100 Impossible Quiz Questions Answers General Knowledge

Impossible is nothing when you know how to solve with the correct action plan. The impossible quiz questions’ general knowledge and answers are a good way to prove to learn. In fact, impossible quiz questions general knowledge questions and answers open up the boundary of knowledge. It is not that you have to know all the impossible quiz questions, but it is a good way to know the unknown, to learn the unlearn. Impossible quiz questions and answers might be required for many purposes.

It is found the who learn on a regular basis find the impossible general knowledge quiz questions and answers interesting and fun, the only way to grab something by heart is to dig deeper into it. Search for the necessary side notes while solving the impossible quiz questions general knowledge and answers alone, or with your network. This style will make you smart and a quick learner. Those who can’t manage time to solve these impossible general knowledge quiz questions and answers can do it in their leisure time, alone, or with the help of others.

Life is full of challenges and competition, impossible quiz general knowledge questions and answers help learners to equip themselves or themselves for the future. Keep learning by heart whatever you find around you, the best learn is from nature. It has a great benefit whereas impossible quiz questions and answers GK printable online quiz test can be just an example.

Impossible Quiz Questions Answers

1. What is the largest coal mine in the world?

North Antelope Rochelle Mine (USA)

2. Miguel Acosta is a former professional boxer from which country?


3. Where is the Gulf of Alaska located?

in the Pacific Ocean south of the state of Alaska

4. In which year was, Lærdal, the world’s longest road tunnels in Norway built?


5. What common 4 legged animals never walk or trot?


6. What is thelength of Gotthard Base Tunnel?

57.104 km (35.5 mi) & 57.017 km (35.4 mi), 2 tubes

7. What is the brand Brüder Wüster?

Austrian steel and umbrella manufacturer

8. What is the world’s longest tunnel in use?

Delaware Aqueduct (USA)

9. World Fair Play Trophy is given by which organization?


10. Mageirocophobia is a fear of what?

Having to cook

11. Agroecology is applied to which are?

Agricultural production system

12. Revel is a former French brand founded in France in which year?


13. In the Gregorian calendar, the Chinese New Year begins at the new moon that falls between what dates?

21 January and 20 February

Cuchavira or Cuchaviva was the god of the rainbow, protector of working women and the sick in which religion?


14. How many paras died in Falklands?

3 Para

15. What was the name of John Steinbeck’s dog?

Charley Standard Poodle

16. What does Sinophone mean?


17. Who is Bel in mythology?

god in Mesopotamia

18. What is Wiphala?

The Wiphala is a square emblem commonly used as a flag to represent some native peoples of the Andes

19. Since 2005 which competition has been held every year, and has been hosted by Brazil, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Qatar?

FIFA Club World Cup

20. What have Jan Zajic and Quang Duc got in common?

Self Immolation

21. What is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)?

A chemical compound that functions as fuel for biomolecular nanotechnology

22. “Famous Last Words” is a song by the British group Tears for Fears in which year?


23. What is Chambord?

Raspberry liqueur in France

24. Who has designed the Pierre de Coubertin medal?

André Ricard Sala

25. The male of what species explodes on mating – then dies?


26. Who is Aramazd?

Rain god

27. The UEFA Champions League is an annual club football competition organized by whom?

the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)

28. What is an animal the Seattle Slew?


29. The Olympic Cup is an award given _____ by the International Olympic Committee.


30. How to Handle a Woman came from which stage musical?


31. What is Italian Accordion called?


32. Greek War of Independence took place within the Ottoman Empire during which years?


33. Give an example of a microstate.

San Marino

34. Urukagina greatly expanded the royal “Household of Women” from about 50 persons to about 1500 persons, renamed it what?

The “Household of goddess Bau”

35. From what modern country does damask come from?


36. What symbolized dominion over upper and lower Egypt?

Double crown

37. What is Accordion?

Musical instrument

38. Who has the most coal in the world?


39. What country has the most coal power plants?

Mainland China

40. What held up a Cricket test Match between England Pakistan?

Mouse on pitch

41. Mokaté oil is a plant oil, extracted from the seeds of what?

Kalahari melon

42. What country uses the most solar energy in 2021?


43. A monochrome or red rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon and a rare variation of what?

The more commonly seen multicolored rainbow

44. Who is the distributor of the 2021 crime drama film Cruella?


45. Anethum tastes a little like aniseed – what herb is it?


46. What does the terminology Strait mean?

a narrow area of water connecting two wider areas of water, also sometimes known as a passage

47. Name one of the earliest extant legal texts.

Code of Urukagina

48. Who wrote the famous children’s literature – The Secrets of Droon?

Tony Abbott

49. How many Harriers lost Falklands during the war?

nine Harriers

50. Name the author who created Hannibal Lecter?

Thomas Harris

51. The tournament has been decided by a one-off match on every occasion except which year?


52. The Battle of the Coral Sea was held between which two opponents during World War II?

Empire of Japan, and the United States and Australia

53. Who scored more goals in 2020?

Cristiano Ronaldo

54. Which is the biggest solar plant in Asia?

The 750- megawatt Rewa solar Power Plant in Madhya Pradesh, India

55. Mr. Cat Poop was the Chinese translation of what Nicholson’s film?

As Good as it Gets

56. Who wrote, “To Althea, from Prison”?

Richard Lovelace

57. How many teams participated in the 1950 FIFA WC?


58. What is a pet Russian Blue?


59. What is an area on Earth where two or more lithospheric plates collide?

A convergent boundary

60. The larva of the click beetle is called what?


61. Before which war, France sold Argentina’s military junta five Exocet missiles?

Falklands War

62. In Hood river Oregon what do you need a license to do?


63. Where is The Shrine of Baba Wali located?

Kandahar, Afghanistan

64. Uruguay’s 2–1 victory over Brazil in the 1950 World Cup match is regarded by FIFA as what?

the de facto final

65. The word tragedy is Greek what does it literally mean?

Goat Song – used to sacrifice goats

66. Adams Pearmain allpe was first developed in England in which year?


67. Aranuka Airport is located in which country?

Aranuka, Kiribati

68. In what book did we meet the Eoli and the Morlocks?

The Time Machine — HG Wells

69. Al-Fustat town is located in which country?


70. What is the Hindu Kush?

Mountain Range

71. Fort Denison is located in which country?


72. Tip Throat Vamp Collar Shank are parts of what object?

Woman’s Shoe

73. Bekesbourne village is located in which country?

Canterbury in Kent, South East England

74. What is the length of The Great Wall of China?

8,850 km

75. Average Britain consumes 4907 what in their lifetime?

Loaves of bread

76. Which airport has its ICAO code EKYT?

Aalborg Airport, Aalborg, Denmark

77. What is the tallest structure in Spain?

Torreta de Guardamar

78. What is the most mentioned name in the Bible?

David – Jesus is Second

79. Lake Nyasa is located in which country?

Tanzania and Mozambique

80. What is the name of the largest moon of Jupiter?


81. In which fiction you find the Castle Adamant?

Princess Ida

82. What is a spermologer interested in?


83. Gualtallary is located in which country?


84. What is Akhasheni?

Red grape

85. Why did pirates wear earrings?

Improve their eyesight

86. The Falklands War lasted for how many days?

74 days

87. In Wisconsin it’s against state law to serve apple pie without what?


88. Bellshill Railway Station is located in which country?

North Lanarkshire, Scotland

89. Which sea was the location for the Battle of the Coral Sea during World War II?

The Coral Sea

90. The wood of a cricket bat is traditionally made from which type of tree?


91. Name an ancient epic poem before the 8th century BC.


92. In what country is the northernmost point of Africa?


93. What is the internet country domain TLD for Mauritius?


94. Where is the brand 2wink from?

Clothing brand of Australia

95. What animal’s eye is larger than its brain?


96. What is the output if your press PC shortcut keys CTRL + ALT + TAB?

[Use the arrow keys to switch between all open apps]

97. The Blue Bird is a silent fantasy film in which year?


98. What comes in varieties named Duncan, Burgundy, and Marsh?


99. Who was the 2nd Earl of Salisbury during 1168-1196?

William of Salisbury

100. Eric Carle wrote a series of children’s books about A Very Hungry… what?


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