50 Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers for Fun

Do you love to discuss some knowledge quiz questions and answers? In order to learn something about Frederick II, king of Prussia, have some interesting facts. Frederick’s views on administrative, economic, and social policy were mostly conservative. Most of what he achieved in these areas was only a development of his father’s policy. We will see some knowledge quiz general questions and answers. While the devoutly Protestant Frederick William I had done so in terms of religious obligation, he justified his policies using the rationalization rhetoric of “enlightened dictatorship,” even if many of the goals and the methods employed to achieve them were similar.

Despite having a terrible personal connection with his father, Frederick respected him as a leader and readily admitted his responsibility to him. Solve these knowledge quiz questions and answers. During the Seven Years’ War, he claimed that “only his care,” “his unceasing work,” “his scrupulously just policies,” “his great and admirable thriftiness,” and “the strict discipline he introduced into the army which he himself had created, made possible the achievements I have so far accomplished” were responsible for his ability to accomplish what he had.

Like Frederick William I, Frederick saw becoming king as a responsibility. He saw it as a set of commitments that could only be fulfilled via tireless effort. It was his responsibility to safeguard his citizens from outside assault, ensure their prosperity, provide them with effective and trustworthy government, and offer them rules that were straightforward and tailored to their individual needs and temperaments. Enjoy knowledge quiz GK trivia questions and answers. The monarch must put aside his own interests and any feelings that are solely personal or familial in order to accomplish these goals. Raison d’état, or the requirements of the state, came above these as well as the short-term happiness and comfort of his citizens.

Only if the monarch maintained tight control over the reins of government could he perform his duties in an efficient manner. He must have a personal rule. He must not rely on ministers who may be swayed by factionalism or self-interest and who would well withhold crucial information from their boss if given the chance. Share some knowledge quiz questions and answers. The personal rule might create the cohesion and consistency necessary for any effective policy. Frederick said that there are two types of princes: those who lead directly and those who passively rely on subordinates in his Anti-Machiavel, a rather traditional study of the fundamentals of effective administration written in 1740 soon before his succession.

The former was only phantoms, while the latter was “like the spirit of a state” and “the weight of their government falls on themselves alone, like the globe on the back of Atlas.” However, he would have flatly rejected—and generally with good reason—any claim that he exercised despotic power. It’s your time to find these knowledge quiz questions and answers. Instead, he would have argued that his authority, however considerable, was only used within the bounds of the law and that the duties entailed by his position prevented him from using arbitrary power. This article will provide you with some more knowledge about printable quiz questions and answers on other interesting issues.

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Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers for Fun

1. Australian Open women has been won in a straight set during the Open Era of tennis in 1972 by which player?

Virginia Wade

2. What term refers to a retail outlet or distribution center that caters exclusively to online shopping?

Dark store, dark shop, dark supermarket, or dotcom center

3. Michael tries to raise employee morale with a birthday party amid rumors of downsizing in which episode of season one of The Office TV show?

The Alliance; Airdate: Apr 12, 2005

4. On what date in 2022, Russia officially invades Ukraine?

24 October 2022

5. Great Britain declares war on Spain & Naples in which war in 1762?

Seven Years’ War

6. “I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”—who said in “The Wizard of Oz”?

Dorothy to Toto

7. Which country in Asia produces the most Renewable Electricity?

Bhutan (99.9%, hydropower)

8. In 1947, which musical was closed at Shubert Theater NYC after 72 performances?

“Park Avenue”

9. Which city is known as the black city of Europe?


10. In 1847, Manuscripts of Emily Brontë’s “Wuthering Heights” and Anne Brontë’s “Agnes Grey” were sent to which publisher?

T.C. Newby (published December 1847)

11. What is the fastest shrinking country in the world?


12. Who is the king of googly in Cricket?

Shahid Afridi

13. In 1947, “Show Boat” was closed at which theatre in NYC after 417 performances?

Ziegfeld Theater

14. What is a light brown color called?


15. In 1863, The New Apostolic Church is established in which country?


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16. The white chef’s hat traditionally has how many pleats to represent the number of ways an egg can be made?

100 pleats

17. What is ‘January King’?


18. Chinese forces recapture Seoul in 1951 in which war?

Korean War

19. Shiga is located in which country?


20. Sofia is emancipated from Ottoman rule in which year?


21. Earl of Surrey was active in England during the reign of which King?

King John (1166–1216)

22. Dolomites is located in which country?


23. KTSM TV channel 9 in El Paso, TX (NBC) begins broadcasting in which year?


24. What is the name of the strong cold northeasterly wind in Mexico?


25. Last sighting of an eastern cougar in Ontario held in which year?


26. How many years make a Blue Sapphire jubilee?

65 years

27. In 1976, who crashes into Balt Memorial Stadium’s upper stands, 10 minutes after the Colts lose 40-14 to the Steelers?

Piper Cherokee

28. The Great Galveston hurricane was experienced in which year?


29. What symbol represents the asteroid 15 Eunomia?

A heart topped with a star

30. In which year, Dr. William Grant of Iowa, performs 1st appendectomy in America on Mary Gartside, aged 22?


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31. Who created the famous fiction Mrs. Bridge in 1959?

Evan S. Connell

32. In 1976, who takes 7-46 in the 1st Test Cricket innings, v India Delhi?

John Lever

33. Name a word with vowels in order.


34. Brahmaputra river outflows from which source?


35. In 1887, who was the 1st man to bicycle around the world (San Francisco to San Francisco)?

Thomas Stevens

36. Budgerigar is a breed name of which animal?


37. Oshi falls is located in which country?


38. Bomilcar (3rd century BC) was one of the Carthaginian commanders of which war?

Punic War

39. Sherman Alexie wrote which fiction in 2007?

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

40. In 1893, which US President grants amnesty to Mormon polygamy?


41. Words to use instead of Very Large?


42. In Astronomy, what is Columba?

A constellation

43. Where does a Donkey live?


44. “Monster Building” is located in which country?

Hong kong

45. In 1894, which country ratifies Duple Alliance with Russia?


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46. “What” is a what type of predeterminer in English grammar?


47. What is the average gestation duration of a Mouse (domestic white)?

19 days

48. In 1977, which government of Van Agt/Wiegel formed?


49. Which Roman Emperor was awarded the victory title Adiabenicus Maximus (“great victor in Adiabene”) in 298?


50. AFL charters Actors’ National Protective Union in NYC in which year?


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