100 Simple General Knowledge Questions with Answers Quiz

Free online simple general knowledge questions with answers trivia quiz GK printable test is live now! This simple general knowledge questions with answers will entertain a reader with a variety of useful information and facts related to general knowledge that we usually need in every walk of life. Changes must be started in yourself.

Life is very simple if you see it likewise. It is said, change your perspective, your life will be changed. We assure, if you go through properly in these simple general knowledge questions with answers, you will be able to learn many new things that you would not know earlier. Solving simple general knowledge questions with answers to GK printable trivia will provide reader confidence as well as fun while learning. What you learn today will definitely boost your conscience tomorrow, since knowledge is power.

Let’s solve the simple general knowledge questions with answers below and improve your level of understanding!

Simple general knowledge questions with answers

1. Which treaty ends the war between the Roman Republic and the Latin League in c. 493 BC?

Foedus Cassianum

2. Which football championship hosted in Paris in 2016, was won by Portugal, who beat France 1–0?

UEFA European Championship

3. On what date the 1st ceremony of the Academy Award for Best Picture was held?

May 16, 1929

4. Which Napoleonic battle took place during 29 August – 19 December 1793?

Siege of Toulon

5. Thalia is a famous artwork painted by whom in 1592?

Hendrick Goltzius

6. The Dolphin’s Cry movie was first released in April 1987 in which country?


7. Battle of Abu Klea took place in 1885 during which war?

Mahdist War

8. What is Fraisier in France?

Strawberry dish

9. What is Barbecue (Satti)?

Philippine dishes

10. Armor of Örvar-Oddr, an impenetrable “silken mailcoat” in which mythology?

Norse mythology

11. WHat is SAL (Sociedade de Aviação Ligeira)?

Airline in Angola

12. What fashion designer’s symbol is a swan?

Gloria Vanderbilt

13. What is the national epic of Greater Iran

The Shahnameh or Shahnama

14. What is Chiftele?

Meatball dishes

15. Twinings is a tea product of which brand?

Associated British Foods

16. What is Burrito?

Mexican dishes

17. What color M&M is most prevalent in each packet?

Brown – 30%

18. What is the length of State Route 3 in Alabama?

621.929 km

19. Who refused the leading male role in Gone With the Wind?

Gary Cooper

20. Oolong / Wulong tea was originated in which country?


21. What is the third-largest airline in Europe?

Air France-KLM

22. What is Cestus, bladed cestus, caestus, myrmex, sfere (Mediterranean)?

Melee weapon

23. Who is Yogi Bears girlfriend?

Cindy Bear

24. Who is Woody Woodpecker’s girlfriend?

Winnie Woodpecker

25. What is Bhuna gosht?

Goat curry dish

26. Who casts Dt. Javier Esposito in American crime-comedy-drama television series Castle?

Jon Huertas

27. CTV Television Network is found in which country?


28. What is Khopesh?

Egyptian Sword

29. Name an expensive street (or neighborhood) in Hong Kong.

Deep Water Bay Road

30. What is Baeckeoffe?

French meat dish

31. Collective nouns – a group of what is a charm?


32. In Boise Idaho where by law are you not allowed to fish?

From a Giraffe’s back

33. O Jogo is a daily sports newspaper published in Porto in which country?


34. Yellow is a clothing brand in which country?


35. What is Bigoli?


36. Which American novelist wrote Daughter of the Bright Moon

Lynn Abbey (born 1948)

37. What product sells best in US supermarkets 98.2% of shoppers?

Toilet paper

38. Who was Josef “Pepi” Bican?

an Austrian-Czech professional footballer

39. Pakistani actor Anwar Iqbal died at what age on 1 July 2021?

71 years

40. Tomato, mozzarella, German sausage, oregano, and oil are ingredients of which Italian pizza?

pizza viennese

41. What country drinks the most milk per capita?


42. What is Baklouti?


43. Aaron Wolfe was the pen name for which author?

Dean Koontz

44. Name the country that starts with A but does not end with?


45. What relates Analog Missions to NASA?

Space mission

46. AUSROCK IV is an orbital launch system for which country?


47. What is Conventional guided Anti-radiation?


48. In Acworth Georgia all citizens must own what by law?

A Rake

49. The Primes and The Distants merged to form what group?

The Temptations

50. Fifty Shades of Grey was originally fan-fiction based on which young adult book series?


51. Who is Joe Abercrombie?

English novelist

52. Bird’s Eye capsicum is originated in which country?

Southeast Asia

53. What are Zap Spirit Crazylegs and Chuckles?

G I Joe figures

54. Italy and China have the highest number of World Heritage Sites, both with how many entries?

55 entries

55. Where is the Headquarters of the publishing company Four Way Books?

New York

56. What is Amphora?

Gourd or squash

57. What is the state bird of Wisconsin?

The Robin

58. What is Ashvamedha?

A Hindu ritual

59. What is the largest airline in the world based on airline company revenue?

American Airlines

60. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, how old is Juliet supposed to be?


61. What is Aquastar?

Swiss watch brand

62. Which country’s football fans are known for shouting out “Puto!”?


63. What famous reference work is illegal in Texas?

Britannica – It shows beer making

64. What is USDA?

The United States Department of Agriculture

65. Who sings “Moody”?

Sheena Easton

66. What is Gulfrose?

North American Rice cultivars

67. 21% Americans don’t do it every day 5% never do it – what?

Make their bed

68. What is the color of the Azoychka tomato?


69. What is Acacia aphylla?

leafless rock wattle

70. How many ghosts appear to Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?


71. What is Citron?

Citrus fruits

72. What is Alice you can eat?

Mango cultivar (America)

73. What are a Jalpa Jarama Shamal and Merak?

Italian Sports Cars

74. What is Bergendal?

Coffea canephora, coffee

75. Who wrote the popular novel Off on a Comet in 1877?

Jules Verne

76. What is Aunt Ruby’s German Green?


77. Lorne Green has only one what (an alligator ate the other)?


78. What is CIFP?

International Fair Play Committee (French: Comité International pour le Fair Play)

79. The Bering Sea makes a part of the geographic boundary of which continent?


80. The Cavaliers, Browns, and Indians are sports teams in which American city?


81. Which country has its maritime boundaries with Georgia, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine?


82. Chaidamu goat breed is originated from which country?


83. Who was Cliff Edwards?

Scat singer

84. Santa Clause works in the USA but who delivers gifts in Syria?

A Wise mans Camel

85. 20 Deans Yd, London SW1P 3PA, United Kingdom is the address of which famous church in the country?

Westminster Abbey

86. Lalisa Manoban, better known by the mononym Lisa, is a Thai rapper, singer, and dancer based in whic h country?

South Korea

87. Antony James Dillon Nash is a bobsledder from which country?


88. Who sings the pop song “Good Without”?

Mimi Webb

89. What is the rank of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2020?

Rank 3

90. In what country will you find the Inca Trail?


91. What is the largest fruit, vegetable, and flower market in the UK?

New Covent Garden Market

92. Who is the director of the 2021 comedy Sci-fi movie The Mitchells vs. the Machines?

Michael Rianda

93. 68% of Americans do what (Trying to be punctual)?

Set their watches ahead

94. Bitterballen is a snack food in which country?


95. Who wrote the popular novel The New Machiavelli in 1910?

H. G. Wells

96. Burns Road Food Street is located in which city?

Karachi, Pakistan

97. WHat is Tannhäuser?

Opera by Richard Wagner

98. What is the name of Toys R Us?

Giraffe Geoffrey

99. What is the Battle of Tomaszów Lubelski?

Poland invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939 WW II

100. What is Britain’s longest motorway?

The M6

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