50 Smart General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answer Free Test

Smart quiz questions answer general knowledge trivia are a collection of awesome interesting facts one must find new. For humans, knowledge is the most potent and important decoration.

Smart quiz questions answer general knowledge trivia is like gasoline, and our bodies like our automobiles; the more knowledge you have, the greater the distance you can travel. It allows us to have control over what we’re doing. No doubt, smart quiz questions answer general knowledge trivia might be anything, such as a lecture, a choice, or writing an article. It gives us fodder to speak about and do things with at times. It’s true, smart quiz questions that answer general knowledge trivia may propel you to the top if utilized effectively since it forces you to perform three key things:- why should I respond to the other person/thing? what to say or do in response to the person/thing? When should you speak or respond to the person or items in question?

The goal of knowledge is action. Without action, knowledge merely becomes more knowledge. What influence are you having if you’re accumulating information only for the sake of knowing smart quiz questions answer general knowledge trivia? Reading a book may provide you with a lot of information and help you enhance your knowledge base. Tell me, have you ever had a fruit salad with tomato in it?

Have you ever had a pizza with brinjal (eggplant) on it? Action is the goal of smart quiz questions that answers general knowledge trivia. If you have information but don’t act on it, your knowledge is worthless. If you don’t do something with what you know, it’s simply more knowledge. Knowing that a tomato is a fruit is knowledge. Smart quiz questions answer general knowledge trivia not to include tomato in a fruit salad is wisdom. The same may be said about pizza made with brinjal.

Smart General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answer Free Test

1. Julia, still unwilling to reveal her love in front of Lucetta, angrily tears up the letter in Shakespeare’s which famous play?

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

2. How many emperors are there in Roman Empire?

There were about 70 Roman emperors from the beginning (Augustus — 27 BC) until the end (Romulus Augustus — 476 AD).

3. What is the first dystopian novel?


4. Al-Ukhaydir castle is located in which country?

Saudi Arabia, Tabuk Province

5. The United Nations warns that the world is on course for the warmest year since records began in which year?


6. Siwi Coptic is a what in Egypt?

a language

7. Which German footballer has played in a record 25 World Cup matches?

Lothar Matthäus

8. Which team fire head coach Ben McAdoo and manager Jerry Reese after a 2–10 start in 2017?

New York Giants

9. Italian city Turin is located in which region of the country?


10. In 2015, Floods in Chennai and Tamil Nadu state, India start receding after a month of heavy rainfall, leaving how many dead and thousands stranded?

more than 260 dead

11. How many Roman emperors died of natural causes?


12. Which Scottish artist won the 2018 Turner Prize with a film shot on her iPhone in 2018?

Charlotte Prodger

13. Captain Roger Donlon is awarded the first Medal of Honor of which for successfully repelling a large Viet Cong attack in 1964?

Vietnam War

14. The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is founded in which year?


15. In which tournament of nine-ball pool, held in December 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada: 4 consecutive titles for Europe after an 11-2 thrashing of US?

Mosconi Cup

16. In 1957, what was the first US city to legislate against racial or religious discrimination in the housing market (Fair Housing Practices Law)?

New York

17. A great anthropological collection Totemism was written in 1887 by whom?

James Frazer

18. Thomas fire begins and spreads to which city of California in 2017?


19. What is a circumpolar star?

a star, as viewed from a given latitude on Earth, that never sets below the horizon due to its apparent proximity to one of the celestial poles

20. Which country and Pro-Russian rebels agree to ceasefire in the eastern war zone, beginning December 9, 2014?


21. Who is the most famous of all Roman poets and authors of the Aeneid?


22. Houses and House-life of the American Aborigines was written in 1881 by whom?

Lewis Henry Morgan

23. Attempts to establish mob council in which Italian thwarted when 46 members of the mafia were arrested including Settimio Mineo in 2018?


24. Born in 1881, who was an English social anthropologist who developed the theory of structural functionalism and coadaptation.

Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown, FBA

25. In 2013, who becomes Luxenberg’s first openly gay Prime Minister?

Xavier Bettel

26. Who was Cleopatra Thea?

a Woman mentioned in the Old Testament apocrypha

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Cleopatra Thea

27. Adopted in 2010, what is the state grass of Kansas?

Little bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparium (Andropogon scoparius)

28. Ownership group Seattle Hockey Partners led by which billionaire businessman was unanimously granted an NHL license by the Board of Governors in 2018?

Davis Bonderman

29. What is Dilong?

a Chinese dragon

30. In 2014, Mosconi Cup nine-ball pool, held in Blackpool, England, which team beats US, 11-5 for 5th straight title; MVP: Niels Feijen (Netherlands)?

Team Europe

31. Who was Prophet Muhammad’s first wife


32. In Greek mythology, who was the husband of Clytemnestra?


33. Which German footballer is the highest goalscorer in the WC tournament’s history with 16 goals?

Miroslav Klose

34. Who was Gladys Cretan?

a writer from Crete

35. In 2012, which typhoon makes landfall in the Philippines killing at least 81 people?

Typhoon Bopha

36. North And South are one of the best BBC Period Dramas of all time released in which year?


37. What is the String-of-pearls in southwest Africa?


38. What does the astronomical symbol 🌜︎ mean?

Last week of the month, the other half of the visible face illuminated

39. What was Arkansaurus?

An Appalachian dinosaur

40. Which channel airs the musical “Peter Pan Live!” starring Allison Williams and Christopher Walken in 2014?


41. Who was a British physician and ethnologist born in 1873, describing the culture of the Vedda people of Sri Lanka and the Shilluk people of Sudan?

Charles Gabriel Seligman, FRS FRAI

42. Emmanuel Macron, President of which country drops controversial rise in fuel tax after three weeks of mass protests in 2018?


43. What does PBS means in media?

Public Broadcasting Service

44. In Greek mythology, who was the brother of Menelaus?


45. In 2012, 29 people are killed by a mortar attack in which city in Syria?


46. Natalya Alexeyevna was a grand duchess of which country?


47. The ’70s is widely regarded as the “golden age” of which content in the media?

Creation of costume dramas and parlor room mysteries

48. Who said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”?

John Wooden

49. In the Preliminary Round of the 2014 WPA World Nine-ball Championship held in Doha, Scott Cooney participated from which country?


50. Which country beat Argentina in Seville (3-1) in the 100th Davis Cup in 2011?


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