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  • November 23, 2021
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history gk questions and answers world history trivia questions

History gk questions and answers general knowledge trivia quiz interesting facts are awesome. History is essential because it helps us make sense of the world we live in today with examples of history gk questions and answers. One may make good predictions about what will happen next in today’s environment by looking at historical economic and cultural patterns. It’s also easy to see why some restrictions exist in today’s environment full of history gk questions and answers.

What are the two most significant aspects of history? It is significant because history aids in the understanding of the past, as well as the prediction and creation of the future. History study provides us with several opportunities to have a deeper grasp of our past on the basis of history gk questions and answers.

What abilities does history foster? Communication is essential ( verbal and written), Analytical abilities, Management information technology is used, Learning how to learn, increasing one’s own learning and performance, and collaborating with others are all important skills to have, and Numeracy is the ability to use numbers to solve problems by dint of history gk questions and answers.

What abilities do we develop by studying history? For your CV, skills A history degree improves your critical reasoning and analytical abilities, as well as your ability to solve issues and think creatively. intellectual rigor and autonomy, as well as the capacity to undertake the in-depth study on history gk questions and answers.

What are the historical skills? When you finish a history class, what skills should you have? Thinking in chronological order like history gk questions and answers. Historical reasoning is based on chronological thinking, Understanding of the past, Interpretation, and analysis of historical events, Skills in historical research, and Analyzing and Making Decisions on Historical Issues based on the history gk questions and answers.

History gk questions and answers

1. On a hot September day in 1835, who met his first giant tortoise on Chatham Island, part of the Galápagos archipelago?

Charles Darwin

2. Eiffel Tower was completed in which year?


3. Institute of Museum and Library Services in the USA was founded in which year?


4. Built in 1984, what is Merida?

sail-assisted cargo

5. The word coyote comes from which language?


6. The Imprimerie Royer (Royer Printing House) in Nancy, France, designed by Lucien Weissenburger, is completed in which year?


7. Le Jour du Seigneur, one of the longest-running TV shows is telecasted on which channel?

TF1 (1949-87), France 2 (since 1987)

8. Who served as the fourth Chancellor of Trinity College, Dublin, from 1612 to 1633?

George Abbot

9. Which ancient civilization mythic-cultural cosmology depicted a decline from golden age to a silver age followed by an Iron Age?

Ancient Greek

10. Who was possibly the world’s earliest known female author?

Enheduanna (2285–2250 BCE)

11. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn was designed by whom?

Mikhail Preobrazhensky

12. What was the 1895 ballet premiere choreographed by Lev Ivanov, composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky?

Danse des petits cygnes

13. The Mariinsky Theatre is a historic theatre of opera and ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia, opened in which year?


14. Who invented Racquetball, a racquet sport played with a hollow rubber ball on an indoor or outdoor court?

Joseph Sobek (1950)

15. First Transjordan attack on Amman is a significant war in which historic event involving Australia?

World War I

16. AMT AutoMag II pistol is invented in which country in the 1970s?

United States

17. What is called a progressive dinner in the U.S. and a safari supper in the U.K.?

Progressive dinner

18. Dohodno Zdanie Neoclassical edifice is located in Rousse city in which country?


19. What was an English supergroup consisting of 1990s-early 2000s pop stars Dane Bowers, Gareth Gates, Kavana, Kenzie, and Adam Rickitt?

5th Story

20. What was the name of the World War II battle that took place from September 13, 1941, to May 8, 1945, involving the United States?

Battle of the Atlantic

21. What is a type of pottery that appeared in the Umayyad period, made of fine and light, almost white, clay?

Buff ware

22. Susa is one of the most important archaeological sites in which country?


23. The concept of which ice cream originated in a 1973 sketch on the British comedy series The Two Ronnies as a joke?

Bacon ice cream

24. Durrës is an ancient Greek archaeological site in which country?


25. Which awards were initiated by Marjan Firouz in 2009?

The Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle

26. What was a musical group that was part of the Factory Records label, were formed by Lindsay Reade?

Ad Infinitum

27. Coultershaw Wharf and Beam Pump, an industrial archaeological site is located in which country?


28. What is a runestone?

typically a raised stone with a runic inscription, but the term can also be applied to inscriptions on boulders and on bedrock, a tradition began in the 4th century and lasted into the 12th century

29. What was a loose federation of East Slavic and Finno-Ugric peoples in Eastern and Northern Europe from the late 9th to the mid-13th century?

Kievan Rus’ or Kyivan Rus’

30. Who is the artist of the popular invisible artwork “The Ghost of James Lee Byars” in 1969?

James Lee Byars

31. Which empire ruled most of the western Deccan, South India, between the 10th and 12th centuries?

The Western Chalukya Empire

32. What is Translatio imperii?

History is understood as a linear sequence of transfers of an imperium that vests absolute authority in a single ruler, a “emperor,” according to a Middle Ages historiographical idea

33. The Runaway Sea Lion (1964) is an unpublished novel written by whom?

Mildred Benson

34. What was a fire that erupted in Vault 7, a storage facility, at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio (MGM) backlot in Culver City, California, in 1965?

The 1965 MGM vault fire

35. Which country made the 1911 film “Fattigdommens forbandelse”, directed by Halfdan Nobel Roede?


36. What is a type of pottery that was produced in various locations in Anatolia between the late 14th and mid 15th centuries?

Miletus ware

37. Villa Schutzenberger hotel is located in which city in France?


38. The Seljuk dynasty, or Seljuks, also known as Seljuk Turks, Seljuk Turkomans or the Saljuqids, was an Oghuz Turkic dynasty of which religion?

Sunni Muslim dynasty

39. Who, nicknamed “the Magnanimous”, was the second and last monarch of the Empire of Brazil, reigning for over 58 years?

Dom Pedro II

40. In 2017 the 65th anniversary of the accession of which Queen was widely referred to as her “sapphire jubilee” or more specifically as her blue sapphire jubilee?

Elizabeth II

41. Egtved Runestone, a runestone is located in which country?


42. What was a movement in the Middle Ages led by the Catholic Church and the first mass peace movement in history?

The Peace and Truce of God

43. Which civil award was established by the Czechoslovak government in February 1953?

The Order of Klement Gottwald

44. The Lý dynasty, also known as the House of Lý, was a dynasty that originated in which country?


45. What was the Investiture Controversy, or Investiture Contest?

a conflict between the church and the state in medieval Europe

46. A major fire broke out in a 20th Century-Fox film-storage facility in Little Ferry, New Jersey, United States, on what date?

July 9, 1937

47. Who was Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia, and monarch of other states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire?

Franz Joseph I or Francis Joseph I

48. Agri Bavnehøj, a historic tumulus of the bronze age is located in which country?


49. Raqqa ware or Rakka ware is a style of lustreware pottery that was a mainstay of the economy of Raqqa in northeastern Syria during which dynasty?

Ayyubid dynasty

50. The Order of the White Lion is the highest order of the Czech Republic, created in which year?


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Order of the White Lion

51. The Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia is a Mexican federal government bureau established in which year?


52. What is the name of a series of palaces and gardens located in Petergof, Saint Petersburg, Russia?

The Peterhof Palace

53. What is a former royal residence located in Versailles, about 12 miles (19 km) west of Paris, France?

The Palace of Versailles

54. What, located in Konya, Turkey, is the mausoleum of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, a Persian Sufi mystic?

The Mevlâna Museum

55. What is the contribution of Aleksei Gubarev?

a Hero of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

56. Library of Alexandria was destroyed in which year?

c. 272 AD

57. Who was the King of Cambodia from 1860 to his death in 1904. He was the eldest son of King Ang Duong?


58. Who was an American professional football player, and the first African-American to sign a contract with a National Football League (NFL)?

Kenneth S. Washington

The Museum of Film and Television Berlin is one of seven film museums in Germany opened in which year?


59. What is Aston Martin, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes, England, UK?

A former automotive manufacturing plant

60. The first “coarse maps of the solar radiation reflected by the Earth and the infrared radiation emitted by the Earth”, from which mission launched on October 13, 1959?

Explorer 7

61. In the late 12th century, who demolished part of the Pyramid of Menkaure?

Sultan Al-Aziz Uthman

62. What is OPEC?

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

63. Feta cheese was originated in which country?


64. What was the pottery of the Seljuk Empire. With the end of the Seljuk Empire in the 14th century, the Ottoman Empire?

Seljuk pottery

65. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, (destroyed 1936) was located in which country?

Baku, Azerbaijan

66. Who celebrated the ruby jubilee, which marked the 40th anniversary on 10 May 1906?

King Carol I of Romania

67. Libya in which year developed its own national Libsat satellite project with the goal of providing telecommunication and remote sensing services?


68. What is USS A. DeGroat (1863)?

United States Navy ship

69. Who was King of Prussia and Elector of Brandenburg in the Holy Roman Empire until 6 August 1806, when the Empire was dissolved?

Frederick William III

70. Iraqi Academy of Sciences (Baghdad, Iraq) was founded in which year?


71. Institut d’Égypte was destroyed on what date during anti-government demonstrations?

17 December 2011

72. What is a museum in the town of Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, and is dedicated to the history of the clockmaking industry?

The Museum of Clockmaking

73. What was the governing authority in many of the Italian city-states during the Medieval and Renaissance periods?

A signoria

74. What was a Tamil thalassocratic empire of southern India, one of the longest-ruling dynasties in the world’s history?

The Chola dynasty

75. Palazzo Cornaro palace is located in which Italian city?


76. What was the 19th-century political and social movement that resulted in the consolidation of different states of the Italian Peninsula?

Italian unification, also known as the Risorgimento

77. Estevan Point lighthouse (1910) is located in which Canadian province?

British Columbia

78. Kachaghakaberd fortress is located in which city in Armenia?


79. Which emblem since the 1979 Iranian Revolution features four crescents and a sword in the shape of a water lily, surmounted by a shadda?

The Emblem of Iran

80. Coombe-gate (1488) in The Coombe is a historic gate in which city?

Dublin Gate

81. Built in 900 BC-1521, what was a settlement of the city-state of Coyohuacan (Tepanecs) and after was shortly occupied by the Mexicas (Aztecs)?

The archaeological site of Mixcoac

82. What is a fermented liquid condiment created in the city of Worcester in Worcestershire, England during the first half of the 19th century?

Worcestershire sauce

83. The Japanese imperial year (kōki, or kigen) is based on the date of the legendary founding of Japan by which Emperor in 660 BC?

Emperor Jimmu

84. What was an Italian state located in northern Italy. The duchy was created in 1395 by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, then the lord of Milan?

The Duchy of Milan

85. An equestrian statue of Genius of Arts on the Louvre Palace façade facing the Seine, by Antonin Mercié (1877) replacing a bas-relief of Napoleon III, is seen in which French city?


86. Perfetti Van Melle introduced which breath mint candy in 1997 in India?


87. What was an imperial dynasty of China that began in 960 and lasted until 1279?

The Song dynasty

88. What is a lengthy philosophical dialogue on the topic of what constitutes an ideal courtier or court lady by Baldassare Castiglione?

The Book of the Courtier

89. Hans Talhoffer was a fencing master in which country?


90. In what year were women allowed to compete in the modern Olympic games and in what sport?

1900, tennis

91. What are a collection of satirical poems by the Latin author Juvenal written in the early 2nd century?

The Satires

92. What was the Papal States, officially the State of the Church?

A series of territories in the Italian Peninsula under the direct sovereign rule of the pope from 756 until 1870.

93. What is the origin of Ney-anban musical instrument?


94. What is a heavily padded pole-like training weapon used since the early 1940s by military personnel?

Pugil stick

95. Which player from the Netherlands played her debut football match in 2013?

Vivianne Miedema

96. What was the one of oldest cities in the Valley of Mexico built in 800 BC-400 BC?


97. What was a Persianate Muslim dynasty of Turkic mamluk origin, ruling, at its greatest extent, large parts of Iran, Afghanistan?

The Ghaznavid dynasty

98. During his career in 1958–1981, which football player from Portugal scored 622 goals in total?


99. Paris Saint-Germain Handball (PSG) is a French professional handball club founded in which year?


100. Which team won five Stanley Cups during the 60s?


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