50 Fun General Knowledge Trivia Interesting GK Quiz Facts

Fun general knowledge trivia quiz questions with answers in printable style are here. To improve talent, we must have the capacity and knowledge to do so. When we don’t have the capacity to acquire talent, it’s tough to do so with fun general knowledge trivia. A good example is the ability to modify documents on a computer, or fun general knowledge trivia. We can have a talent for something, but if we don’t work on it, it will become stagnant and unlikely to develop into a skill. For instance, the capacity to comprehend and follow directions for fun general knowledge trivia.

Companies must clearly define what their people’s KSAs are in today’s tight labor market and skills shortages, and first and foremost, employers must grasp what KSAs are required to do a job, like fun general knowledge trivia. During the recruiting and selection process, it’s equally as vital to understanding someone’s KSAs. Our workers and the company’s progress will become stagnant if we are unable to recognize, comprehend, and develop the KSAs, as well as fun general knowledge trivia.

If our employees’ expertise is weak, we may need to establish more training and development approaches for them. When skills are insufficient, further practical training may be required so that fun general knowledge trivia may be used on the job. Employers should give opportunities for employees to hone their skills if they haven’t already by dint of fun general knowledge trivia.

Fun general knowledge trivia

1. What is an indoor motorsports series founded by former NASCAR chassis builder Ricky Dennis, son of 1970 NASCAR Rookie of the Year, Bill Dennis?

Arena Racing USA

2. What is LOA?

Length overall is the maximum length of a vessel’s hull measured parallel to the waterline

3. What is the average elevation of Afghanistan?

1,884 m (6,181 ft)

4. Which rapid transit system in Paris opened with entrances designed by Hector Guimard in 1899?

The Paris Métro

5. Mageiricophobia is the fear of what?


6. Bafra cape is located in which country?


7. Which company in Canada is responsible for managing property on behalf of the federal government?

Canada Lands Company Limited

8. Attingham Park landscape garden is located in which county in the UK?


9. Built in 1858, what is SS Great Eastern?

passenger liner, later converted to cable laying ship

10. In Poland if you asked for a piwo what would you get?

A Beer

11. In the Time 100 (often stylized as TIME 100), an annual listicle of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine, Nancy Pelosi appeared for how many times as of 2021?


12. 2mm Kolibri pistol is invented in which country in 1914?

Austrian Empire, Kingdom of Hungary

13. Sinop cape, Turkey is located in which sea?

Black Sea

14. Who is the artist of a popular country song – Do-Wacka-Do?

Roger Miller

15. The word nylon is made up from what?

New York – London

16. What is the highest point of Caernarfonshire county in Wales?


17. Giants is a New York City-based club for which sport?


18. Daniel Burnham’s Gilbert M. Simmons Memorial Library and Soldiers and Sailors Monument are dedicated together in which US city?

Kenosha, Wisconsin

19. Asian Le Mans Series a professional league for which sport?

Auto racing

20. Under Mississippi law there cannot be a female what?

Peeping Tom

21. Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust is located in which country?


22. Which famous public library serves Hamilton County, Ohio?

Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library

23. Choc-Ola is a chocolate drink in which country?


24. Matiur Rahman is a National Hero, Bir Sreshtho in which country?


25. What was patented in 1954 – the best thing?

Sliced bread

26. Beat someone to the punch – the idiom is used in which sport?

Boxing: to anticipate and potentially react to a move or action

27. Ulm city is located in which European country?


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Ulm City, Germany

28. The American Library Association (ALA) is a nonprofit organization based in which country?

The United States

29. AMT AutoMag III is a what in the USA?


30. Name ‘1st Disney cartoon film based on the life of a real person?


31. New Brighton Tower in England was completed in which year?


32. St. Olaf’s Church is located in which city in Estonia?


33. Built in 200 BC, the Archaeological site of Cerro de la Estrella is located in which present-day country?


34. What is the Galapagos turtle called?

Galápagos tortoise

35. A healthy person does it 16 times a day – what?


36. Chichimecas, Tepanecas, and Cuicuilcas lived in which present-day location in 500?


37. Basilica of Our Lady Aparecida is located in which city in Brazil?


38. Bakoven suburb is located in which city in South Africa?

Cape Town

39. What is the name of sport in which a dog traverses various obstacles, including jumps?

Dog agility

40. 20% of women first look at a man’s what?

Butt not face

41. What is the largest church in the world?

St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican City)

42. Pen y Fan is the highest point of which county in Wales?


43. What is the fiction genre of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling?

Wainscot (fiction)/ Masquerade (trope)

44. Which city in Nepal has an elevation of 822 m?


45. In Japan Trade Unions collect dues from what unusual source?

Robots in factories pay dues

46. What is AHL in Canada and America?

American Hockey League

47. Samsun province is located in which country?


48. What is a jumping jack, also known as a star jump?

A side-straddle hop in the US military

49. “Cognoscenti vs. Intelligentsia”, also known as “C vs. I”, is a song by which English electronic music group?

Cuban Boys

50. What is the top-selling candy bar from vending machines?


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