100 Amusing General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you ready to go through some amusing quiz questions and answers to general knowledge and interesting printable facts in English? Respect, riches, and happiness may all be gained via education via these amusing quiz questions and answers. But, at the very least, when you’ve utilized your knowledge for your purpose, you should pass it on. Because once you are no longer on this planet, that knowledge will be lost. Your knowledge, on the other hand, will live on in some way or another. Sharing this general knowledge amusing quiz questions and answers is a kind of caring.

In two ways, knowledge improves thinking of the amusing quiz questions and answers. To begin with, it aids problem-solving by freeing up space in your working memory. Keep in mind, however, that information enhances students’ reasoning and critical thinking skills, which are required in history, literature, and other humanities disciplines in amusing quiz questions and answers.

To provide information that will improve our chances of surviving. Due to a lack of understanding, animals in the past died out and became extinct. Another benefit of knowledge is that it increases empathy and learning amusing quiz questions and answers. According to research, I referred to in one of my earlier writings, there is a positive association between IQ and emotional intelligence, and IQ can rise as a result of learning these amusing quiz questions and answers.

Amusing General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What is Abies homolepis, the Nikko fir?

An ornamental tree

2. What does the astronomical symbol 🌑︎ mean?

a new moon

3. In 2016, the number of people working in which field rose by 32 percent from the previous year?

Wind industry

4. What events of French history resulted in the French Revolution?

The French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802)

5. In 2020, Australian states celebrate what easing COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria and New South Wales?

“Freedom Day”

6. What is the Pantone Color of the Year 2017?


7. C.D. Águila is a what in El Salvador?

Football club

8. What is Acer circinatum?

Plants used in bonsai, known as the vine maple

9. What is a utensil that is intended to carry the contents of a beverage to one’s mouth?

A drinking straw

10. The World Rowing Championships is an international rowing regatta organized by which authority?


11. Castle Peak Power Station is located in which country?

Hong Kong

12. What is Adivasis in Hinduism?

The Indian term for tribal people

13. There are Twelve Saijō Ō Wazamono in Japan- means what?


14. What was Cedarosaurus?

An Appalachian dinosaur

15. In 1867, which former Minnesota farmer founds the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry (better known today as the Grange)?

Oliver Hudson Kelley

16. In which religion, meditation means awakening, which results in the attainment of Nirvana?


17. Adopted in 1977, what is the state grass of Minnesota?

Wild rice (state grain), Zizania aquatica

18. In Norway, which festival is held in June, 1st weekend since 1991?

Langesund International Shantyfestival

19. When did Rome fall?

395 AD

20. In December 2020, most of which city begins the second lockdown as hospitals come under strain and the state records an average of 21,000 COVID-19 cases a day?


21. Founded in 1915, what is the boxing organization in Australia?

Australian National Boxing Federation, ANBF

22. Who was a Swiss-born American biologist and geologist who is recognized as a scholar of Earth’s natural history, and died in 1873?

Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz FRS (For) FRSE

23. What is the official language of Algeria?

Arabic, Tamazight

24. Federal Peronism is an ideology associated with which area?


25. American Anti-Slavery Society formed by whom in Philadelphia in 1833?

Arthur Tappan

26. What is the largest island in Hong Kong?

Lantau Island

27. Ilidža Folk Music Festival is celebrated in which country?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

28. Which German footballer won the golden ball award at the 2002 World Cup?

Oliver Kahn

29. Italian city Palermo is located in which region of the country?


30. Which political party holds its first national convention, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1836?


31. How many Roman emperors died in Captivity?


32. Who was the first Roman satirist?


33. Who was Actaea in Greek myth?

A deity

334. Julia sends Lucetta away, but then, realizing her own rashness, she picks up the fragments of the letter and kisses them, trying to piece them back together in Shakespeare’s which famous play?

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

35. In 2020, which brand was named the world’s No. 1 plastic polluter, in Break Free From Plastic’s annual brand audit?


36. Dos conceptos de libertad. El fin justifica los medios. Mi trayectoria intelectual book was wtitten in 1996 by which British philosopher?

Isaiah Berlin

37. Which great British philosopher was born in 1748?

Jeremy Bentham

38. A celebrity boxing match was held on 7 March 1996 between Simon Woodstock and whom?

Mike Muir

39. What musical was closed at 46th St Theater NYC after 64 performances in 1954?

“On Your Toes”

40. Manila paper (made from sails, canvas, and rope) patented in Massachusetts in which year?


41. What was the ceremony location of the Golden Goggle Awards 2008 for swimming?

New York Hilton, New York City

42. Teuri Island is located in which country?


43. In the Preliminary Round of the 2014 WPA World Nine-ball Championship held in Doha, Abdul Rahman al-Ammar participated from which country?

Saudi Arabia

44. Which former Russian President started his Office on December 31, 1999, for the first term?

Vladimir Putin

45. President Louis Napoleon Bonaparte’s forces crush an attempted coup d’etat in which country in 1851?


46. United Kingdom (1908) London, England – Henley-on-Thames (2 lanes) was an Olympic venue for which event?


47. Who said, “Change is the end result of all true learning”?

Leo Buscaglia

48. Who wrote the novel Burning Daylight?

Jack London

49. Christian Götz was a trade unionist and politician from which country?


50. Battle of Waynesborough (Brier Creek), Georgia was held in which year?


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Battle of Waynesboro

51. What are the 4 styles of boxing?

Swarmer, out-boxer, slugger, and boxer-puncher

52. T25, 1955 engine was made for which French Formula One engine manufacturer?


53. Who are the five good emperors of the Roman Empire?

Nerva (reigned 96–98 CE), Trajan (98–117), Hadrian (117–138), Antoninus Pius (138–161), and Marcus Aurelius (161–180)

54. Who wrote the first dystopia?

Yevgeny Zamyatin

55. 2020 Breaking, the competitive form of breakdancing, confirmed as an Olympic sport for which games?

Paris 2024

56. What is the name of the language, regulated by the Academy of Sciences of Albania, Tirana in Albania, and Kosovo?


57. Who was Quadratus of Athens in the Roman period?


58. How many languages are spoken in Egypt?


59. Kasbah castle is located in which country?

Saudi Arabia

60. In 1864, Romanian Jews are forbidden to do what?

Practise law

61. Born in 1884, who was an American linguist and ethnologist and a specialist in the indigenous peoples of California?

John Peabody Harrington

62. Jadrolinija is a passenger ship company in which country?


63. Born in 1944, who was a feminist, and human rights campaigner in Scotland?

Ruth Adler

64. What is a Colure?

in astronomy, is either of the two principal meridians of the celestial sphere

65. In 1875, William Magear Tweed “Boss Tweed” (Tammany Hall, NYC) did what?

Escaped from jail

66. Ayushman Joshi is an actor, VG, and model of which country?


67. On which ground in Australia, the first cricket test match was held on 12 December 18844?

Adelaide Oval

68. Railroad worms are bioluminescent organisms, meaning what?

Can produce light

69. What is Yinglong?

a Chinese dragon

70. In 2018, which sports held in London, England: US ends Europe’s 8-year run with an 11-9 win; MVP: Skyler Woodward (USA)?

Mosconi Cup nine-ball pool

71. Who was Zaynab bint Jahsh in Islam?

a Wife of Prophet Muhammad (SW)

72. What is PeaceJam Ghana?

an annual Youth Leadership Conference that is built around the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

73. The Way We Live Now is one of the best BBC Period Dramas of all time released in which year?


74. Which German goalkeeper became the first-ever goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet in the final of a FIFA World Cup in 1990?

Bodo Illgner

75. In 1881, The first edition of which newspaper was published?

Los Angeles Times

76. Who was Judith?

a Woman mentioned in the Old Testament apocrypha

77. What is headed by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, currently Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople?

The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

78. What is “Dual unionism”?

A labor slogan

79. What is the smallest and southernmost of the main islands in Japan?

Okinawa Island

80. In 1901, Anne Russell’s which play was premiered in New York?

“Girl and the judge”

81. Cuticle is located in which part of the human body?


82. Dharan is a sub-metropolitan city in Sunsari District in which country?


83. Perdurabo (Latin: “I will endure” or ” I will endure until the end”) — who used the Magical motto?

Aleister Crowley

84. What is nickmnamed “Dragon City” in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia?


85. In 1889, which explorer’s expedition reaches Bagamoyo in the Indian Ocean?

Henery Morton Stanley’s

86. Midlands Comedy Awards are given in which country for comedy and humor?


87. Anna Petrovna was a grand duchess of which country?


88. Marid Castle is located in which country?

Saudi Arabia

89. NRK is a Cable and satellite television channel in which country?


90. 56th Congress (1899-1901) was convened in which month in 1899?


91. What is the male counterparts of the American slang term “Basic bitch” in hip-hop culture?


92. What is the score of Estonia as the smart people based on Students’ Test Scores in Reading, Math, and Science – OECD PISA 2018?

523, 523, 530

93. As of August 2020, what is the size rank of the Masjid al-Haram and building in the world?

Eighth largest

94. What is Concurso Literario Juan Carlos Onetti in Uruguay?

Literary awards

95. In 2018, which Brazilian spiritual healer was accused of sexual abuse by four women, over 200 more come forward in next week?

João Teixeira de Faria

96. What is the oldest active fraternity?

Kappa Alpha Society

97. What does the Earth-centered inertial (ECI) do?

Coordinate frames have their origins at the center of mass of Earth and are fixed with respect to the stars

98. Who is the Miss Nepal titleholder in 2000?

Usha Khadgi

99. Who was Symphorosa?

venerated as a saint of the Catholic Church; according to tradition, she was martyred with her seven sons at Tibur

100. In 1899 Webb Hayes, son of which US President received the medal of honor?

Rutherford Hayes

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