100 General Knowledge Quiz for 15 Year Olds with Answers Printable

General knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers printable trivia facts and questions free online quiz test is appropriate for cute little members of the family, who would love to explore new things. This General knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers printable can be solved alone, or with family, friends, pals, networks, or even with competitors.

There are numerous learning materials on the internet, in nature, or persons you mingle with. By solving this General knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers printable as well as many other quizzes continuously, anyone will be able to grow inquisitiveness, confidence in general knowledge, and trend of the world.

Dear learner, let’s solve the General knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers printable now, full of fun, adventure, and entertainment. When you successfully solve quizzes like this General knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers printable, you will definitely feel encouraged with a different tire of worldly knowledge as long as you will be growing up.

General knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers printable

1. What is a chain of volcanoes formed above a subducting plate?

A volcanic arc

2. Which country is the largest producer of coal in the world?


3. Where is the Mausoleum of Ahmed Shah Masood located?


4. Where did the Battle of Hastings happen?

Hastings, Town in England

5. Timbuktu is in which country?


6. Ventimiglia food market is located in which country?


7. What is Baal-zephon?

A storm god

8. Where is the Albay Gulf located?

a gulf in the southern part of Luzon island, Philippines.

9. Who wrote the satirical play Every Man in His Humour in 1598?

Benjamin Jonson, an English playwright, and poet

10. What was banned from New York schools in 1962?

Reading of Prayers

11. What is the world’s longest railway tunnel in use?

Gotthard Base Tunnel

12. Sangatta coal mine is located in which country?


13. What is the length of Delaware Aqueduct, NY, USA?

137,000 m (85.1 mi)

14. What is the maximum depth of The Australasian Mediterranean Sea?

7,440 m

15. H14 N2 is a poisonous alkaloid consumed daily by millions what?


16. What does the terminology Tributary mean?

a small river that flows into a larger one

17. Pierre de Coubertin World Trophy was inaugurated in which year?


18. How many years of coal are left in the USA?

About 357 years

19. Which airport has its ICAO code SMCA?

Cayana Airstrip, Awaradam, Suriname

20. In France what is Framboise?


21. Which country has its UN code 646?


22. In Norse mythology, Bifröst or Bilröst is a what?

Burning rainbow bridge

23. James Smith & Sons is an umbrella shop in which city?


24. Who owns the Falklands Islands?

a British overseas territory

25. What is never shown in a Las Vegas Casino?

The Time – No Clocks

26. Who was a cavalier poet and fought on behalf of the king during the Civil War?

Richard Lovelace

27. The flag of Seychelles was adopted on January 8 in which year?


28. What is Blue Heaven (flavor)?

Raspberry in Australia

29. Lærdal, the world’s longest road tunnels is located in which country?

Norway (Lærdal – Aurland)

30. In what country are the Drakensberg mountains?

South Africa

31. Famous Last Words is an album by M (Robin Scott) in which year?


32. WHat is the second largest sea in the world?

Philippine Sea – 5.695 million km2

33. What is the German Accordion called?

Akkordeon or Handharmonika

34. Which airport has its IATA code AAK?

Aranuka Airport, Aranuka, Kiribati

35. Old Joe was the name of what on where Camel on Camel?


36. What is the UN Code for Russian Federation?


37. What is an animal the Winx?


38. Who is Achuhucanac?

Rain god

39. Adams Pearmain apple is originated from which country?


40. What is the Japanese Shinkansen?

High-speed Train

41. What is the lithosphere?

The rigid, outermost shell of a terrestrial-type planet or natural satellite

42. Ghardaïa city is located in which country?


43. Give an example of a microstate.


44. Red grape Alexandroouli is originated in which country?


45. What is the world’s most popular first name?


46. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions was written in which year?


47. What is the scientific study of the ocean?

Oceanography, or oceanology

48. What is Ligier JS2 R?

Racing Car

49. Who was the 6th Earl of Chester, Earl of Richmond jure uxoris during 1188-1198?

Ranulf de Blondeville

50. What are fallows, lutinos, and opalines?


51. Which country has its Alpha 3 code PRT?


52. Oceanic lithosphere moves into trenches at what global rate?

about 3 km2/yr

53. Name a fatty acid.

Linoleic acid

54. Tupungato Alto is located in which country?


55. What common item was a sign of wealth in 19th century England?

An Umbrella

56. Where is the brand Signia from?

Argentine sportswear

57. What is dvoyanka?

Woodwind diple instrument in Bulgarian music

58. Who is Brazil’s top scorer?

Pele (77 goals)

59. If you have landed at the Aalborg Airport, where are you?

Aalborg, Denmark

60. Caligari is the capital of what island?


61. What is a pet, Birman?


62. Bedwyn town is located in which country?


63. Trouw is a newspaper in what country?


64. Lake Nubia is located in which African country?


65. The French Laurousse Gastronomique 9 recipes cooking what?


66. In which fiction you find the Blandings Castle?

in P. G. Wodehouse’s stories

67. What is unusual about mating in the whiptail lizard?

No Males – females clone

68. What is the Alpha 3 code for Poland?


69. Bellgrove Railway Station is located in which country?

Glasgow, Scotland

70. The kinkajou belongs to what family of animals?


71. Torreta de Guardamar is located in which Spanish city?

Guardamar del Segura

72. Elvis Presley collected statues of what famous woman?

Joan of Arc

73. What is the output if your press PC shortcut keys CTRL + DOWN ARROW?

[Move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph]

74. What is Permaculture?

A permaculture is an approach to land management and philosophy that adopts arrangements observed in flourishing natural ecosystems.

75. Under the snow and ice Antarctica is actually a what?


76. Arthur Abraham is a former professional boxer from which country?


77. What fish can blink its eyes?


78. When was The Great Wall of China built?

from 1368 to 1644

79. What is the internet country domain TLD for Martinique?


80. In Australian slang what is a ten-ounce sandwich?

Liquid Lunch – Can of Beer

81. Bradleys Head Fortification Complex is located in which country?


82. Who is the biggest landowner in New York City?

Catholic Church

83. Which country has its Alpha 2 code PN?


84. What is a competition played by the winners of the UEFA Champions League and the Copa Libertadores?

FIFA Club World Cup

85. In 1990 there were 15000 accidents involving what?

Vacuum cleaner

86. What is GDE Bertoni?

GDE Bertoni is a trophy and medal manufacturer, in Milan, Italy

87. If you were studying astrology what would you be studying?

Science of Medicine

88. Who had the nickname “General Vendémiaire”?

Napoleon Bonaparte

89. What was designed with one face featuring a portrait of Coubertin and the other showing the Olympic motto and rings?

Pierre de Coubertin medal

90. What type of clothing is a Glengarry?

Hat or bonnet

91. What is International Sport and Leisure (ISL)?

FIFA’s marketing partner

92. A molecular manufacturing device capable of positioning molecules through chemical reactions is called what?


93. What is the last element – Alphabetically?


94. What does CMC Productions mean?

China Media Capital is public equity and venture capital firm

95. Gary Boker Bobby Harrison Ray Rodger was in what pop group?

Procol Harum

96. A Writer’s Odyssey is a 2021 Chinese fantasy film directed and written by whom?

Lu Yang

97. What is the Alpha 2 code for PH?


98. In York it’s legal to kill a Scotsman (not Sunday) what weapon?

Bow and Arrow

99. Cruella is a 2021 American crime comedy film based on which novel?

Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians

100. ‘Heart of Darkness’ is an 1899 novel by which British author?

Joseph Conrad

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