50 General Knowledge Quiz Bee Printable Trivia in English

General knowledge quiz bee is a great source of learning some very interesting GK in printable format quiz. Of course, just as we might narrowly hold to certain concepts, we can narrowly cling to methodology (e.g. science, the Socratic Method, mathematics, introspection) as well as general knowledge quiz bee. Fortunately, Socratic Wisdom’s humility and questioning help us escape the error of analyzing reality without interrogating the lens through which we experience general knowledge quiz bee.

Socratic Wisdom, in a nutshell, is the antidote to the fault of clinging to beliefs and procedures. Socratic Wisdom rejects these vices because it recognizes ignorance, whereas these vices are based on privileged (i.e. illegitimate) general knowledge quiz bee claims.

These statements emerge when we connect with views and then defend them in rhetorical disputes that constrain rather than expand perspectives of the general knowledge quiz bee. On the other hand, the Socratic Method is a continuous process of articulating views, identifying exceptions to them, and modifying our opinions based on those exceptions.

The reason Socratic Wisdom is significant is that it is admirable to come across people who represent the virtues of rigorous thought, intellectual humility, and open-mindedness that analyze all points of view without necessarily agreeing with general knowledge quiz bee.

General knowledge quiz bee

1. Cerro Bayo ski area and resort is located in which European country?


2. What was the name of a US Confederate ironclad warship scuttled in the Spanish River to avoid capture on 12 April 1865?

CSS Huntsville

3. Strasbourg city is located in which country?


4. What is the Korean word for the set of eating utensils commonly used to eat Korean cuisine?


5. Fire-bellied Spadefoot and Midwife are all types of what?


6. Storfjord Station ruins is located in which country?


7. In 1718 which mathematician studies the rectification of the lemniscate, addition results for elliptic integrals?

Giulio Carlo Fagnano dei Toschi

8. What is the Chess Bishop named in the Albanian language?

(fīl) elephant

9. What is Cereus repandus?

Edible cactus

10. Who does the voiceover at the end of Michael Jackson’s Thriller?

Vincent Price

11. What is a type of cooking implement used for soup, stew, or other foods?

A ladle

12. Threefold repetition term is used in which sport’s rule?


13. In 800 BC, which author of the Baudhayana Sulba Sutra, a Vedic Sanskrit geometric text, contains quadratic equations, and calculates the square root of 2 correct to five decimal places?


14. Anacamptis palustris is an orchid of which country?


15. In the man from UNCLE what does UNCLE stand for Utd. Net. Com.?

Law Enforcement

16. What is Lyophyllum decastes?

a mushroom is known as fried chicken mushroom

17. What is a mathematical treatise consisting of 13 books attributed to the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid in Alexandria, Ptolemaic Egypt c. 300 BC?

The Elements

18. What is the name of producers of mass-market pea protein-based products designed to replace animal protein in El Segundo, California?

Beyond Meat

19. What do the Kasai nganda restaurants serve in Congo?

Goat meat with rice and green vegetables

20. Which Saints day is 1st March?


21. What is a special type of knife designed specifically for cutting grapefruit?

A grapefruit knife

22. Citadelle Laferrière ruins is located in which country?


23. Alcántara Bridge on Tagus river in Alcántara city is located in which country?


24. Mousallah Complex is an archaeological site in which country?


25. What is also known as liberty cabbage?


general knowledge trivia with answers fun trivia general knowledge general knowledge quiz malayalam general knowledge trivia quiz gk quiz game funny general knowledge quiz
When sauerkraut became liberty cabbage

26. Where in Japan, a 100 m (330 ft) tall Kannon (Guanyin) statue is founded in 1991, named Sendai Daikannon?

Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

27. Bakka-Phoenix is an independent bookstore in which Canadian city?

Toronto, Ontario

28. What is the depth of the Chemical layer “Inner core” of the Earth?

5,150–6,370 km

29. Tren Hospital ALMA is a children’s hospital in which counry?


30. Which French artist designed ballet sets for Diaghilev?

Henri Matisse

31. How does Cocoyam play role in Cameroonian cuisine?


32. In which year’s August 27, an Air Union Farman F.60 Goliath crashes near East Malling, Kent, England, due to engine failure, and confusion among the passengers, killing one of 13 onboard?


33. What does the mathematical abbreviation “ad” mean?

adjoint representation (or adjoint action) of a Lie group

34. Hofmann (one Michelin star) restaurant is located in which European city?


35. How many Oscars did Richard Burton win?

None — Seven Nomination

36. What is CJK Unified Ideograph?

an East Asian writing system

37. Salgó Castle ruins is located in which country?


38. Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of the 20 regions of which country?


39. Which food occurred in 1775, this was an uprising caused by the excessive price of bread in France before the French Revolution?

Flour War

40. Estelle Parsons best supporting actress Oscar what 1967 film?

Bonnie and Clyde

41. What is the name of the Greek monolith built in 610–590 BC in Sounion, Greek mainland?

Sounion Kouros

42. Unicode characters U+0003 describes what?

End-of-text character

43. What is Dai Kannon of Kita no Miyako park, founded in 2009 in Ashibetsu, Hokkaido, Japan?

A 88 m (289 ft) tall statue of Kannon (Guanyin) – Byakue Kannon

44. What is ISO 639-2?

a Language code

45. In the Mohs scale of hardness what comes in at number eight?


46. In mathematics, what is the greatest common divisor (GCD)?

greatest common divisor (GCD) of two or more integers, which are not all zero, is the largest positive integer that divides each of the integers

47. Baths of Trajan, a half-dome built in the start of the 2nd century–128 during the Roman Empire is located in which city?

Rome, Italy

48. What does the Harvey balls symbol “◑” means in Astronomy?

Last quarter moon

49. What is the Unicode for describing “End-of-transmission character”?


50. A Pascal is the SI unit of what?


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