100 World Toughest GK Questions Answers General Knowledge

Everything is possible, smart people say. The world of toughest GK questions general knowledge quiz free online trivia tests in English printable is a good way to prove knowledge. The world of toughest General knowledge GK questions unleashes the boundary of knowledge. It is not that you have to know all the trivia question answers, but it is a good way to know the unknown, to learn the unlearn. General knowledge world of toughest GK questions in English might be required for many purposes.

It is found the who learn on a regular basis find general knowledge world’s toughest GK questions quizzes printable interesting and fun, the only way to grab something by heart is to dig deeper into it. Search for the necessary side notes while solving the world of toughest GK questions general knowledge answers in English. This style will make you smart and a quick learner. Those who can’t manage time to solve this world of toughest GK questions can do it in their leisure time, alone, or with the help of others.

Life is full of challenges and competition, world toughest GK questions help learners to equip themselves or themselves for the future. Keep learning by heart whatever you find around you, the best learn is from nature. It has a great benefit whereas general knowledge of world toughest GK questions in English can be just an example. If you keep solving these world toughest GK questions in the English quiz, everything will be easy!

World toughest GK questions

1. In architecture, what is a folly?

A building constructed primarily for decoration but suggesting through its appearance some other purpose

2. Normans invasion in England took place in which year?


3. What is Motor Neurone Disease (MND) or Lou Gehrig’s disease?

ALS, or a neurodegenerative neuromuscular disease

4. What is Amotte-and-bailey castle?

A fortification with a wooden or stone keep

5. What country was once named New France?


6. What is a military construction or building designed for the defense of territories in warfare?

A fortification

7. When did Copa America start?


8. Siamese is a what kind of pet?


9. Sometime later of its commencement, the Battle of Hastings was pictured on a series of panels called what?

Bayeux Tapestry

10. What happened to golfer Lee Travino on green 13 27 June 1975?

Hit by Lightning

11. Rustar Floating Restaurant is located in which city?


12. How many nations contest in UEFA Nations League?

Four nations

13. What is a Ugaritic cycle of stories about the Canaanite god Baʿal, a storm god associated with fertility?

The Baal Cycle

14. Which country has its UN code 612?


15. Boccaccio’s collection of ten stories are known as what?


16. Who was Migjeni?

Albanian poet

17. What is Engastration?

A cooking technique in which the remains of one animal are stuffed into another animal.

18. Fat men’s clubs were a type of social club that peaked in popularity in late 19th and early 20th century in which country?


19. What is Bailey Sweet?

Apple cultivar

20. The average person spends 12 years of their life doing what?

Watching TV

21. Henry Abbey was an American poet who is best remembered for which poem?

“What do we plant when we plant a tree?”

22. Joe McCarthy, who consumed 31 pies in a competition held at Charles Tanby’s Saloon in which year?


23. Who was Richard Dunwoody (1983-99)?

Jump jokey

24. Herstmonceux Castle is a brick-built castle, built in what time near Herstmonceux, East Sussex, England?

15th century

25. Who wrote the novel Love Story (Both Names)?

Erich Segal

26. Name a fatty acid.

Linolenic acid

27. What is the annual holiday tradition that has been held on July 4 every year since 1916 at Coney Island?

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

28. Battle of Hastings took place on what date in 1066?

October 14, 1066

29. A unit into which a poem is divided is called what?


30. What nationality was Pontius Pilot by birth?

Scottish – Fortingale nr Dunkeld

31. In which year Algerton, Frank C. wrote the long poem “Columbia: an Epic Poem on the Late Civil War between the Northern and Southern States of North America”?


32. Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden are located in which city?


33. What is an activity in which participants compete against each other to eat large quantities of food, usually in a short time period?

Competitive eating, or speed eating

34. What is the UN Code for the Philippines?


35. What is a travelator?

Horizontal Escalator

36. Media reports on what date that engineers worldwide discuss a negative leap second and other possible measures as Earth spun faster in 2020?

4 January 2021

37. Where do you find Bathtub gratin dishes?

at Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

38. The Suez Canal is an artificial sea-level waterway in which country?


39. What links Beaujolais, Early Burgunder, Early Burgundy, Gamay Beaujolais, and Gamay du Rhône?

synonyms for Abouriou red grape

40. After sex what does the female marine bristle worm do?

Bites off eat penis

41. Which country has its Alpha 3 code PSE?

Palestinian Territory

42. What is the area of Antarctica’s continental mainland?

14,200,000 kms (5,500,000 miles)

43. November Uprising was held during which year?


44. Gramercy is located in which state in the USA?

New York

45. What whisky brand was advertised with two terrier dogs?

Black & White

46. What is Slalom?

Auto racing

47. As of 1987, which trees were found to be the most cultivated fruit tree in the world?


48. Salang Tunnel is located in which country?


49. What is Coal?

Form of rock

50. What was Alka-Seltzer first marketed as?

Cold Cure

51. What is the Alpha 3 code for Palau?


52. What is a grimoire?

A grimoire is a textbook of magic

53. What is the area of Antigua and Barbuda

440 km2

54. What is the brand Kendall & Sons?

Kendall & Sons was an umbrella, rainwear and ladies wear company

55. Capability Brown was a famous Landscape Gardener’s 1st name?


56. A type of ecological community or xeric wildfire-maintained ecosystem is called what?


57. What fruit is called “Black Spanish,” “Large Key” or “Cuban”?

Pineapple variety

58. How many planes did Argentina lose in the Falklands war?

132 aircraft

59. What is the rarest birthstone?

Red diamond

60. Which dictator preferred 50,000 rifles to 50,000 votes?

Benito Mussolini

61. Which house is the distributor of one of the Highest-grossing films of 2021 – Cliff Walkers?

China Film Group Corporation

62. Give an example of a microstate.


63. Chhena or sana is curds or cheese curds, originating from where?

The Indian subcontinent

64. Which country has its Alpha 2 code PK?


65. What musical instrument does Vladamere Ashkenazy play?


66. There are 2 methods to mine coal- what?

Surface and underground

67. What is a continental shelf?

A continental shelf is a portion of a continent that is submerged under an area of relatively shallow water

68. What is made by boiling chunks of watermelon rind with sugar?

Watermelon rind preserves

69. As of 20 June 2015, how many countries have sought to claim archipelagic status?

a total of 22

70. What tree can be English, American, or Eurasian?


71. Which airport has its ICAO code SSYA?

Arapoti Airport

72. The earliest mention of the sweet orange was in Chinese literature in which year?

314 BC

73. What is a photographic technique from the Victorian era which captures a number of phases of movements?


74. Lumangwe Waterfalls is located in which country?


75. Which animal sleeps with one eye open?


76. Who wrote the famous children’s literature – Danger Guys?

Tony Abbott

77. Where do you find LGBTQ?

South Africa

78. The Matrix is a 1999 American science fiction action film written and directed by whom?

The Wachowskis

79. Which film ranks 5th in the Highest-grossing films of 2021?

A Quiet Place Part II

80. The Yellow Kid by Richard Felton Outcault in 1896 first what?

Comic Strip — New York World

81. What is the Alpha 2 code for Oman?


82. Which official flag has seven horizontal stripes of color rainbow colors?

The official flag of Cusco

83. The Jewish Autonomous Oblast is situated in the Far Eastern Federal District which country?


84. What is the meaning of the French idiom – faire l’andouille?

to be silly
Literal Translation: to make the sausage

85. Joe Yule became famous as who?

Mickey Rooney

86. Arapoti Airport is located in which country?


87. What fruit reached the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico, and was cultivated by the Mayas and the Aztecs?


88. Beckenham Hill Railway Station is located in which city in England?


89. What is the internet country domain TLD for Mali?


90. What is the literal meaning of the Cenotaph?

Empty Tomb

91. Beccles is a town in which country?


92. What is the second full-length album by Hedley released on October 30, 2007, in Canada?

Famous Last Words

93. Who named Africa?

Romans or Afri tribe

94. Which US airport has its IATA code AAH?

Merzbrück Airport, Germany

95. In the theatre what is behind Barn Doors?

Electricity Sockets

96. How many countries are in the Horn of Africa?


97. Name a peaceful Island in the world where Motor Vehicles are Banned.

Kadavu Island

98. How many varieties of cheese are there identified by Burkhalter?

over 500

99. What is Huayra Pronello Ford?

Racing car

100. Gaur, Gayal, Banteng, and Kouprey are types of what?

Wild Cattle

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