50 Quiz Questions General Knowledge Fun Trivia for Over 60s

Are you ready to solve these quiz questions for over 60s general knowledge interesting facts and GK quiz for pure fun and refreshing entertainment? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn 60. For some 60-year-olds, it may mean spending time with their children and grandchildren; for others, it could mean getting together with old friends at a favorite hangout while listening to music. If retirement is on the horizon, turning 60 may be the catalyst for new interests and pastimes with quiz questions for over 60s general knowledge. In certain cultures, this birthday is also a significant occasion. A person who reaches the age of 60 in China, for example, is regarded to have completed a full life cycle. The 60th birthday is celebrated with such opulence since it marks the beginning of a new life for the person who knows about quiz questions for over 60s general knowledge.

Enjoy your 60th year of enjoyment. Here are some suggestions for making your 60th birthday special. Nothing is more essential than family, regardless of age when to solve quiz questions for over 60s general knowledge. Make the most of your 60th birthday by spending time with the people you care about. Telling stories about your past, such as recounting where you were at significant historical events, might help you relive the memorable moments of your life full of fun and quiz questions for over 60s general knowledge. Learn more about them as well—what are their current passions, and what is the most recent news in pop culture and technology? Nothing beats a nice grandmother or grandfather.

Isn’t it exciting to finally have your own cafe, or solving attitude of quiz questions for over 60s general knowledge? Perhaps you might learn to grow or learn a new trade. Participate in a yoga class, take a guided trip to a remote location, and enjoy a night out with your pals. Treat your 60th voyage around the sun as an opportunity to attempt new things, whatever you choose this quiz questions for over 60s general knowledge.

Quiz Questions General Knowledge Fun Trivia for Over 60s

1. Who was the President of Mexico in 1970–1976?

Luis Echeverría

2. Who said, “From our birthday, until we die, is but the winking of an eye”?

William Butler Yeats

3. Who said, “When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.”?

Mark Twain

4. Who said, “One starts to get young at the age of 60, and then it is too late.”?

Pablo Picasso

5. In 1897, which city became the world’s first city to host licensed taxicabs?


6. What is the French-language newspaper published in Brooklyn, New York since 1983?

Haïti Progrès

7. Australian Sculpture 1890-1919 exhibition was held in the year in Australia?


8. Vodëz e Sipërme village is located in Berat County in which country?


9. Who said, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”?

Sydney J. Harris

10. The British grant Transvaal self-government in which year?


11. Which 2019 archaic Latin film was directed by Matteo Rovere?

The First King

12. What is a guyed mast or guyed tower?

a tall thin vertical structure that depends on guy lines for stability

13. What does the astronomical symbol ♅ mean?


14. What is the pinnacle height of Warsaw Radio Mast, a guyed mast founded in 1974 in Poland?

646.4 m (2,121 ft)

15. In 1923, 1st US Presidential address was broadcast on radio by which president?

President Calvin Coolidge

16. Grendel’s Den Restaurant is located in which city in Massachusetts, USA?


17. Where was the Constitutional Convention of the USA took place in from May 25 to September 17, 1787?


18. Camp de l’Arpa – Caterina Albert is a what in Barcelona?

Public library

19. Published in 2017, what is the techno-thriller novel by Brett Arquette, depicting the continuation of Marshall Hail tracking down and killing another terrorist using his drone technology?

Hail Warning (Hail 2)

20. In 1907, Coal mine explosions in which location in West Virginia kills 361?


21. What is a biennial drawing prize and exhibition, held by the National Art School in association with the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation?

The Dobell Drawing Prize

22. La Lucila del Mar is a seaside resort in which country?


23. Which newspaper was published in 1620 from Antwerp in the Dutch language?

Nieuwe Tijdinghen

fun trivia quiz questions and answers fun history quiz questions and answers fun general knowledge quiz with answers fun trivia questions and answers for adults general knowledge trivia with answers
a Abraham Verhoeven, Nieuwe Tijdinghen, 11 September 1624

24. Born at Praeneste, who was a Roman author and teacher of rhetoric who flourished under Septimius Severus and probably outlived Elagabalus, who died in 222?

Claudius Aelianus, commonly Aelian

25. The 1st electric power line commercial carrier in the US, Utica, NY in which year?


26. What was the genre of American film “Robetta and Doretto”, released in 1895?


27. Friedrich Wolf’s which musical was premiered in Zurich in 1934?

“Professor Mamlock”

28. What is the name of a 2000 crime thriller film from France, directed by Virginie Despentes, Coralie Trinh Thi, casts Raffaela Anderson, Karen Bach?


29. How many associate justice under the Chief Justice of the USA constitute a quorum?


30. In 1912, which country voted for universal human rights?


31. What is the second-most populous city in Togo, after Lomé?

Sokodé, 45,660 (2010)

32. What is the English name of Bóthar Mon in Dublin?

Anglesea Road

33. How many of the key founders of the US – Washington, Jay, Hamilton, and Madison – were not signers?


34. What is the oldest living newspaper in the world?

Gazzetta di Mantova

35. In 1939, Cole Porter’s which musical was opened at 46th Street Theatre, NYC; runs 408 performances?

“Du Barry Was A Lady”

36. The Queensland Children’s Hospital is a public children’s hospital in which city in Australia?


37. Who was the Chairman of the People’s Revolutionary Party of Laos in 1992–2006?

Khamtai Siphandone

38. Who was the leader of India’s independence movement

Mahatma Gandhi

39. The Millennium Excellence Award Program (defunct) was an American scholarship given by which organization?

Canadian Millennium Scholarship

40. In 1913, which team beat Giants 9-4 in an exhibition game in Tokyo?

White Sox

41. Name a professional skater, who has appeared in the Dancing on Ice – a British television series telecast in from 2006 to 2011.

Hamish Gaman

42. Who was Nicholas Hilliard (1547–1619)?

English goldsmith, limner, portrait miniature painter

43. What was the Greek empire called?

In the Middle Ages, the Greek Empire can refer to Byzantine Empire.

44. In 1904, who from Worcester college received a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford?

Robert Henry

45. In 1922, 1st constitution of which Free State comes into operation?

Irish Free State

46. Which two vice presidents in the USA served under more than one president?

George Clinton and John C. Calhoun

47. In 1971, a lady dies while attempting to recover possessions from the Salvation Army Citadel in which city following a bomb that caused a big fire in an adjacent building?


48. Amber Aviation is a charter airline in which country?


49. Which US state has produced the most Vice Presidents of any state as eight have been born there and three others considered it their home state?

New York

50. In 1914, which country’s troops overrun Lodz?


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