50 Hard GK Questions Answer in English Printable Trivia Quiz

Curiosity is the source of our hard GK questions answers to general knowledge printable quiz trivia in English. This is particularly noticeable in a newborn infant. He’ll discover out that some items aren’t safe to eat or touch since they hurt or taste strange. The hard GK questions in English we receive from this will eventually assist us in coping with life more effectively. When necessary, we can share these hard GK questions in English with others to make them more efficient. Hard GK questions answers in English general knowledge arose from a desire to understand how things work and now serves as a method for peer assessment of our discoveries.

The candle is right next to knowledge. It is always blazing in order to illuminate the earth. Assume hard GK questions in English is someone who knows that information. If there is a candle blazing and it is illuminating the earth. What if the candle burns out entirely in a short period of time, hard GK questions in English printable quiz facts interesting quiz leaving a ring of darkness around the stub of the flame? Because the candle’s spark has been extinguished, it will not be able to relight.

Similarly, anytime there is a free moment. Your expertise should be handed on to the next generation, or at the very least should be shared in some way. Respect is always earned by someone who offers their expertise through hard GK questions in English.

Hard GK Questions Answer in English Printable Trivia Quiz

1. What is the official language of Afghanistan?

Pashto, Dari

2. Who was the most successful emperor?

Marcus Ulpius Trajanus (53 –117 AD)

3. What does the astronomical symbol mean?


4. Adopted in 1969, what is the state grass of Nebraska?

Little bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparium (Andropogon scoparius)

5. In 1942, CFL Grey Cup, Varsity Stadium, Toronto, which team beat Winnipeg RCAF Bombers, 8-5?

Toronto RCAF Hurricanes

6. What is Feilong?

a Chinese dragon

7. What is believed to be the Ficus religiosa under which Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment?

The Bodhi Tree of Bodh Gaya

8. Who said, “When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people”?

Abraham Joshua Heschel

9. How many Roman emperors died violently?


10. In 1941, Sister Elizabeth Kenny’s new treatment for what was approved?

Infantile paralysis

11. What was one of the first companies that started with letter B, to offer ceramic knives as a featured product line?


12. What resulted from an attempt to form a stateless anarchist society in parts of Ukraine during the Russian Revolution of 1917–1923?

Makhnovshchina or Makhnovia

13. What is 1TYM?

a South Korean boy band

14. What happened with Legio IX Hispana (9th Legion – Spanish) in 108–164?

Disappeared mysteriously

15. In 1942, who ordered students in nazi-Germany to work?


16. 1955 Miss Universe titleholder, Hillevi Rombin, was from which country?


17. Akrolissos, Lissus settlement is located in which present-day country?


18. How many plant specimens are there in the Anadolu University Faculty of Science Herbarium, Turkey?


19. The Veneti were Indo-European people who inhabited the northeastern part in which country?


20. Soviet anti-offensive in Moscow drives out Nazi army in which year’s December?


21. What is a tool used for cutting bolts, chains, padlocks, rebar, and wire mesh?

A bolt cutter, or bolt cropper

22. Which Roman emperor drank poison?

Mithridates the Great

23. In December 1963, Zanzibar was granted independence by which country and became a constitutional monarchy within the Commonwealth under the sultan?

United Kingdom

24. Lapardha 2 village is located in Berat County in which country?


25. In 1942, the West Indies chocolate/coffee drop took place above which country?


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The Netherlands

26. Who won the Turner Prize in 1988?

Tony Cragg (Sculpture)

27. Who was Thomas Gorges (1536 – 30 March 1610)?

Courtier to Queen Elizabeth I

28. Cilebenses (Cilibensi) were ancient people in which region in Italy?

Corsica and Sardinia

29. Copperbelt Museum is a popular tourist attraction in which African country?


30. Football Writers Association of America was organized in which year?


31. What is the full name of the English county AR, Arg & Bt?

Argyll and Bute

32. Xiongnu (a Mongol tribe) war against Donghu in 209 BC – what was the result?

Victory of Xiongnu

33. Mutiny Act Continuance Act 1820 was passed in which Parliament?

United Kingdom

34. 24 Horas is a general news channel in which country?


35. In 1943, the Philadelphia Eagle-Pitts Steeler merger dissolves in which sport?


36. Oribi Gorge, KwaZulu-Natal is located in which country?

South Africa

37. According to which authority, the worldwide total inventory of nuclear weapons as of 2021 stood at 13,080?

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

38. Gökçeler Canyon is located in which country?


39. 226 BC Rhodes earthquake was held in which country?


40. In 1936, CFL Grey Cup, Varsity Stadium, Toronto, which team defeat Ottawa Rough Riders, 26-20 for their 2nd Championship?

Sarnia Imperials

41. Cognin-les-Gorges, Isère, is located in which country?


42. What is Adharma in Hinduism?

Something against Dharma

43. On which ground in England, the first cricket test match was held on 10 July 1884?

Old Trafford

44. Founded in 1910, what is the boxing organization in Wales?

Welsh Amateur Boxing Association, WABA

45. In 1944, which troops steal all the silver coins in Utrecht?


46. Hotel.de AG is a travel website in which country?


47. What was Astrophocaudia?

An Appalachian dinosaur

48. Which popular Hindu pilgrimage site in India was formerly known as Kashi?


49. People in which religion pursue meditation as part of the path toward liberation from defilements (kleshas)?


50. In 1941, which Comedy/Romance film directed by Preston Sturges and starring Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake, is released?

“Sullivan’s Travels”

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