50 Basic GK Quiz Questions with Answers Printable Easy Pub

Basic gk quiz questions with answers printable easy pub will give you some very interesting general knowledge quiz ideas that you should know to handle many situations. Knowledge of basic gk quiz questions with answers printable easy pub is necessary and crucial since it allows humans to obtain food and other necessities, as well as live a fulfilling life. However, there is a great quantity of information that is superfluous, worthless, and even dangerously useful. If Consciousness is free of conditioning, basic gk quiz questions with answers printable easy pub will have the discretion to employ information, but only relevant knowledge, as and when it is needed and suitable.

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Basic GK Quiz Questions with Answers Printable Easy Pub

1. Which President of Cuba was elected for the terms 1901 and 1905?

Tomás Estrada Palma

2. What was the UN International year 1978/79?

International Anti-Apartheid Year

3. Azucena Villaflor is a women’s rights activist from which country?


4. Emma of Normandy came down from the throne as the Queen of England in which year?


5. In 1975, which musical was opened at Booth Theater NYC for 307 performances?

“Very Good Eddie”

6. What are Bustards?


7. In astronomy, what is Thetis?

An asteroid

8. Who said, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”?

Mohandas K. Gandhi

9. Who wrote popular fiction, The Known World in 2003?

Edward P. Jones

10. In 1975, “Hello, Dolly” closes at which theatre in NYC after 51 performances?

Minskoff Theater

11. Talk up =?

to speak boldly

12. Who ended his Presidentship of France in 2007?

Jacques Chirac

13. The Troubles, an ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland ended in which year?


14. A bull live in a?


15. A publican is killed as he tried to remove a bomb from his pub, Northern Ireland in which year?


16. Which tree has assimilatory roots?


17. What is New Mexico’s largest city, sits in the high desert?


18. Outside Japan, which organization is often just referred to as “Japanese baseball”?

Nippon Professional Baseball or NPB

19. International Atomic Energy Agency is headquartered in which city?


20. In which year, the 1st NY Jet to gain 1,000 yards rushing (John Riggins)?


21. Memoir of which Secretary-General of the United Nations is “In the Cause of Peace” (first and only publication, 1954)?

Trygve Halvdan Lie

22. In 1966, which Cult film was premiered, directed by Philippe de Broca starring Alan Bates?

“King of Hearts” (Le Roi de cœur)

23. Which treaty was signed in 1775 in France?

Peace of Basel

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peace of Basel 1795

24. Figure Skating Federation of Armenia was admitted to the International Skating Union in which year?


25. In 1976, 20th Islander shut-out opponent-Billy Smith 3-0 vs which team?


26. “Abide with Me” song was recorded by whom on March 23, 1949?

Doris Day

27. Province of Quebec was a former colony of which country?


28. WUTV TV channel 29 in Buffalo, NY (IND) begins broadcasting in which year?


29. What is Arpeggiation?

Elementary elaboration of a harmony

30. In 1975, which team set the NHL record of 40 points beating Caps 14-2 scoring 5 goals vs Washington Caps in 4:57?

Buffalo Sabres

31. The Eighty Years’ War or Dutch War of Independence (1568–1648) was a revolt of the how many Provinces of what are today the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg?


32. Chaco is a what type of company?


33. In which year did KOMU TV channel 8 in Columbia, MO (NBC/PBS) begin broadcasting?


34. Irish statesman, economist, and philosopher Edmund Burke was born in which year?


35. In 1978, “Broadway Musical” was opened/closed at which theatre in NYC?

Lunt Fontanne Theater

36. What is the boiling point (°C) of Deuterium?


37. What zodiac has its sign “1”?


38. Which film wins the Golden Lotus in the 2nd National Film Awards (India) in 1955?

“Mirza Ghalib”

39. Poor conductors of heat and electricity are one of the Fundamental properties of metals. True/ False?


40. In 1962, who left Comecon?


41. Russian military aircraft type “Antonov An-22” was introduced in which year?


42. In 1959, the 10th largest snowfall in which city’s history (13.7″)?

New York

43. What is al-Amira?

A hijab

44. À la seconde is a ballet term meaning what?

Second position

45. In which year, US & Cuba accord, releases bay of pigs captive?


46. Bonds is an Australian brand for what?


47. Citizens of Deerfield Ill block building of interracial housing in which year?


48. What is the Adagio Pairs – The Improv on Ice?

A figure skating competition

49. Who wrote the book An Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs in 1791?

Edmund Burke

50. In which year, USSR launch Luna 13; soft-landed in Oceanus Procellarum?


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