100 Trivia Questions for High School Students GK Online Quiz

Trivia questions for high school students GK answers quiz in English general knowledge printable trivia, free online GK quizzes test is suitable for easy and free learning with fun, learning, and entertainment. In order to increase your knowledge base, there is no other alternative but to learn continuously. If you hone your mind and attention regularly, there is much good news for you.

Solving trivia questions for high school students’ general knowledge is also a good source of pastime and joy. In order to bypass the monotony of life, there are many creative and useful options for you, these trivia questions for high school students are one of those opportunities. Keep searching and solving many more trivia questions for high school students’ English, you will find moe very interesting quizzes down this page. Solve them all.

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Trivia questions for high school students

1. Which country has 70.17% forest area?


2. What is Arthrogryposis‎?

A rare disease

3. What is the nickname of A.F.C. Aldermaston, a football club in England?

Atom Men

4. What is Citrus succosa?

sappy orange

5. Which treaty ended the First Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta in 445 BC?

Thirty Years’ Peace

6. Alinazik kebab is originated in which country?


7. What is 9969 Braille?


8. What is the other name of The Intercontinental Cup?

European/South American Cup, and also Toyota Cup

9. Who received The Nobel Prize in Physics in 1914?

Max von Laue

10. As of 2016, The 15 finals to date of which football tournaments have produced five drawn matches?

UEFA European Championship

11. What was awarded in the 1st ceremony of the Academy Award for Best Picture?


12. Which Napoleonic battle took place on October 5th, 1794?

Second Battle of Saogigo

13. “Jupiter en Juno discussi’ren over de vraag bij welke van de seksen de lust in liefde groter” is a famous artwork painted by whom in 1615?

Hendrick Goltzius

14. Who casts O’ Gregor in the 1986 film The Dolphin’s Cry?

Yuriy Vasilyev

15. What relates the AIM to NASA?

Space mission

16. What is the only American state with a name that consists of just one syllable?


17. tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, oregano, and oil are ingredients of which Italian pizza?

pizza romana

18. Which pasta translates its name Bibs?


19. Battle of Abukir took place in which year during French Revolution?


20. Who is the current poet laureate?

Simon Armitage

21. What service organization in the USA founded in 1997 has callsign ALLEGIANT?

Allegiant Air

22. Hamida Djandoubi in 1977 was the last one – what Person?

Guillotined in France

23. Gin Triple Sec (quantreau) and pineapple juice what cocktail?


24. What is FMF related to football?

The Mexican Football Federation (Femexfut or FMF, Spanish: Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación, A.C.)

25. Piccadilly is located in which city?


26. In Florida it’s illegal for a housewife to do what more 3 times daily?

Break a dish

27. There are around how many types of mangoes in India out of which only 30 are well-known?

283 types

28. What is Asocena?

Filippino meat dish

29. What is Brazos?

North American Rice cultivars

30. What is the name of the headteacher in Roald Dahl’s Matilda?

Miss Trunchbull

31. MacDonald farm Sheep Cows Pigs Chicks Ducks Donkeys and what?


32. What is Bengali mutton bhuna?

Goat curry dish

33. Tetley is a tea product of which brand?

Tata Global Beverages

34. In Oklahoma it is illegal to wear what in bed?

Your Boots

35. What is the most spoken language in the world?


36. Armor of Beowulf is a mail shirt made by whom in Anglo-Saxon mythology?

Wayland the Smith

37. What is the scientific name for Mango?

Mangifera indica

38. Green tea was originated in which country?


39. What is the second-largest airline in Europe?

Lufthansa Group

40. Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities. What are the two cities?

London and Paris

41. What country consumes the most fish per capita?


42. What is Eton mess in England?

Strawberry dish

43. State Route 3 – the longest state highway in the United States is in which state?


44. What are Puli Sloughi and Kuvaszok?

Exotic dog breeds

45. Which country has the longest coastline in the world?


46. What is the best airline in Algeria?

Air Algérie

47. Three-digit subsidiaries are grouped with their one- or two-digit parent what in USA?

U.S. Numbered Highways

48. What is Afritada?

Philippine dishes

49. In The Simpson’s what was the name of the Barbie-type doll?

Malibu Stacey

50. What is the name of the final book in the Harry Potter series?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

51. What is Bitterballen?

a Dutch meatball prepared using beef or veal and other ingredients

52. What is Brass knuckles, knuckle dusters (European)?

Melee weapon

53. FDA regard 5 Fruit fly maggots 30z per can acceptable – what?

Canned Mushrooms

54. Aleppo capsicum is originated in which country?

Syria and Turkey

55. How many lines are there on the London Underground?


56. What is Anonimo?

Swiss watch brand

57. What is Kaskara?

Sword in 19th century Sudan?

58. Which two countries have the highest number of World Heritage Sites, both with 55 entries?

Italy and China

59. What is Bolillos?

Mexican dishes

60. The Lofoten Islands are in which European country?


61. By law every fifth song on Canadian Radio must be what?

By a Canadian

62. What is Cucurbita ficifolia?

squash, fig-leaf gourd, Malabar gourd, black seed squash, and cidra

63. What is RSSSF?

The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation

64. Where could you see a likeness of Pharaoh Khafre’s head?

On the Sphinx

65. Who wrote the popular novel DOS Anos de Vacaciones?

Jules Verne

66. What is Anaheim?


67. Ecstasy is a clothing brand in which country?


68. Taking into account football competitions of all levels, how many players have reached 500 or more goals?

51 players

69. Name an expensive street (or neighborhood) in South Africa.

De Wet Road, Fresnaye

70. In what county is the seaside resort of Cromer?


71. Citytv, a privately owned television network in which country?


72. Until 1998 by law The QE hotel must do what if you rent a room?

Feed your horse freely

73. In Germany what are the Neubaustrecke?

High-Speed Railways

74. Who casts Richard Castle in the American crime-comedy-drama television series Castle?

Nathan Fillion

75. Who sings “Natural Love”?

Sheena Easton

76. What is Alagu Sevai?

A Hindu ritual

77. Who is Kia Abdullah?

English novelist

78. Who was Jelly Roll Morton?

Scat singer

79. What is the most eaten food in the US?

Milk and Cream

80. Mount Paektu is a sacred mountain in which Asian country?

North Korea

81. Russian Grandmaster chess player Yury Dokhoian died at 56 on July 1, 2021, for what reason?


82. Banjiao goat breed is originated from which country?


83. TRONADOR is an orbital launch system for which country?


84. In Morrisville Penn a woman must have a permit to do what?

Wear Cosmetics

85. What is the current name of the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster?

Westminster Abbey

86. Name an expensive street (or neighborhood) in Hong Kong.

Severn Road

87. Who sings the Alternative/Indie song “Lost Cause”?

Billie Eilish

88. Ateez, is a South Korean boy group formed by KQ Entertainment active since which year?


89. Who lived at 1431 North Beachwood?

The Monkeys

90. The Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower is the third tallest building in the world. What country is it in?

Saudi Arabia

91. Aapeli was the pen name for which author?

Simo Puupponen

92. Who casts the Sleek robot from PAL Labs in the 2021 comedy Sci-fi film The Mitchells vs. the Machines?

Blake Griffin

93. What food are astronauts prohibited before a mission?

Beans – Farts damage spacesuits

94. Which American novelist wrote The Monkey Wrench Gang?

Edward Abbey (1927–1989)

95. Who wrote the popular novel Love and Mr. Lewisham in 1899?

H. G. Wells

96. What is Conventional guided Air-to-surface?


97. What is Parsifal?

Opera by Richard Wagner

98. Who wrote Flatland?

Edwin Abbott Abbott

99. In Fargo North Dakota you can be jailed for dancing with what?

Your Hat on

100. What is Scotland’s fourth-largest city by population?


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