50 Impossible Quiz General Knowledge Printable Trivia Question

50 impossible general knowledge interesting fun facts and printable free online quiz tests are for genuine learners only. Clearly, knowledge management as a management strategy is fast evolving and advancing, with an emphasis on enhancing performance and organizational processes while continuing to innovate. Furthermore, 50 impossible general knowledge interesting fun facts and printable free online quiz management aid in the avoidance of mistakes and the making of decisions based on the organization’s prior data. As knowledge is a vital element of a company’s operations and to maintain a competitive advantage, effective 50 impossible general knowledge interesting fun facts and printable free online quiz management is a must for any firm.

Inter/Real Madrid forward won the Ballon d’Or in 2002. For the second time, Ronaldo has been crowned Europe’s finest footballer, beating out Real Madrid left defender Roberto Carlos and Bayern Munich goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. ENjoy these 50 impossible general knowledge interesting fun facts and a printable free online quiz.

In the year 2000, the United States Supreme Court issued its judgment in Bush v. Gore, resolving the recount controversy in Florida’s 2000 presidential election in George W. Bush’s favor and so delivering him the presidency. Explore these 50 impossible general knowledge interesting fun facts and printable free online quizzes.

In the 1948 Malayan Emergency, the Batang Kali Massacre, 14 Scots Guards soldiers stationed in Malaysia are accused of murdering 24 unarmed people and setting fire to the town.

The Nobel Prize for Literature is given to German historian Theodor Mommsen in 1902 for “his historical writing, with specific reference to his colossal opus, “A History of Rome.” Grab the 50 impossible general knowledge interesting fun facts and a printable free online quiz.

When a snowstorm keeps a New England vs. Miami game scoreless in 1982, Patriots coach Ron Meyer orders Mark Henderson, a convicted felon on work release, to clear the way for John Smith’s field goal attempt, which the Patriots win 3-0.

Manuel Orantes of Spain defeats Wojtek Fibak of Poland 5–7, 6–2, 0–6, 7–6, 6–1 to win the ATP Masters Grand Prix tennis tournament in Houston, Texas in 1976. Solve these 50 impossible general knowledge interesting fun facts and printable free online quizzes on your own.

50 Impossible Quiz General Knowledge Printable Trivia Question

1. What is viridans streptococci, clinically important?


2. Lyon city is located in which country?


3. What is the world’s largest indoor water park, located in Berlin, Germany, in 2004?

Tropical Islands Resort

4. Shirley Booth and Robert Ryan cast in which American film in 1954?

About Mrs. Leslie

5. France’s which king goes on trial, accused of high treason and crimes against the state in 1792?

King Louis XVI

6. Badlands National Park is located in which US state?

South Dakota

7. Astro City, a fictional town, created by whom?

Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson

8. In 1913, which artwork was recovered 2 years after it was stolen from the Louvre Museum?

“Mona Lisa”

9. Which singer had the music track Superstition – one of the number 1 singles during the 1970s?

Stevie Wonder

10. In 1902, which country signed a treaty with Cuba allowing for a 20 percent reduction of tariff rates on imported Cuban products?


11. What was the name of the republic formed in rebellion against the Dutch East India Company in 1975?


12. Who said, “One learns from books and example only that certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things”?

Frank Herbert

13. In Roman mythology, who is the goddess of women and fertility?


14. Aviation Week & Space Technology is an industry-related magazine published in which country?

United States

15. 1st newspaper on Curacao (Curacao Gazette & Commercial Advertiser) was published in which year?


16. Theodora (527–548) was an empress of which empire?

Byzantine Empire

17. Stockton Street Tunnel (San Francisco) completed in which year?


18. After Loving You – the song was recorded by which American singer?

Elvis Presley

19. Which roots develop from the branches of the tree, hang downwards, and penetrate into the ground, eg., the banyan tree?

Prop Roots

20. In 1903, British forces under MacDonald & Younghusband march into which country?


21. Who is the writer of the fiction, Runaway (2004)?

Alice Munro

22. In 1917, 13 black soldiers were hanged for participation in which riot?

Houston riot

23. Angelo Badà performed in which famous opera in New York?

Metropolitan Opera

24. Boer War was started in which year?


25. In 1816, Citizens of which city thwart Savoyard invaders?


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26. Words to use instead of VERY: Very perfect —>?


27. Where do you find the vena?

In a human body

28. Wayde van Niekerk held the Olympic record in 400 meters athletic in which game?

2016 Rio de Janeiro

29. Drop out =?

to disappear from one’s place; to withdraw esp. from an academic course

30. In December 1816, what becomes the 19th state of the Union?


31. What is the 4th pair of Cranial Nerves in the human body?

Trochlear nerve

32. Port of Long Beach is located in which US state?


33. In 1917, German-occupied Lithuania proclaims independence from which country?


34. Jinzhou is a what type of city in China?

A port city

35. In 1844, 1st dental use of which chemical in Hartford, Connecticut?

nitrous oxide

36. What does the astronomical symbol □ mean?


37. What is Harry Potter’s spell for – Forces target to dance?


38. What is the Bass of Doom?

A guitar

39. In computer networking, which port is assigned to Echo Protocol?


40. In 1872, Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback takes office as the first African American US Governor in which state?


41. Very valuable=?


42. In 1919, which monument was dedicated in Enterprise, Alabama?

Boll weevil

43. What is UAFA?

The Union of Arab Football Associations

44. Al-Abwa city is located in which country?

Saudi Arabia

45. In 1925, which Pope published the encyclical Quas Primas?

Pope Pius XI

46. Blüdhaven, a fictional town, created by whom?

Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel

47. A limestone statue of William Henry Harrison in civilian attire, created by whom, was initially erected in 1972 in Indiana?

Harold “Dugan” Elgar

48. In 1935, the Manager-picked AL All-Stars coast to a 4-1 win in which venue?

Cleveland Stadium

49. What is the largest city in the Arab world after Cairo and Baghdad, with a population of 7,676,654?


50. Canadian Football exhibition game played in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, Hamilton Tigers beat Ottawa Rough Riders, 11-6 before 15,000 in which year?


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