Top 100 General Knowledge Facts Questions and Answers Quiz

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Top 100 General Knowledge Facts Questions and Answers Quiz

1. What is the home of Athletic – NA (1871–1875), NL (1876), in Philadelphia?

Jefferson Street Grounds

2. Where do you find, Stigma in a flower?

one of the reproductive parts of a flower

3. Apple is denied a patent for mobile pinch-to-zoom gestures by the US patent authorities in which year?


4. Who was the third wife of Henry VIII?

Jane Seymour

5. Which country has its hottest day ever with an average temperature of 40.9 across the country in 2019?


6. Who is the writer of the fiction, Cloud Atlas (2004)?

David Mitchell

7. In 2020, which country’s President Emanuel Macron tests positive for COVID-19, sending other European leaders into isolation?


8. Paul Franke performed in which famous opera in New York?

Metropolitan Opera

9. Jakob Ingebrigtsen held the Olympic record in 1,500 meters athletic in which game?

2020 Tokyo

10. Which former Pakistan President was sentenced to death in absentia for high treason in 2019?

Pervez Musharraf

11. “155” is a music track by which band group?


12. Very wicked=?


13. In 2020, more than 300 schoolboys were rescued after they were kidnapped from their school in Katsina state in which country?


14. Where do you find the Vesicula?

In a human body

15. Young girl’s 5,700-year-old DNA extracted from birch tar used as chewing gum, from Lolland Island, southern Denmark in which year?


16. Tianjin is a what type of city in China?

A port city

17. In 2020, which phenomenon makes landfall as a category 5 storm over Bula province, Fiji, killing two people?

Cyclone Yasa

18. In computer networking, which port is assigned to Discard Protocol?


19. Port of Hampton Roads is located in which US state?


20. In 2019, which country’s 1st domestically built aircraft carrier, the Shandong, enters naval service


21. In 2015, Landslide from construction waste in which city in China leaves 74 dead or missing and buries 30 buildings?


22. Nantes city is located in which country?


23. In 2020, China’s Chang’e-5 mission successfully returns from collecting rock samples from the Moon, landing in Siziwang Banner in which country?


24. What is The Beast used by the Whitesnake?

A guitar

25. In 2018, who of the Philippines crowned 67th Miss Universe?

Catriona Gray

26. What is Harry Potter’s spell that renders the target completely immobile?

Petrificus Totalus

27. Albert Schweitzer receives Nobel Peace Prize in which year?


28. Baljurashi city is located in which country?

Saudi Arabia

29. What is the 5th pair of Cranial Nerves in the human body?

Trigeminal nerve

30. In 2015, who was sacked as manager of British Premier football club Chelsea?

José Mourinho

31. How many teams play in the FIFA Arab Cup tournament?


32. In 2018, new reports to US Senate say Russian propaganda efforts on social media much more extensive than thought, including targeting whom?

African Americans

33. Which US president is one of three figures depicted in the north and south pediments of the Tippecanoe County Courthouse in Lafayette, Indiana?

William Henry Harrison

34. What is the largest city in the Arab world after Cairo, Baghdad, and Riyadh, with a population of 4,984,387?

Alexandria (Egypt)

35. Who was elected Chancellor of Germany for a third term in 2013?

Angela Merkel

36. Irene (797–802) was an empress of which empire?

Byzantine Empire

37. Astronomers identify the further objects in the solar system as 2018 VG18, nicknamed what, 120 x further from the sun than earth?


38. In 2014, who killed 2 NYPD officers in Brooklyn, New York, supposedly in revenge for the killing of Eric Garner, before killing himself?

Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley

39. The Miami are a Native American nation originally speaking one of which languages?

Algonquian languages

40. In 2012, 17 people are killed and 70 are injured by a blast in a market in the Khyber Agency in which country?


41. What is Anaplasma phagocytophilum, clinically important?


42. Borricón de Arriba, a fictional town, created by whom?

Francisco Ibáñez

43. In 2018, which country files criminal charges against US bank Goldman Sachs for it role in the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal?


44. Which US president’s statue is there in the Ten O’Clock Line Monument in Owen County, Indiana, commemorates a treaty signed in 1809?

William Henry Harrison

45. In 2012, who of Japan becomes the world’s oldest verified man at 116 years old?

Jiroemon Kimura

46. Aleph Objects, a 3D printer manufacturer, is headquartered in which city in Colorado, USA


47. Which SciFi takes more than $450m worldwide in its opening weekend, 2nd largest opening in North America ($220m) in 2017?

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

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“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

48. Al Cantello, United States is associated with which sport?


49. Iraq War ended in which year?


50. In 2013, which team won the 3rd test to take win the 2013-14 Ashes test cricket series?


51. Emeterio González is a javelin thrower in which country?


52. Words to use instead of VERY: Very rainy —>?


53. In 2017, which Brazilian footballer and former AC Milan and Real Madrid player retired?


54. Biscayne National Park is located in which US state?


55. In 2007, which territory asserted independence from the United States?

Republic of Lakotah

56. 1956 Winter Olympics held in Cortina d’Ampezzo in which country?


57. In 2017, a Terrorist suicide attack on a Methodist church in Quetta, in which country killed nine?


58. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked which actress sixth on its list of the greatest female screen legends from the Golden Age of Hollywood?

Marilyn Monroe

59. On June 30, 1956, a United Airlines Douglas DC-7 and a Trans World Airlines Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation collided above what location, killing all 128 people on board both aircraft?

Grand Canyon in Arizona

60. In 2005, Anti-WTO protesters riot in which city in Hong Kong?

Wan Chai

61. Intercontinental Exchange purchases the New York Stock Exchange, the largest in the world, for $8 billion in which year?


62. All I Needed Was the Rain – the song was recorded by which American singer?

Elvis Presley

63. Set of ink-brush paintings by whom sells at auction for 931.5m yuan ($US140m) in Bejing, a record for Chinese paintings in 2017?

Qi Baishi

64. In Roman mythology, who is the goddess of love and beauty?


65. In 2012, NASA completes a successful mission to map the gravity field of which astronomical body?


66. Argentine economic crisis: President of Argentina Fernando de la Rúa is forced out of office in which year?


67. In April 1959, the Río Negro flooded the central part of which country?


68. In 2017, which French sailor set round-the-world record for fastest solo navigation of the globe in 42 days 16 hours?

François Gabart

69. James, Robert, John, Michael, David, William, Richard, Thomas, Charles, and Gary were the top ten male names in which year?


70. In 1996, “In My Bed” single released by whom, ranked Billboard Song of the Year 1997?

Dru Hill

71. Stem Cell Regulation is one of the well-known roles of which part of a cell?


72. In 2018, CBS announced which former Chief Executive will not receive his $120 million exit payout?

Les Moonves

73. Simple Tuberous Roots are swollen and do not assume any shape, such as what?

Sweet potato

74. Which Australian athlete holds the record of 200 m, 20.06 (+0.9 m/s) on 16 October 1968 at Olympic Games, Mexico City, Mexico?

Peter Norman

75. In 1995, “School after Scandal” closes at which theatre at NYC after 23 performances?

Lyceum Theater

76. What is Agrobacterium tumefaciens, clinically important?


77. Libyan warring political factions sign an UN-brokered deal to form a unified government in which December?


78. Woodbridge Township is located in which US state?

New Jersey

79. In the 90th Davis Cup held in 2001, which team beats Australia in Melbourne (3-2)?


80. KLM’s last DC-10 goes out of service in which year?


81. Dunster House is one of twelve undergraduate residential Houses at which university?

Harvard University

82. in 2018, a US poacher was sentenced to watch which film repeatedly during the year in prison, for killing hundreds of deer in Missouri?


83. Who was the Peabody Award winner in 1940 for Public Service by a Large Station?

WLW Radio, Cincinnati, Ohio

84. “I Am One” is a music track by which band group?


85. In 2012, 18 people drown after an overloaded boat sinks in Cotonou in which country?


86. Who was the Cecil B. DeMille Award winner in 1971?

Frank Sinatra

87. In 2015, Martin Shkreli, CEO of which company was arrested on fraud charges in New York by the FBI?

Turing Pharmaceuticals

88. What happened to the SS Behar ship on 18 March 1944 near the Indian Ocean, off Tanjung Priok?

After sinking Behar, Japanese cruiser Tone took the crew on board, then later killed them by beheading. Four men escaped.

89. Waḥdat al-wujūd, a topic of Sufi metaphysics literally means what?

“The Unity of Existence” or “the Unity of Being.”

90. In 1996, the school board in Oakland, California approves a resolution formally proclaiming which language or dialect?


91. What was the first Chinese dynasty?

Xia dynasty

92. Pangong Lake border divides which two countries?


93. Name a country located in South America.


94. Drop back =?

to fall behind in performance

95. What was the longest of World War I, officially concluding in German defeat in 1916, after nine months of warfare and almost one million total losses?

Battle of Verdun

96. What does the astronomical symbol ☌ mean?


97. The seedling “Monocotyledons” is classified by what shape of their leaves?

A single narrow leaf

98. The Kingdom of Sicily was one of the victorious parties in the Norman conquest of southern Italy (1000-1139). True or false?


99. Who said, “Kindness is not an option, it’s an obligation”?

Mac Alvi A. R.

100. In December 2012, 10 girls collecting firewood are killed by a mine blast in which country?


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