100 August Trivia Questions and Answers – August GK Fun Facts

There are numerous interesting facts in the form of August trivia questions and answers free online general knowledge test, information, and facts are appropriate for all. Many anecdotes, events in every aspect of life, sports, history, drama, music, movies, kingdoms, inventions, death of great personalities, the birth of heroes, and what not held in the month of August, in the shape of August quiz questions and answers printable quizzes trivia!

August trivia questions and answers quizzes are fit to extract fun, surprises, and learning at the same time. The sources of the August trivia questions and answers are reliable and the facts are to the point, with short and brief notes, wherever necessary. People from all walks of life regardless of gender, education, or age will find these August trivia questions and answers quite educative and funny. August quiz questions and answers can be loved anytime.

Let’s find below some of the mind-blowing August trivia questions and answers and solve alone, or with the help of others! We are sure most of the August trivia questions and answers are not familiar to you earlier, in these August quiz questions and answers, or August quiz!

August trivia questions and answers

1. Sextilis was the original name for what?


2. English writer H. G. Wells died on August 13, 1946, at what place?

The Regent’s Park, London, United Kingdom

3. What is Liefde?

An August 1747 wrecked ship of Hamburg, sunk in the English channel

4. What are the birthstones for August?

Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel

5. August comes from the Latin word augustus, meaning what?

“consecrated” or “venerable”

6. If you’re born any time up to the 22nd of August, you’re of what sign?


7. Name two US presidents who born in August.

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

8. In the original Roman calendar the month of August was the which month of the year.

Sixth month

9. Before Julius Caesar created the Julian calendar in 45 BC, how many days were there in August?

29 days

10. August is the fifth of seven months to have what?

A length of 31 days

11. About which year, August became the eighth month by King Numa Pompilius?

About 700 BC

12. Adolf Hitler becomes Germany’s Fuhrer on 2nd August in which year?


13. Any time after 22nd of August up to September 22nd, you’re of which sign?


14. Julius Caesar added how many days in August when he created the Julian calendar in 46 BC (708 AUC)?

Two days

15. What was the name of the boat commanded by Lt. John F. Kennedy sunk on August 2, 1943?

Patrol torpedo boat PT-109

16. Which month is related to the Latin augur, meaning “consecrated by augury” or “auspicious.”?


17. What does the month of August name in Chinese?

bā yuè

18. August gets its name from which Roman emperor?

Augustus Caesar

19. What is the flower of the month of August?

Gladiolus or poppy

20. Name two countries that have their independence day in August?

Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica

21. What do Italian people name August?


22. What did Saxon call the month of August?

Weodmontha (Weed month)

23. In which year, August was renamed in honor of Emperor Augustus?

8 BC

24. Before its renaming, August was called what?


25. Numerous religious holidays occurred during August in which ancient city?


26. What do you say August in Japanese?


27. The Kappa Cygnids take place in August, with the dates varying each year – what is it?

Meteor shower

28. Coca-Cola was first sold in the UK in August in which year?


29. Which county has its Independence Day on August 31?


30. What does the birth flower of August the gladiolus or poppy symbolize?

beauty, the strength of character, love, marriage, and family

31. What links American Adventures, Children’s Eye Health and Safety, Get Ready for Kindergarten, and Happiness Happens?

Monthlong observances in August

32. Augustus experienced many victories during which month?


33. The Alpha Capricornids meteor shower takes place as early as July 10 and ends at around what date?

August 10

34. What do you say August in Spanish?


35. What is – What Will Be Your Legacy?

Month-long observance in August

36. What do French people name August?


37. Warren Buffett was born in which place on 30 August 1930?

Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

38. August cracked the top 60 boys’ names in which country?


39. On 1st August 1994 who marries Lisa Marie Presley?

Michael Jackson

40. What meteor shower takes place from mid-July to mid-August, with the peak usually around July 28–29?

Southern Delta Aquariids

41. What is Independence Day in Moldova?

August 27

42. Friendship Day is celebrated in which month?

first Sunday of August

43. Iraq invades Kuwait on what date in 1990?

2nd August

44. Who is the only US President in history who has died during the month of August?

Warren Harding

45. Anne Frank was captured by Germans on what date in 1944?

4 August

46. The Second World War technically ended in August, with which is country surrendering to allied forces in 1945?


47. Who was the first European to visit Venezuela on August 1, 1498?

Christopher Columbus

48. Lyndon Baines Johnson was born in which place on 27 August 1908?

Stonewall, Texas

49. On August 1, 1831, which famous bridge opened?

London Bridge

50. In which year’s August saw the start of the Gold Rush in Alaska?

August 1896

51. 1st August in which year MTV debuted?


52. On August 1, 1774, which element is discovered?


53. What do you say August in Latin?


54. The last surviving player from FIFA WC 1930 final Francisco Varallo (Argentina) died on what date?

30 August 2010 at the age of 100

55. On what date in the 1936 Berlin Olympics open?

1st August

56. On what date in 1944, Anne Frank makes the final entry in her diary?

August 1

57. If you’re born in the month of August, you are always going to be one of how many star signs?


58. Eugene Curran Kelly was born in which place on 23 August 1912?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.

59. The first Six Flags park open in Texas on August 1 in which year?


60. Which star cluster is best observed around August?

Messier 30

61. On 1st August of 1914, which two countries declare war?

Germany and France

62. William Coolidge obtained a patent for the cathode ray tube on August 6 in which year?


63. During August which US President resigned as a result of the Watergate scandal?

Richard Nixon

64. Among Guanches of Tenerife aborigines, August received in the name of what?

Beñesmer or Beñesmen

65. Which astronaut was born on August 5th, 1930 Wapakoneta, Ohio, U.S.?

Neil Armstrong

66. Which major meteor shower, typically takes place between July 17 and August 24, with the days of the peak varying yearly?

The Perseids

67. The world’s first program-controlled calculator, the Harvard Mark I, was inaugurated on what day in 1944?

August 7

68. WHat is the birthday of Koichi Tanaka, a famous Japanese scientist, chemist, and Nobel laureate?

August 3 (1959)

69. On August 12, 1964, which country was barred from the Olympic Games?

South Africa

70. What is famous for being the ‘harvest month’ in many cultures?


71. On what date in 1961 East Germany Border Closed To West Germany?

August 13

72. Who patented the Diesel engine on 9 August 1898?

Rudolf Diesel

73. IBM Releases Its First Personal Computer on August 12 in which year?


74. What known for being both ‘National Catfish Month’ as well as ‘National Water Quality Month’?


75. Which country has announced its Cultural Revolution on August 13, 1966?


76. The Ford trademark was registered by the Ford Motor Corporation on what date in 1909?

August 10

77. Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computers was born on what date in 1950?

August 11

78. What is the birthday of French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, who patented the Statue of Liberty?

August 2 (1834)

79. Nuclear bomb kills millions in Hiroshima on what date in 1945?

August 6

80. People in which Hemisphere will see August as an end of their winters?

Southern Hemisphere

81. Which famous actress was found dead in her bedroom on 5th August 1962?

Marilyn Monroe

82. In August 1975, which disease kills 3 million trees in Britain?

Dutch Elm Disease

83. What is the birthday of Nicolas-Jacque Conte who invented the modern pencil?

August 4 (1755)

84. Mall of America Opens in which year on August 11?


85. Minimum hourly wage raised to how much per hour on August 12, 1955?


86. In which year’s August, Voting Rights Act Signed Into Law?


87. The Burmese 8888 Uprising took place on what date in 1988?

August 8

88. “The Great Train Robbery” took place in which country in August 1963?


89. Microsoft Buys Stake in Apple Computers on what date in 1997?

August 6

90. Which spacecraft arrives at the Planet Venus on August 10, 1990?

Magellan SpaceCraft

91. India and Pakistan gained Independence in August of which year?


92. Atom Bomb Dropped On Nagasaki on what date in 1945?

August 9

93. Who was the first player in the history of baseball to hit 500 home runs in August 1929?

Babe Ruth

94. What is the last of the summer months?


95. Social Security Bill Signed Into Law Providing Unemployment Benefit on what date in 1935?

14 August

96. On August 16, 1977, which famous singer dies of a heart attack?

Elvis Presley

97. What do Germanic call the month of August?

Ernte-mond (Harvest month)

98. Panama Canal Opens on 15 August in which year?


99. People in which Hemisphere will see August as a hot, sunny month?

Northern Hemisphere

100. August in the Northern Hemisphere is similar to which month in the Southern Hemisphere?

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