100 Random Facts Quiz and Answers General Knowledge Trivia

Random facts quiz questions and answers trivia GK general knowledge in English quiz online free quiz test printable is ready to solve for the challenge take enthusiastic learners. These  random facts quiz and answers general knowledge in English are quite easy to solve and need the attention of about half an hour to grasp all appropriately.

Making things easy has a single trick – to practice. What you listen to or learn today must be practiced again and again, in order to harness the lesson by heart forever. By this, any hard thing turns easy, like these random facts quiz and answers.

No doubt, these random facts quiz and answers general knowledge in English quizzes are full of wit and fun, collected from many resourceful sources so that our learners don’t get bored and monotonous.

Let’s solve these random facts quiz and answers general knowledge in English GK facts and information as soon as possible!

Random facts quiz and answers

1. What is Alphonso?

Mango in India, Pakistan, and United Arab Emirates

2. What is Quince?


3. What is Sidikalang?

Coffea canephora, coffee

4. What is Acacia anomala?

Chittering grass wattle

5. What is Alicante?


6. Beaufort Sea makes a part of geographic boundary of which continent?


7. Albania has its maritime boundary with how many countries?


8. What is ICSSPE?

The International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education

9. What is Bobsleigh or bobsled?

a team winter sport that involves making timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, iced tracks in a gravity-powered sleigh.

10. What is the only flavour Jell-o containing any real fruit?


11. What is the number 2 ranked stock exchanges in 2020?


12. WHat is the color of the Aunt Ruby’s German tomato?


13. Leadenhall Market, a food-centred market is located in which city?


14. Badusha is a snack food in which country?


15. Bakaara Market is located in which city in Somalia?


16. What is the Battle of Mława?

Poland invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939 WWII

17. What is Aloo mutter?

Legume dishes

18. What is Alb-Leisa?

Lentils from the Swabian Jura

19. What is Annie’s Homegrown?

an American organic food company

20. Women do it twice as often as men – what?


21. What is Alfalfa House, Enmore, Sydney?

Food cooperatives

22. What was Composition in 1941?

FAA attack on Massawa

23. Which Tirthankara in Jain religion has his symbol Elephant?


24. Which cricket reference book published annually is colloquially called the Bible of Cricket?

Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack, or simply Wisden

25. Punitio Tirannorum, from Allegories of the Christian Faith is a popuar artwork made by which paineter in 1617?

Hendrick Goltzius

26. Who casts Shizuko Arisawa in 2009 film Battle Under Orion?

Keiko Kitagawa

27. Newport Beach is lcoated in which US state?


28. Texas Across The River is a popular movie released in which year?


29. Who was Nancy Barbato?

Spouse of Frank Sinatra

30. In Lebanon it is legal to have sex with who / what?

Female animals — males death

31. What is Quarto Group Inc?

Book publishing company in UK

32. Paris in the Twentieth Century is a popular 1994 novel by whom?

Jules Verne

33. What is the height of the Westminster Abbey?


34. Big Ben was opened in which year?

May 31, 1859

35. The Country of the Blind is a popular 1904 short story written by whom?

H. G. Wells

36. What is Falstaff?

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

37. Who is the director of the 2021 film Awake?

Mark Raso

38. Who sings the 2021 pop song “The Wrong Place”?


39. Who was the opposition of Franks in Frankish conquest of Turnacum and Cameracum?

Roman Empire

40. Collective nouns – a leash of what?


41. Who sings “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”?

Nancy Sinatra

42. Who was the star and producer of sitcoms I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and Here’s Lucy?

Lucille Désirée Ball

43. On what date during French Revolution, The royal treasury is declared empty?

August 8, 1788

44. What is the type of Japanese Windmill in Kamiyūbetsu?


45. When was the Albania–Montenegro (Shkodër – Berane) land borders established?

1913 at the Treaty of London ending the Balkan Wars

46. Which countries have disputes over Banc du Geyser?

Madagascar, Comoros, and France

47. What is Aspen that you can eat?

Aspen onion

48. On what date the French naval battle named Battle of La Rochelle started?

22 June 1372

49. Where is Juan de Nova Island located?

French tropical island

50. What does a Coprophobe fear?

Crap – Shit – Faeces

51. What is Aglio Bianco Polesano?


52. Graeco-Roman Museum is located in which city?

Alexandria, Egypt

53. Stade du 5 Juillet (stadium) is located in which city?


54. Who was the Officer throughout the Revolutionary era and Empire; later a general and Marshal of France (French Revolution)?

Charles Augereau, duc de Castiglione

55. What is Aioli?

a Mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil; in some regions other emulsifiers such as egg are used.

56. What is Kita in Japan?

Special ward in Tokyo

57. Photovoltaic manufacturer JA Solar is owned by which country?


58. Melilla is an autonomous city on the north coast of Africa belong to which country?


59. What is Blanquette?

Olive cultivar in France, Australia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine

60. In the language of flowers what does oak leaves mean?


61. Pato (sports) was originated in which country?


62. Atomic absorption spectroscopy was invented in which country?


63. Carnival Cinema S11 Dormitory Punggol is located in which country?


64. Termites eat wood twice as fast if what is happening?

Heavy Metal Music Playing

65. Palazzo Ariani (palace) is located in which city?


66. Hudson Valley Garlic Festival is held in which city?

Saugerties, New York

67. Addenbroke Island Light Station is located in which Canadian province?

British Columbia

68. Aldgate bus station is located in which city?


69. Akanaberd fort is located in which city?


70. Einstein never wore what if he could avoid it?


71. St Nicholas Gate is lcoated in which city?


72. Leboku New Yam Festival is held in which country?


73. Al-Nuqtah Mosque is located in which city?


74. Al Wahda Mall is a trurist attraction in which city?

Abu Dhabi

75. If an Australian called you a Gumsucker what would he mean?

You were from Victoria state

76. Basic oxygen steelmaking was invented in which country?


77. Merimbula Aquarium is located in which country?


78. Rib spreader was invented in which country?


79. What is Crew cut?


80. Snow volleyball was originated in which country?


81. Who is the Patron Saint of brewers?

Saint Nicholas

82. Which university in Argentina has its translated motto: To the light peacefully she goes?

Buenos Aires Institute of Technology

83. What is the second largest Arab World company?

QNB Group

84. Alikhanian–Alikhanov spectrometer was invented in which country?


85. Which city in UK has its nick name- “Energy Capital of Europe”?


86. Beethoven’s 9th was his interpretation of what work by Schiller?

Ode to Joy

87. WHat is the most prestigious award in literature?


88. What is The Pearl of Lao Tzu?

was once considered the largest known pearl

89. Which Canadian city has its nickname “C-Town”?


90. In Washington state it is specifically illegal to have sex with who?


91. What Happens Here, Stays Here is a slogan and advertising campaign for which city?

Las Vegas, Nevada

92. Auskick (sports) was originated in which country?


93. What is Pointe?


94. Which country has its national motto: By the people and for the people?


95. A standard what contains eight holes?


96. The Norwegian International Film Festival held annually in city?


97. What is the motto if the International Expositions?

Semper Verum (Always true)

98. What TV program first used the word hell?

Star Trek let’s get the hell outta here

99. Golden Wreath of Struga Poetry Evenings is being given since which year?


100. Alcohol comes from the Arabic word Al Kohl meaning what?

The Essence

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