100 Trivia Questions for Seniors with Answers Printable GK

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Trivia questions for seniors with answers

1. Countries of the Middle East and North Africa being the largest producers of which sweet fruit?


2. What is the Australasian realm?

a biogeographic realm that is coincident with, but not the same as, the geographical region of Australasia

3. What is the type of Australian and New Zealand meat pie?


4. How many elements are on the periodic table?


5. Apart from Star Trek Kirk Scott Spock Sulu (actors) what prog?

The Twilight Zone

6. As of July 2019, how many World Heritage Sites are there?

a total of 1,121

7. Name a country that has pineapples on its Coat of arms?


8. What is Sharbat?

Iranian drink

9. Which plates are around 100 km (62 mi) thick and consist of two types of material: oceanic crust and continental crust?

Tectonic plates

10. Each day 3000 Americans do what for the first time?

Start Smoking

11. What is the state mineral of Alaska?


12. What is Andesite?

Intermediate volcanic rock

13. What is a city-state?

an independent sovereign city that serves as the center of political, economic, and cultural life over its contiguous territory

14. Rooster or cock is a term for an adult male bird, and a younger male may be called a what?


15. Here comes the judge is from what TV show Rowan and Martins?


16. What is 16 Psyche?


17. What is gnocchi/gnocchetti?

dumpling-like pasta

18. As of December 2019, Soviet Union/Russia has how many space travelers?


19. Ají de gallina is a chicken curry in which country?


20. What is fumet?

Concentrated stock

21. What are Metamorphic rocks?

created by rocks that have been transformed into another kind of rock, usually by some combination of heat, pressure, and chemical alteration

22. Omelette was originated in which country?


23. Frank Sinatra John Wayne Paul Newman rejected what role?

Dirty Harry Callahan

24. What is Felsic?

Igneous rock rick in feldspar and quartz.

25. How many sheep are used to produce one angora sweater?

None Angora comes from rabbits

26. What is Bratwurst?

a sausage usually composed of veal, pork, or beef

27. Where do you see the Cathedral Rock?

at Red Rock State Park, Sedona, Arizona

28. What is meat has been depicted in Babylonian carvings from around 600 BC?


29. What links Florence, Venice, Genoa, and Milan during Renaissance?


30. In what US City is the blondest hair dye sold?

Dallas Texas

31. What is the Cape Horn?

the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago of southern Chile

32. What is Onsen tamago?

Egg dish

33. Juno (from the Four Deities) – is a popular 1596 painting by whom?

Hendrick Goltzius

34. What is a mineral?

Fairly well-defined chemical composition and a specific crystal structure that occurs naturally in pure form

35. 31% of people said what was the most disgusting personal habit?


36. Where is the Headquarters of the BOA Editions, Ltd.?

Rochester, New York, United States

37. Who wrote the famous novel In Search of the Castaways (Les Enfants du Capitaine Grant) in 1868?

Jules Verne

38. Northumberland Avenue, Whitehall is on which side of Trafalgar Square?


39. Who did George Burns, an American comedian say about happiness?

“Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal, a good cigar, and a good woman – or a bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle.”

40. Annually 2500 left-handed people die doing what?

Using right-handed products

41. What was the name of a strong typhoon that recurved east of the Philippines in 1979 (T7923, 27W, Barang)?


42. Tono-Bungay – is a popular 1908 novel by whom?

H. G. Wells

43. What is the common name of Pentanoic acid?

Valeric acid

44. Bonchon Chicken restaurant is located in which country?

South Korea

45. In America its noise is B flat in England it’s G what is?

Buzz of Electric Razor

46. What is the highest settlement in Argentina?

Mina Pirquitas

47. Bogotá, the third highest capital in the world is in which country?


48. Trees and undergrowth – is a popular 1887 painting by whom?

Vincent van Gogh

49. What is the fourth largest administrative division in China?


50. What was Robert Browning’s pet name for his wife?

Elizabeth Portuguese

51. Amalgamated Housing Cooperative is located in which city?

New York City housing cooperative

52. Chachi was a character in Happy days whats it means in Korean?


53. What is Blondie?

American dessert

54. Brave New World Revisited – is a popular 1958 book by whom?

Aldous Huxley

55. What is regarded as the world’s first skyscraper?

The 10-story Home Insurance Building, built in Chicago in 1885

56. Who said, “I think it was sexier when you didn’t have to take it all off.”?

Angie Dickinson, American actress

57. Who casts sailor Kurakin in the 1950 film In Peaceful Time?

Georgi Yumatov

58. Who casts Pam Kelly in the 2021 action thriller film Without Remorse?

Lauren London

59. What is Gianni Schicchi?

Opera by Giacomo Puccini

60. What was the codename for USA landings Morocco in 1942?

Operation Torch

61. Who sings the song, “Days Like This”?

Sheena Easton

62. Who are the artists of the 2021 Country song Mr. Perfectly Fine?

Taylor Swift

63. What is Lungi?


64. The Riverside Milton – is a popular book by whom?

John Milton

65. What Searchers hit was written by Sonny Bono?

Needles and Pins

66. Positions, Dangerous Woman, Sweetener, My Everything – albums of which artist?

Ariana Grande

67. Boca Raton is located in which US state?

Florida, United States

68. Where does Cervonic acid naturally occur in?

maternal milk, fish oil.

69. Which acid has its common name carbon dioxide hydrate or carbonic acid?

hydroxymethanoic acid

70. What is the internet country domain TLD for Paraguay?


71. What percent of blue are there in Aero color?

91% Bule

72. What are Herbs?

leaves, flowers, or stems used for food, flavoring, medicine, or fragrances. Herbs are typically valued for their savory or aromatic properties.

73. What does an Erotophobe fear?

Sexual Love

74. Tectonic plates are sometimes subdivided into three fairly arbitrary categories – what?

major (or primary) plates, minor (or secondary) plates, and microplates (or tertiary plates)

75. The Roman Appian Way went from Rome to where?

Brindisi – Brindisium

76. Where is 1100 Wilshire?

residential skyscraper completed in 1987 in Los Angeles, California

77. In Kingsville Texas it’s illegal for who/what to shag on airport land?


78. One Brickell City Centre is located in which US city?


79. Where is Mississauga city located?


80. In Michigan it is illegal to chain what to a fire hydrant?

An Alligator

81. Where do you find One Valhalla condominium in Canada?


82. Pizza is a dish of which origin and cuisine?


83. What does Vodka literally mean?

Little Water

84. Chuck E. Cheese pizza chain is owned by which country?


85. Who rode a horse named Aethenoth?

Lady Godiva

86. What is a condiment?

a supplemental food, such as a sauce or powder

87. What happened in Britain on Sept 3rd, 1752?

Nothing – a day never existed

88. Rabbit Creek is located in which US state?


89. What is Peridot?


90. Who said, “Once you are dead you are made for life”?

Jimmy Hendrix

91. What is Amba?

Mango pickle condiment

92. Do ahashya da is Navaho for what?

I am Stupid

93. Sohm Abyssal Plain is located in which ocean?

North Atlantic

94. Which was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar under Romulus in 753 BC?


95. Philippe Pages is the real name of what pianist?

Richard Clayderman

96. Who invented the modern pencil?

Nicolas-Jacque Conte

97. The Ariztid Olt was what early name used by a famed actor?

Bela Lugosi

98. What is DED?

Dutch elm disease

99. Which construction began at Massena, New York in 1954?

St. Lawrence Seaway

100. On the PH scale what does PH stand for?

Potential Hydrogen

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