Top 50 GK Question with Answer Fun Printable Trivia Quiz Free

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Top 50 GK Question with Answer Printable Trivia Quiz

1. What is the English name of Búlbhard Chois Bá in Dublin?

Bayside Boulevard (street)

2. As of 2021, how many people have served on the Court, since the Supreme Court was established in 1789?


3. Who was popular in the American press at the time for opposing the Hoover Moratorium, a temporary freeze on World War I debt payments that was disliked in both France and the US?

Pierre Laval

4. Name a charter airline in Qatar.

Qatar Amiri Flight

5. RAF bombs Philips factory (150 die) in which year?


6. Young Professionals Exchange Program is an American scholarship given by which organization?

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange

7. Which musical wasopened at Majestic Theater NYC for 413 performances in 1956?

“Happy Hunting”

8. What links John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester A. Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry S. Truman, and Lyndon B. Johnson, and Gerald Ford?

Nine US vice presidents have ascended to the presidency

9. What was an agreement among the 13 original states of the United States of America?

The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union

10. Dutch & British pilots see Japanese invasion fleet at which country in 1941?


11. In 1904, who from Balliol college received a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford?

Norman Jolly

12. Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children is located in which country?


13. Bassar city is located in which African country?


14. Name a professional skater, who has appeared in the Dancing on Ice – a British television series telecast in from 2006 to 2011.

Isabelle Gauthier

15. NYC Council agrees to build Idlewild (Kennedy) Airport in Queens in which year?


16. What is the French-language newspaper published from Miami, Florida since 1986?

Haïti en Marche

17. Which New York psychologist won “$64,000 Question” with topic of boxing in 1955?

Joyce Brothers

18. Who was the President of the nUnited States in 1977–1981?

Jimmy Carter

19. Which newspaper was published in 1639 from Genoa in Italian language?


20. Who resigned as viceroy of Ethiopia in 1940?

Pietro Badoglio

21. What is a 1961 French-Italian film, directed by Carlo Luigi Bragaglia and Vittorio Cottafavi, including characters of Etruscan king Porsenna and Mucius Scaevola?

Le vergini di Roma

22. Who was the father of Emperor Lucius Verus, in 136, he was adopted by Hadrian and named heir to the throne?

Lucius Aelius Caesar

23. US 95th Infantry division reaches Westwall in which year?


24. What was the genre of American film “The Milker’s Mishap”, released in 1897?


25. Which US lunar probe reached 107,269 km, falls back in 1958?

Pioneer 3

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Pioneer 3 (1958)

26. Canyelles is a what in Barcelona?

Public library

27. Brown’s Lou “Toe” Groza kicks 8 PATs, beating Giants 62-14 in which year?


28. What is the techno-thriller novel by Larry Bond, depicting a speculative military fiction novel about a second war in Korea, as told from the differing points of view of various American servicemen?

Red Phoenix

29. What is the pinnacle height of KRDK-TV mast, a guyed mast founded in 1998 in Galesburg, North Dakota?

627.8 m (2,060 ft)

30. Which country begins nationalizing Dutch possessions in 1957?


31. What is the name of 2000 thriller film from France, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, casts Jean Reno, Vincent Cassel, Nadia Farès?

The Crimson Rivers

32. Which national park in Florida is dedicated in 1947?

The Everglades National Park

33. What is the date of the acquisition of sovereignty of Cabo Verde?

5 July 1975

34. The Plough and Stars restaurant is located in which city in Massachusetts, USA?


35. AFL-CIO votes to expel Teamsters (readmitted in October 1987) in which year?


36. Miramar is a seaside resort in which country?

Buenos Aires, Argentina

37. Which Pope publishes encyclical Mirabile illud in 1950?

Pius XII

38. Crocus Hill is the highest point of which country?


39. Manuka Oval cricket ground is located in which country?

Canberra, Australia

40. 1st US attempt to launch a satellite fails-Vanguard rocket blows up in which year?


41. Australia has what percent of total water of the Earth?


42. Who & 156 others arrested for political activities in South Africa in 1956?

Nelson Mandela

43. Imperial Theatre is located in which city?

New York

44. Republic of Utrecht country name is of which origin?


45. Gestapo arrest which German resistance fighter/poster artist in 1940?

Helen Ernst

46. Biddinghuizen city is located in which country?

The Netherlands

47. Which government tells Israeli ambassador that he is persona non grata in 1952?


48. What is the lowest point of Anguilla?

Caribbean Sea

49. What is the largest island in New Zealand?

South Island

50. What does the astronomical symbol ⚴ mean?

Pallas (Astoroid)

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