100 Tough GK Trivia Questions Answer Printable Quiz Test

Less is more. Little things have a big message. Tough trivia questions general knowledge answers free printable online quiz test a good way to prove knowledge. In fact, tough trivia questions answer general knowledge quiz printable open up the boundary of knowledge. It is not that you have to know all the trivia question answers, but it is a good way to know the unknown, to learn the unlearn. General knowledge tough trivia questions and answers might be required for many purposes.

Nothing is tough when you can do it. In order to do anything, determination and hard work is needed. It is found the who learn on a regular basis find the tough trivia questions general knowledge interesting and fun, the only way to grab something by heart is to dig deeper into it. Search for the necessary side notes while solving tough trivia general knowledge questions and answers. This style will make you smart and a quick learner. Those who can’t manage time to solve these tough trivia questions and answers can do it in their leisure time, alone, or with the help of others.

Life is full of challenges and competition, tough trivia questions general knowledge GK quiz online help learners to equip themselves or themselves for the future. Keep learning by heart whatever you find around you, the best learn is from nature. It has a great benefit whereas general knowledge tough trivia questions and answers can be just an example.

Tough Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Obelisk Bay is located in which country?


2. When is the lunar new year in China in 2021?

Friday, February 12

3. Which 2021 movie grossed worldwide the highest $847,390,000 for the year?

Hi, Mom

4. In which fiction you find the Castle Amber?

The Chronicles of Amber

5. What was the first name of the cartoon character?

Mr. Magoo Quincy

6. Where is Lake Turkana (Lake Rudolf or Rudolph) located?

Kenya and Ethiopia

7. Where is the brand 2XU from?

Clothing brand of Australia

8. Red grape Akhasheni is originated in which country?


9. Who was the Countess of Richmond suo jure during 1171-1201?

Constance, Duchess of Brittany

10. Grunge music originated in which American city?


11. What is the highest of the Torreta de Guardamar, the tallest tower in Spain?

370 m 1214 ft

12. Mendoza is located in which country?


13. What is the surface area of The Australasian Mediterranean Sea?

9.08 mil. km²

14. What is the diameter of an atom, the smallest unit of a chemical element?

about a third of a nanometer in diameter

15. It is against the law in Albania to play what on Sundays?


16. What does the terminology Estuary mean?

the piece of a river that flows into the sea or ocean

17. The Pierre de Coubertin medal is a special decoration awarded for which event?

The Olympics

18. Where is the Gulf of Aden located?

off the southwestern corner of the Arabian Peninsula

19. The first FIFA Club World Championship took place in which country in 2000?


20. Dodie Smith wrote what book (later filmed by Disney)?

101 Dalmatians

21. How many Argentine ships were sunk in the Falklands War?

11 ships

22. What is the brand Totes Isotoner?

Umbrella and footwear

23. Where is the coal found in the USA?

in three regions: the Appalachian coal region, the Interior coal region, and the Western coal region

24. The storming of the Bastille, is associated with which historic event?

French Revolution

25. Hearts bells leaves and acorns card suits which country?


26. Who had the nickname “The Little Corporal”

Napoleon Bonaparte

27. What is the largest coal mine in Indonesia?

Tabalong coal concession

28. Who is Aktzin?

Rain god

29. Fort Kirribilli is located in which country?


30. The setting for the ITV drama Midsomer Murders is a fictional English county called what?


31. What is the oldest of the Chinese Great Walls?

Great Wall of Qi

32. A duffer is Australian slang for what?

Cattle Thief

33. What is Bokbunja-ju?

Korean fruit wine

34. The CONMEBOL Libertadores, also known as the Copa Libertadores de América, is an annual international club football competition organized since which year?


35. Which vegetable got its name from a precious stone?

Onion – Latin union large pearl

36. The storming of the Bastille took place on what date during the French Revolution?

14 July 1789

37. What is an animal the Man o’ War?


38. Which accordion is easiest to play?

Button accordion

39. Damietta town is located in which country?


40. What country launched its first space rocket in January 1961?


41. Which country has its UN code 642?


42. Give an example of a microstate.


43. Famous Last Words” is a song by the rock band My Chemical Romance in which year?


44. What is the study of the forms and features of land surfaces?


45. Two out of every five American women do what?

Dye their Hair

46. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions is a satirical novella written by whom in 1884?

the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Abbott

47. What is Ligier JS3?

Racing Car

48. Which apple was first introduced under the name “Norfolk Pippin”?

Adams Pearmain

49. Who is Bael in mythology?

Demon in the Lesser Key of Solomon

50. In the Stars Wars film franchise, which character famously declares ‘I am your father’?

Darth Vader

51. Who wrote the satirical play Volpone?

Benjamin Jonson, an English playwright, and poet

52. Name a fatty acid.

Oleic acid

53. What is Ligier JS2?

Racing Car

54. What is the struggle within the Ottoman Empire that resulted an independent Greece?

Greek War of Independence

55. What food item are most people allergic to?

Cow’s Milk

56. What is the UN Code for Réunion?


57. What is ocarina?

Woodwind diple instrument in Bulgarian music

58. How many draws Argentina nad Brazil have among them?

26 draws

59. Statue of Khasekhemwy in found in which museum?

Ashmolean museum

60. In 1962 – cost 20,000 – size of a small suitcase – what?

Portable computer

61. The Reforms of Urukagina took place during which century?

24th century BC

62. In what game would you use a squidger?

Tiddlywinks — Big disc

63. Who wrote “To Lucasta, Going to the Warres”?

Richard Lovelace

64. What is a pet Ragdoll?


65. What animal’s teeth were used as knife blades by the Indians?


66. Where is the Mausoleum of Mohammad Zaher Shah (Hill of Teppe Maranjan) located?

Kabul, Afghanistan

67. Which country has its Alpha 3 code PCN?


68. Le Poireau is what type of vegetables?


69. Cayana Airstrip is located in which country?

Awaradam, Suriname

70. ‘Ahh Bisto’ is a phrase best associated with which type of British food sauce?


71. Delaware Aqueduct, NY, USA was built in which year?


72. The ancient Egyptian word for cat was mau – what does it mean?

To see

73. What was The Cavalier Poets?

was a school of English poets of the 17th century, supported King Charles I during the English Civil War during 1642–1651

74. Which former Venezeulan professional Boxer’s nick name is “Aguacerito”?

Miguel Acosta

75. Baseball is not sport – state of mind – can’t learn it – what author?

John Steinbeck

76. What is the length of the world’s longest road tunnels in Norway, Lærdal?

24.51 km (15.2 mi)

77. Assassin Magazine and Sofa come from which language?


78. Longest railway tunnel Gotthard Base Tunnel (Switzerland) was founded in which year?


79. Which airport has its IATA code AAL?

Aalborg Airport, Aalborg, Denmark

80. In Greek mythology who created man?

The demigod Prometheus

81. What is the Alpha 3 code for the Philippines?


82. Beeston town is located in which country?

Nottinghamshire, England

83. In what country does Disney’s Beauty and the Beast take place?


84. What is the internet country domain TLD for Mauritania?


85. The name Gregory is from the Greek meaning what?


86. How big is the largest solar farm?

13 square kilometers

87. Edith Knight wrote which classic story (later filmed)?

Lassie come home

88. Where is the best coal in the world?


89. What is the output if your press PC shortcut keys CTRL + UP ARROW?

[Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph]

90. What pop group had a “Message in a Bottle”?


91. Which country has its Alpha 2 code PE?


92. Who is the Patron Saint of housewives?


93. Bellingham Railway Station is located in which country?

Northumberland, England

94. What country has the largest solar power plant?


95. In Mork and Mindy what was the capital of Ork?


96. What 3 countries consume the most coal?

China, India, USA

97. What kind of animal is Jormungand in Norse mythology?


98. Which is the highest quality hard coal?


99. What is the Alpha 2 code for Paraguay?


100. ‘Moonshine’ was a slang term for which type of beverage?


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