50 Best Random General Knowledge Fun Trivia Quiz Questions

The best random trivia questions general knowledge printable interesting facts and information in quiz format is appropriate for learning some summarized GK.

All information is beneficial. But it is what you do with that information that determines if it is beneficial to you. Biologically, it would help a human survive, but our knowledge has grown so complicated that it appears that knowing that 90% of seabirds have plastic in their stomachs won’t help us survive when, in reality, it does. Our psychology hasn’t changed much since the caveman age; it’s simply become more complex information that helps us live in many smaller ways.

In the 2001 Ballon d’Or, Liverpool forward Michael Owen beat Real Madrid forward Ral and Bayern Munich goalkeeper Oliver Kahn to be voted Europe’s finest football player.

Governor Gray Davis of California declares a record budget deficit of $35 billion in 2002, about double the sum he estimated during his reelection campaign a month before.

The second Lord of the Rings film, “The Two Towers,” was released in 2002. The film grossed $62 million in its first weekend in the United States and $926 million globally.

Manchester United fired Jose Mourinho, a high-profile Portuguese manager, in 2018. United is currently in the sixth position in the Premier League, 19 points behind league leaders Liverpool. New caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Best Random General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Questions

1. Korab is the highest point of which country?


2. Who ranks #7 in the world’s most admired man in YouGov’s international survey in 2021?

Lionel Messi

3. Which US state has its etymological origin “‘Having a little spring”?


4. What is Aleut?


5. Australia Services lose the 3rd Victory Test Cricket to which country by 6 wkts in 1945?


6. 1st King’s Dragoon Guards was an 1881 regiment in which Army?


7. Which country has its Legislative (Parliament) and royal capital, Lobamba?


8. Hall Islands is an island of the Federated States of?


9. Tang Chuu river is located in which country?


10. In 1942, North Africa: 5th German panzer army was formed under whom?

Col-gen von Arnim

11. Who said, “Think before you speak. Read before you think”?

Fran Lebowitz

12. Longewala border divides which two countries?

India – Pakistan

13. Adams family belongs to which country?

United States

14. What is the name of Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue house owned by Sergey Grishin in Montecito, California?

El Fureidis

15. Adolf Hitler names whom the “leader of the Dutch people” in 1942?

Anton Mussert

16. Angel Grove is a fictional town in which popular television show?

Power Rangers

17. What does the astronomical zodiac ♋︎ symbol mean?


18. What is Alex Louis Armstrong?

A fictional nobility in The Fullmetal Alchemist manga

19. What is the size of the Peak District, the first national park in England?

1,438 square kilometers (555.2 sq mi)

20. Who revealed a plan to produce the Torpedo, a new 150 MPH car in 1945?

Preston Tucker

21. Name a country located in North and Central America, other than Mexico.


22. Puerto Rico is a dependency and constituent entity in which region?


23. Christiaan Eijkman and Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1929 for discovering what?


24. Name a country located in South America.


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25. Which troop’s counterattack at Dillingen bridgehead on the Saar in 1944?


26. What is Balionycteris maculata?

Spotted-winged fruit bat

27. Do without =?

to dispense with, not to be dependent on

28. What is a machine with the skull of a cat with the sole purpose of reactivating the Fabrication Machine from the 2009 film “9”?

Cat Beast

29. What is a monastery of men or women under religious vows that is headed by a prior or prioress?

A priory

30. USSR & Czechoslovakia signed a trade agreement in which year?


31. Goshavank, an abbey or priory is located in which European country?


32. Which pope established a parallel body to the Inquisition in Lisbon, Portugal in 1531?

Pope Clement VII

33. Emperor Annei ruled which country for 38 years?


34. Who is called “Sushi Master” – a ventriloquist in Australia?

Showko Showfukutei

35. In 1943, the British 8th Army, the 1st Canadian Infantry Division, occupies Orsogna/Ortona in which country?


36. What is a line of small 2″ tall action figure toys, in the form of anthropomorphized animals with body armor and a unique weapon?

Battle Beasts

37. Pécs city is located in which country?


38. Tooth fungi is an edible what?


39. D’Lëtzebuerger Land, a weekly newspaper is published from which country?


40. Who was the 1st black American to be presented the Nobel Peace Prize for mediation in 1950?

Ralph Bunche

41. Interrupted clubmoss, Lycopodium annotinum fern is available in which location?

Britain and Ireland

42. KOMO TV channel 4 in Seattle, WA (ABC) begins broadcasting in which year?


43. What is often served with bread, Jamaican fried dumplings, bammy (cassava bread) or roasted breadfruit?

Ackee and saltfish

44. Which chess is has a full army for each player, minus one pawn?

Balbo’s Game

45. 9 Dutch citizens hanged by whom in December 1944?


46. Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county is located in which European country?


47. What was Galant is art?

a classical music style (1720–1770)

48. Who is Honda Soichiro by profession in Japan?


49. What is Balbacua?

A beef dish

50. In 1952, who was elected 2nd president of Israel?

Izhak Ben-Zvi

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