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Free general knowledge quiz questions answers in the English trivia free online printable GK are really easy for those who go with regular learning. People with thirst and cravings for knowledge and GK quizzes will find these free general knowledge quiz questions answers funny and entertaining with many interesting facts and learning. When your head is full of productive information from various free general knowledge quiz -free quizzes, you can proudly lead others.

People listen and care to form those who have up-to-date information in mind, with reference and situation, whereas free general knowledge quiz questions answers in English can help readers from all walks of life. These free general knowledge quiz are applicable for any competition, time pass, gossip, or family fun.

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Free general knowledge quiz

1. Abyssinian is a what kind of pet?

Cat breed

2. Which fruit has various citrus species?

The orange

3. Square or cube watermelons are watermelons grown into the shape of a cube common in which country?


4. What country has the first satellite?

The Soviet Union inaugurates the “Space Age” with its launch of Sputnik, the world’s first artificial satellite.

5. Tomika and Uyeshiba are the two main forms of what?


6. What is a title and honorific meaning “owner,” “lord” in the Northwest Semitic languages spoken in the Levant during antiquity?


7. The Ain Dara temple, is located near which village in Afrin, Syria?

The village of Ain Dara

8. Revolving is the self-portrait by French photographer Nadar in which year?


9. Who wrote the famous children’s literature – Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears?

Verna Aardema (1911–2001)

10. What dance is usually performed to Orpheus in the Underworld?

Can Can

11. What is the internet country domain TLD for Malaysia?


12. What percent of U.S. electricity is generated from coal?


13. What is banishing?

A ceremonial magic

14. More than what percent of US coal is used for electricity?


15. What kind of creature was Sam on the Muppet Show?


16. What is the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer of umbrellas?

Fulton Umbrellas

17. How many sovereign states are qualified as archipelagic states?


18. What was the Babalon Working?

The Babalon Working was a series of magic ceremonies or rituals

19. The bullet-time effect was popularized by which movie in 1999?

The Matrix

20. Packy Ease an amateur boxer – what name become famous?

Bob Hope

21. Caloian is a rain ritual in which country?


22. Arg is the Presidential palace in which country?


23. Diamonds are present in about how many countries?

35 countries

24. Iranian Club is located in which area of Dubai?

Oud Metha area

25. Britain Ireland and what country joined the EEC simultaneously?


26. Which Argentine ships were sunk in the Falklands War?

ARA General Belgrano

27. Coney Island is a what in the southwestern section of the New York City borough of Brooklyn?

Peninsular neighborhood and entertainment area

28. Vampire pumpkins and watermelons are a folk legend from which region in southeastern Europe?

The Balkans

29. What links Plant Précoce, Précoce Naugé, Précoce Noir, and Pressac de Bourgogne?

synonyms for Abouriou red grape

30. St Apollonia is the patron saint of what?


31. Which countries form the Horn of Africa?

Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda

32. There are around how many varieties of cheese recognized by the International Dairy Federation?


33. The first castles appeared in England during which century?

the 11th century

34. How much time it roughly takes to form coal?

1 million years

35. What job did Agatha Christie’s husband do?


36. Beckenham Junction Railway Station is located in which city?


37. What is Ricotta from Italy?


38. Which wild plant originates from the Paraná–Paraguay River drainages between southern Brazil and Paraguay?


39. Who won the Falklands war?

Argentina to Great Britain

40. What would be happening if you suffered from canitis?

Greying Hair

41. Bedford Town Football Club, England was founded in which year?


42. Who saw a rainbow through a prism, and labeled the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet?

Isaac Newton

43. Fat men’s clubs were a type of social club that peaked in popularity during which period?

From the late 19th to early 20th centuries

44. What is a gay pride symbol that aims to reflect the freedom and diversity of the South African nation LGBTQ?

The gay pride flag of South Africa

45. What did The Musician Union ban on TV in 1966?

Artists miming to Records

46. What is Abouriou?

Red grape variety

47. Which airport has its ICAO code SWRA?

Arraias Airport

When was the Buddhist flag designed?

in the late 19th century

48. Give an example of a microstate.


49. Law of the Sea was enacted by The UN Convention in Montego Bay, Jamaica on what date?

10 December 1982

50. Falklands War took place in which year?


51. What is Gumpert Apollo

Racing car

52. What is ROYGBIV?

ROYGBIV or Roy G. Biv is an acronym for the sequence of hues commonly described as making up a rainbow.

53. The first recorded pie-eating contest took place in Toronto in which year?


54. What is ICNCP?

The International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants, also known as the Cultivated Plant Code

55. Dorothy Cavis-Brown made news at Wimbledon – why?

Lineswoman – slept in a chair

56. What is an Aeolian landform?

Landforms produced by the action of the winds are formed by the wind

57. What is a sovereign state having a very small population or very small land area, usually both?

A microstate or ministate

58. What is the population of Antigua and Barbuda?


59. Table grapes are grapes intended for what?

Consumption while fresh (not as wine)

60. What was invented by Sylvan Goldman?

Shopping cart

61. The Caribbean Sea is an American mediterranean sea of which ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean

62. What is a squall?

A squall is a sudden, sharp increase in wind speed lasting minutes, leading to rain showers, thunderstorms, or heavy snow.

63. A streamlined aeolian landform is called what?


64. What is the Metropolitan county for the English town Bebington?


65. Which country has its UN code 620?


66. Beauly is a village in which country?


67. Which water channel connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean?

Panama canal

68. What is a unique toilet-themed restaurant chain, with three branches in Taiwan.

Modern Toilet Restaurant

69. What is the meaning of the French idiom – faire une queue de poisson?

to cut somebody up
Literal Translation: to make a fishtail

70. Where on the human body is the skin the thinnest?


71. What is Golden Sweet

Apple cultivar

72. What is Mainland?

The mainland is defined as “relating to or forming the main part of a country or continent, not including the islands

73. Aarudhra was an Indian Telugu poet, born what?

Bhagavatula Sadasiva Sankara Sastry (1925–1968)

74. Arraias Airport is located in which country?


75. What is the UN Code for Poland?


76. Who was Dritero Agolli?

Albanian poet

77. What is a stereotype that African Americans have an unusually great appetite for watermelons?

The watermelon stereotype

78. Which US airport has its IATA code AAF?

Apalachicola Regional Airport

79. The patterning of rhythm in poetry, or natural speech, without a distinct meter is called what?


80. Orpheus went into the underworld to rescue who?


81. What is Ras Kasar?

Peninsula in Eritrea

82. Famous Last Words is an American metalcore/post-hardcore band from which city of Michigan?


83. What were the weapons of the Battle of Hastings?

The main weapons for both sides are clubs, maces, swords, and spears.

84. What is “Columbia: an Epic Poem on the Late Civil War between the Northern and Southern States of North America”

A long poem

85. Bob Clampett created which character in 1938?

Bugs Bunny

86. What is the area of the Afro-Eurasia continental mainland?

84,980,532 km2 (32,811,167 miles)

87. Battery Park City is located in which state in the USA?

New York

88. What is 83-42?

Rocky islets in Greenland, Denmark

89. Who is Davy Russell?

Jump jokey

90. Who would use a Jigger, Buzz, Flagging iron, Round shaver, Adze?

Cooper — making barrels

91. How many citizens are there in Vatican City?

around 1,000 citizens (2017)

92. Beeston Castle and Woodland Park are located in which city?


93. What is an instrument used by meteorologists and hydrologists to gather and measure the amount of liquid precipitation?

A rain gauge

94. Ntumbacushi Falls is located in which country?


95. Which country has its Alpha 3 code PNG?

Papua New Guinea

96. Name a fatty acid.

Behenic acid

97. The Normans were inhabitants of the early medieval Duchy of Normandy, descended from whom?

Norse Vikings, indigenous Franks, and Gallo-Romans

98. What are Watermelon steaks?

Cooked slices of watermelon

99. Herstmonceux Castle is located in which country in England?

East Sussex

100. What is the UN Code for Paraguay?


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