica (FR)

3. Brisbane city in Australia was founded in which year?


4. What is Naraka in mythology?

In Dharmic faiths, a world like Hell where souls are momentarily punished before rebirth

5. A fimetarius organism grows where?

In feces or shit

6. What is Ehime-Jidori in Japan?

A chicken breed

7. The term “O.K.” derives from which US President who was known as “Old Kinderhook” because he was raised in Kinderhook, New York?

President Martin Van Buren (1782-1862)

8. Mention a word with vowels in order.


9. short hair tortoiseshell is a what pet breed?


10. Which is the only Shakespeare play not to contain a song?

The Comedy of Errors

11. Scooter blenny is a what breed?


12. What are Jefferson, Beaverhead, Red Rock, Hell Roaring?


13. E. B. White wrote Charlotte’s Web in which year?


15. What song was on the B side of The Beatles We can work it out?

Day Tripper

16. What is Asturcón?

Iberian horse breed

17. What is Independence Day in Mongolia?

December 29

18. What does P.B.U.H. mean in Islam?

Abbreviation for peace be upon him, derived from the Arabic words Alayhi salam.

19. What is the internet country domain TLD for Romania?


20. Who wrote Servants of the Wankh in 1969?

Jack Vance SF

21. Which fall in Ontario, Canada has its height of 167 feet/51 meters?

Niagara Falls

22. What is ARBA?

American Rabbit Breeders Association

23. What is Equus mauritanicus?

The Saharan zebra is an extinct species of equine which lived in North Africa

24. Who was the 1st Earl of Pembroke (1199-1219) in the reign of King John?

William Marshall

25. Arthur Sarsfield Ward the creator of Fu Man Chu is which author?

Sax Rohmer

26. Mishima is a Japanese breed of what?


27. Roman Emperor Tacitus, 275–276 was awarded what title in 276 for his contribution?

Gothicus Maximus (“great victor of the Goths”)

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Tacitus Gothicus Maximus

28. What is the name of local strong offshore wind from the Southeast associated with most of the shipwrecks in Uruguay’s Rio de la Plata coast?


29. Mikulov is a popular tourist attraction in which country?

Czech Republic

30. Harry S Truman and Gerald Ford what’s the nonobvious link?


31. Which year’s celebration is called the Ruby jubilee?

40 years

32. What is the common name in Welsh for the fairy folk, inhabitants of the Otherworld?

Tylwyth Teg, literally “the Fair Folk

33. Unitel is a brand from which country?


34. Volvo car brand was originated in which country?


35. What’s unusual about the portrait Duke of Monmouth in the National Gallery?

It’s not him

36. A person still has how many minutes of brain activity upon dying?

7 minutes

37. What is the study of, but more often the collecting of picture postcards?


38. What is “the first serious study published on industrial music”?

Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music

39. All elements that provide proof of the existence of a fire in a particular area, be it fire for cooking, for warmth, or for light is called what?


40. What organization was recently banned in Russia as paramilitary?

Salvation Army

41. Which country’s flag has an AK-47 on it?


42. Where is the present location of the ancient city Alexandria on the Hyphasis, Alexander the Great founded?

In Punjab, India on the western bank of the Beas (Hyphasis) river

43. Birchgrove city is located in which country?


44. What is the language of a Kenyan?


45. Intelligence Report a quarterly magazine in the US which subject?

UFO organization

46. According to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, what is a systematic or critical account of or research into a past event, movement, development, phenomenon, etc.?


47. How many museums are in Washington DC?

70 plus

48. Birkdale Railway Station is located in which country?


49. Darwin is the capital of Northern Territory, Australia since which year?


50. Paludism is an old name for which disease?


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