50 General Knowledge Questions English Fun Printable Quiz

The goal of 50 general knowledge questions GK printable English interesting facts and information is to go forward by teaching those who seek to learn more. In that endeavor, we have left off with the knowledge. There comes a point when it’s appropriate to guess. Speculation will always lead to the discovery of truth in the 50 general knowledge questions. Speculation will always follow knowledge. The distinction is that sometimes the information gained via conjecture of the 50 general knowledge questions is just the knowledge that the speculation was incorrect. Almost always, the best approach to figuring out what works is to figure out what doesn’t.

Learning has a central goal of sharing from the 50 general knowledge questions. There’s nothing left to do but share and offer it after you’ve discovered it. However, one must be very cautious to only give to those who deserve it; else, one risks making a fool of himself. Not everyone is deserving of greatness without solving 50 general knowledge questions. To begin with, they never comprehend or recognize amazing things. We all live in a competitive environment. However, we must not overlook the importance of gaining information with 50 general knowledge questions. In our lives, knowledge is really valuable. It will assist us in making decisions in a crisis. 50 general knowledge questions will help us develop our thinking ability, and we should have some knowledge of numerous issues if we wish to express our opinions with others. As a result, educate yourself using the different tools accessible today by dint of 50 general knowledge questions.

50 General Knowledge Questions English Fun Printable Quiz

1. Pride of Manchester Awards award is given in Britain for what contribution?

Comedy and humor

2. What does the astronomical symbol mean?

Mercury’s caduceus, with a cross

3. Iris is located in which part of the human body?


4. Founded in 1916, what is the boxing organization in Italy?

Federazione Pugilistica Italiana, FPI

5. Police and racist demonstrators clash held in December which year in Antwerp?


6. What is Panlong?

a Chinese dragon

7. On which ground in South Africa, the first cricket test match was held on 12 March 1889?

St George’s Park

8. What is the official language of Andorra?


9. What is Agastya in Hinduism?

Hindu sage

10. Who won the 48th Heisman Trophy Award in 1982?

Herschel Walker, Georgia (RB)

11. Who was Agave in Greek mythology?

Sea nymph

12. What was Coelosaurus?

An Appalachian dinosaur

13. In Buddhism, the meditation term asubha bhavana means what?

“reflections on repulsiveness”)

14. Adopted in 2007, what is the state grass of Missouri?

Big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii)

15. Which musical was closed at Nederlander Theater NYC after 83 performances in 1983?

“Amen Corner”

16. Which Roman emperor was killed by a lynx?


17. Born in 1887, who was an American anthropologist and folklorist?

Ruth Fulton Benedict

18. How does Horace describe Cleopatra?

The first five stanzas are a triumphant celebration of Cleopatra’s demise, which Horace refers to as a “fatale monstrum” (best rendered as “doom-bringing omen” rather than “fatal monster”).

19. Who was Felicitas of Rome, also anglicized as Felicity?

a saint numbered among the Christian martyrs

20. According to South Africa, which one gains independence, not recognized as an independent country outside South Africa in 1981?


21. Which is the longest epic in the world?

The Mahabharata

22. Who was Luluwa?

a Woman mentioned in the Old Testament apocrypha

Who was Susanna?

a Woman mentioned in the Old Testament apocrypha (Book of Daniel)

23. Italian city Genoa is located in which region of the country?


24. What was Banu Abd-al-Manaf in Ancient Arab?

A sub-clan of the Quraish tribe

25. David Shire & Richard Maltby, Jr.’s musical “Baby” was opened at which theatre in NYC for 241 performances in 1983?

Barrymore Theater

50 general knowledge questions
Barrymore Theater, now

26. Who coined the term dystopia?

The English philosopher John Stuart Mill

27. Who was emperor after Nero in the Roman Empire?


28. Lothar Matthäus earned how many caps for Germany, a team record?


29. How many Roman emperors were killed in battles?


30. Which team end a 15 game undefeated streak (13-0-2) (Col Rockies) in 1980?


31. Born in 1884, who was an anthropologist best known for his eccentric and often far-seeing works on Polynesia, Melanesia, and Sri Lanka?

Arthur Maurice Hocart

32. Okushiri Island is located in which country?


33. In the Preliminary Round of the 2014 WPA World Nine-ball Championship held in Doha, Michel Bartol participated from which country?


34. Proteus’ father has decided that Proteus should travel to Milan and join Valentine in Shakespeare’s which famous play?

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

35. NJ Devils 1st shut-out, beating Minnesota North Stars with what score in December 1983?


36. Masmak fort is located in which country?

Saudi Arabia

37. What is the opposite of “blonde hair”?

Short hair

38. Arab language is regulated by which regulator in Algeria?

Supreme Council of the Arabic language in Algeria

39. Elena Pavlovna was a grand duchess of which country?


40. In 1978, which spacecraft goes into orbit around Venus

Pioneer Venus 1

41. Gum is located in which part of the human body?


42. Upstairs, Downstairs – is one of the best BBC Period Dramas of all time released in which year?


43. What was the ceremony location of the Golden Goggle Awards 2009 for swimming?

The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, California

44. What is “Direct action gets the goods”?

A labor slogan

45. US jet fighters strike Syrian anti-aircraft positions in which country in 1983?


46. Anti-abortion is an ideology associated with which area?


47. Who said, “I believe the more successful an actor becomes, the more chances he should take. An actor never stops learning.”?

John Garfield

48. Sapientia Sapienti Dono Data (Latin: “Wisdom is a gift given to the wise”) — who used the Magical motto?

Florence Farr

49. What city is nicknamed “Your Second Home” in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia?

Bandar Lampung

50. Who beat Adriano Panatta of Italy 6-4, 4-6, 2-6, 8-6, 11-9 in Davis Cup Men’s Tennis, Sydney, 1977?

John Alexander

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