100 Fun Trivia Questions and Answers General Knowledge Quiz

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Fun trivia questions and answers

1. Götterdämmerung is a name of what?


2. In Italy what is a “Zuppa Inglese”?


3. In what sport would you take a rest and use a spider?

Snooker, Cycling

4. You are eating Grapes, pineapples, potatoes, carrots – what acid are you eating with them?

Tartaric Acid

5. In his profession who’s entitled to wear the “traje de luces”?


6. What dessert wine is a normal ingredient of zabaglione?


7. What was known as the Oxbow Xerox?


8. What is the only bird with a fully formed penis?


9. Who took the picture of the first footprint on the moon?

Buzz Aldrin

10. What do Yoni worshipers worship?

Female Genitals

11. In what sport would you perform an Adolf?

Trampolining forward 3.5 twists

12. In food what does UHT mean on the carton?

Ultra Heat Treatment

13. In 1782 in France what was louison or louisette?

The Guillotine before renaming it

14. What is the main flavoring in a Greek Tzataili sauce?


15. In which sport can you perform a Danish swipe?


16. In which country do the Sumi people live?


17. What is a mudpuppy?

American Salamander

18. The sequel to which famous novel was called 20 years after?

The Three Musketeers

19. What is the Independence Day of France?

France has no Independence Day

20. 10% (by weight) of the world’s land animals are what species?


21. What did the S stand for in Harry S Truman?


22. In which sport would you perform a Randolph?


23. Xanadu is a Chinese city and what color name?

gray-green color of the philodendron leaf

24. Who are the 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th US presidents respectively?

John Tyler James A. Garfield, Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan

25. At birth, which animal is smaller than a mouse and weighs about four ounces?


26. What is the BMW motto?

“Designed for Driving Pleasure”

27. Which US president had a pet named Whiskers the goat?

Benjamin Harrison

28. Funny book The Idiot is written by whom?

Elif Batuman

29. It’s a Japanese emperor, a comic opera, and a bold yellow. What is this?


30. What is considered to be a prioritized sport in England compared to golf?


31. Male koalas have two penises, and female koalas have two vaginas. T/F


32. Meows are not innate cat language—they developed them to communicate with humans! T/F?


33. Funny book Delete At Your Peril is written by whom?

Bob Servant

34. Which nation held a winning record for America’s Cup since its beginning but lost this streak to Australia in 1983?


35. In which US city, one must obtain a permit from the city to throw hay in a cesspool?


36. What animal is the first nonhuman mammal with a proven ability to keep a beat?

A sea lion

37. What is the deep red shade color commonly found on barns, from the Swedish city of Falun?


38. Which team holds a record of 149 consecutive wins in regular-season weeks?

The University of Miami

39. What insects can flap their wings 200 times per second?


40. Who are the 5th, 15th, 25th, 35th, and 45th US presidents respectively?

James Monroe, James Buchanan, William McKinley, John F. Kennedy, Donald Trump

41. What food is used as the center of golf balls?


42. Eyeballs of which animal turn blue in winter to help them see at lower light levels?


43. What sounds like a Smurfs villain, but it means emerald green?


44. Which animals have black skin and see-through fur?

Polar bears

45. Which country golfers share their luck by carrying hole-in-one insurance?


46. In which US city, sandboxes may not be used as ashtrays?

El Monte

47. In terms of development, the first year of a cat’s life is equal to how many years of human life?

First 15 years

48. The male gentoo and Adelie penguins “propose” to females by giving them what?

A pebble

49. What is Eburnean?

A color as white as ivory, with a slightly yellow shade

50. Who completed a 100-yard dash in 17.8 seconds at the age of 101?

Larry Lewis

51. Kids are not allowed to play on the sidewalk in which US city?


52. Which sport was banned in England during 1457?


53. The now extinct animal stood as tall as 2.03-meter basketball legend LeBron James?

Colossal penguin

54. Dogs’ sense of smell is about how many times stronger than humans’?

100, 000 times, however, dogs have only one-sixth our number of taste buds.

55. Rose-red amaranth isn’t just a plant. What else?

Amaranth is a color, too.

56. Who wears out their shoes in one race?


57. Animals with smaller bodies and faster metabolism such as chipmunks and squirrels see in slow motion. T/F?


58. Jean-Paul Sartre waved off the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature. Why?

His explanation: “It is not the same thing if I sign Jean-Paul Sartre or if I sign Jean-Paul Sartre, Nobel Prize winner. A writer must refuse to allow himself to be transformed into an institution, even if it takes place in the most honorable form.”

59. Elephants have a specific alarm call that means what?


60. The oldest continuous trophy sports is what?

America’s Cup.

61. What animals call each other by name. “Oi, Flipper!”?

Wild dolphins

62. Originally another word for poppy, the flower’s orange-tinted red color. What is it?


63. In which US city, it is illegal to fall asleep in public?


64. One species of what animal is immortal?


65. Who is Daniel Carleton Gajdusek

Daniel Carleton Gajdusek won in 1976 for his research in human slow-virus infections, spent 19 months in jail after pleading guilty in 1997 to charges of child molestation.

66. Wat animals spend around half their time in water and the other half on land?


67. Which company has the motto — “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There”?

State Farm

68. What is Fulvous?

Brownish-yellow color

69. How many children have conceived annually at the Super Bowl parking lot during tailgate parties?

More than 100

70. Which nationalist rules of football were originally given to cricket players to have something to play during the off-seasons?


71. Wo wrote the funny book The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾ is written by whom?

Sue Townsend

72. In which US city it is illegal to sell gasoline to a drunken person?


73. What is the flesh color called?


74. What is the difference between macumba and candomble?

Macumba is a syncretic religion practiced in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The religions that are referred to under the umbrella term Macumba are Candomblé, Giro, and Mesa Blanca.

75. A snail can sleep for how long at a time?

Three years

76. Which year’s Derby winner helped created the first instance of global electronic communications?


77. In which US city, a man can’t go outside while wearing a jacket and pants that do not match?


78. A group of what animal in the water is called a raft but on land, they’re called a waddle?


79. What is Wenge?

Dark brown wood color with copper undertones

80. Penguins can drink seawater. T/F?


81. Which pets spend about 70 percent of the day sleeping. And 15 percent of the day grooming?


82. How many ants are there for every human in the world?

1 million ants

83. What is the difference between an EP and an LP?

An EP (short for extended play) is a musical recording that contains more music than a single but is too short to qualify as a full album or LP. (long play)

84. A pig’s orgasm lasts for how long?

30 minutes

85. In which US city, it is illegal to cry on the witness stand?

Los Angeles

86. 5. A blue whale weighs as much as three elephants and is as long as three Greyhound buses. T/F?


87. Who is the lucky number 7th US president?

Andrew Jackson

88. What animal can eat up to 1 thousand insects per hour?

A bat

89. Funny book Hyperbole and a Half is written by whom?

Allie Brosh

90. In which year, Bulgaria had the only soccer team where all player’s last names ended in ‘OV’?

In 1994

91. Blue-gray or blue-green coating on grapes and plums is named what color?


92. The black and white “tuxedo” look donned by most penguin species is a clever camouflage called what?


93. What is the U.S. Marine Corps motto?

“The Few. The Proud. The Marines”

94. How many hearts the Octopuses have?

Three hearts

95. What is the difference between a website and an URL?

A URL is an address to a website.

96. Sharks kill fewer than 10 people per year whereas humans kill how many sharks per year?

About 100 million

97. In which US city, cars may not be driven in reverse?


98. Which baseball player hit his first and only home run a few hours after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon?

Gaylord Perry

99. Penguins evolved to fly underwater. T/F?


100. What is the Bergensbanen?

The Bergensbanen is a train that goes from Oslo, Norway, and Bergen. It was built in 1909.

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