50 Fun Quiz Trivia Questions General Knowledge Printable Test

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Fun quiz trivia questions

1. Galkynysh is a what in Turkmenistan?

Natural gas field

2. Who was an English schoolmaster, theologian, and Anglican priest, best known as the author of the novella Flatland (1884)?

Edwin Abbott Abbott

3. What is the name of line or space indicates the pitch of music belonging to a note with a letter name: A, B, C, D, E, F, G?


4. What is a sauce used as a marinade, basting, condiment, or topping for meat cooked in the barbecue cooking style, including pork or beef ribs and chicken?

Barbecue sauce

5. Which Beatles song is associated with the Manson family?

Helter Skelter

6. Abbott’s Frozen Custard chain serves in which city?

New York

7. Derafsh Kaviani was the legendary royal standard (vexilloid) of Iran (Persia) used since ancient times until what time?

Fall of the Sasanian Empire

8. A&W Restaurants chain is located in which country?


9. In the past “Salām-e Shāh” was the anthem in which country?


10. In 1982 San Francisco became the first US city to do what?

Ban sale possession of handguns

11. What is Hibiscus tiliaceus?

Species of flowering tree, common names include sea hibiscus, beach hibiscus, coastal hibiscus, coastal cottonwood, green cottonwood, native hibiscus, native rosella, cottonwood

12. The Word, Caleb and Lost in Austin are the unpublished novels written by whom?

Charles Alverson

13. Agostino di Duccio was a what by profession in 15th-century Italy?


14. What is an American salad dressing usually made from buttermilk, salt, garlic, onion, mustard, herbs, and spices?

Ranch dressing

15. Which biblical prophet was sawn in half inside a hollow log?


16. What are a Liverpool pop band, signed to Spank Records in late 2003, named for their album, The Fake Death Experience?

28 Costumes, also known as the Cossies

17. What is the origin of the Setar musical instrument?


18. Beppi’s Restaurant pizza restaurant is from which city?


19. Caroline Island is one of the Line Islands in the south-central part of which ocean?

Pacific Ocean

20. Morrissey was the lead singer of which band?

The Smiths

21. What is Morinda citrifolia?

a fruit-bearing tree in the coffee family

22. Christmas Island is located in which country?


23. Die Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen is a major German film archive, based in which city?


24. Pietro Paolo Agabito was a what by profession in 15th-century Italy?

Painter and sculptor

Madonna and Child with Saint John Mario of Cupramontana, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Romualdo and Blessed Sabattini – Glazed terracotta of 1516 by Pietro Paolo Agabiti

25. Name the one person who has won a Nobel and an Oscar G B Shaw?

Lit 1925, Pygmalion 1938

26. Bushehr is located in which country?


27. Roughly 200 out of over 500 Méliès’ films and 350 out of over 1,000 of whose films survive?

Alice Guy’s

28. What is a meal is traditionally eaten at Christmas, which can take place any time from the evening of Christmas Eve?

Christmas dinner

29. Urengoy natural gas field is located in which country?


30. Caipirinha means someone’s drink – whose drink?


31. OPEC was founded on 14 September 1960 in which city by the first five members?


32. Chinese influences on Islamic pottery cover a period starting from at least the 8th century CE to what extent?

19th century

33. Where is the home of Pacific black duck, Anas superciliosa?


34. What is a ballet in two acts and three scenes, with music by Edouard Lalo, choreographed by Lucien Petipa, and premiered in Paris in 1882?


35. First used in Salt Lake 1980s what was a jarvik?

Artificial heart

36. Who was the born Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, was the monarch of Romania from 1866 to his death in 1914?

Carol I or Charles I of Romania

37. What is an interim ear between the Iron Age and Silver Age in ancient Greece?

Bronze Age

38. What does BFI mean?

British Film Institute

39. “The High and the Mighty” is a popular song from which 1954 film?

The High and the Mighty

40. In mythology Odysseus blinded which Cyclops?


41. What is the fiction genre of Little, Big by John Crowley?

Wainscot (fiction)/ Masquerade (trope)

42. In the Time 100 (often stylized as TIME 100), an annual listicle of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine, Steve Jobs appeared for how many times as of 2021?


43. al-Maqrīzī was the 15th-century historian of which country?


Who was responsible for defacing the Great Sphinx of Giza in 1378, breaking off its nose?

Muhammad Sa’im al-Dahr

44. What is the largest natural gas field in the world?

South Pars (Iran and Qatar)

45. Confederate General William Smith carried what into battle?

A Blue Parasol

46. Who celebrated the ruby jubilee, which marked the 40th anniversary in 1881?

Emperor Pedro II of Brazil

47. Who was Roscoe Conkling “Fatty” Arbuckle?

an American silent film actor, comedian, director, and screenwriter

48. Villa Aghion was a destroyed heritage in which city?


49. What is a romance by the English writer Richard Johnson, published in two parts in 1599 and 1607?

Tom a Lincoln

50. What well-known Russian author was also a doctor?

Anton Chekov

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