100 Fun Easy Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge

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Fun easy quiz questions and answers

1. After its second year, a cat is how many in human years?

25 years

2. What is the California state nickname?

Golden State

3. Which stars can spin at a rate of 600 rotations per second?

Neutron stars

4. How many languages and dialects are there in the world?

Around 7,000

5. The first email ever sent was in which year?


6. The Parts for the Modern Computer Were First Invented in which year?


7. In which US city, children may not wear a halloween mask unless they get a special permit from the sheriff?


8. What animals are not only three times stronger than humans but they can also fall 100 feet and not be injured?


9. DNA contains four building blogs named what?

Guanine, adenine, thymine, and cytosine

10. In ancient times, who were not allowed to even be spectators at the Olympics?


11. What is Avunculicide?

The act of killing an uncle (Latin: avunculus “(maternal) uncle”).

12. The Lights are On, but Nobody’s Home – means what?

About a stupid person

13. Similar to the Sloth, which other animal can sustain injuries from heights up to 40 feet?


14. Space is completely silent, why?

There is no atmosphere

15. Chew the Fat – means what?

To chat or gossip

16. How much was the First Gigabyte Drive Cost?


17. In which US city, peacocks have the right of way to cross any street, including driveways?


18. Cats can rotate their ears how many degrees.

180 degrees

19. How many emails were sent and received every day in 2020?

300.4 billion

20. A single chromosome anywhere between what numbers base pairs?

50 million and 250 million

21. Plato supported women in sports by advocating in which sports?

Running and sword-fighting.

22. What is a Besom?

A broom made of twigs tied together on a long handle, broom made of twigs tied to a long handle

23. What animals can sprint short distances of between 58 to 61 kilometres?


24. Have a One-Track Mind! – means what?

If someone has a one-track mind, they spend most of their time thinking about one subject

25. The Case of the First Macintosh Computer Includes how many Signatures?


26. How many stars are their in our known universe?

An Australian National University study put their estimate at 70 sextillion. Put another way, that’s 70,000 million million million.

27. In which US city, nobody is allowed to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool?

Baldwin Park

28. What is the most spoken language in the world?

Chinese. 1.2 billion speakers – 1 billion of whom speak Mandarin.

29. Percentage of which country citizens that check their email as follows:

while driving: 18%
in bed: 50%
in the bathroom: 40%
on vacation: 79%?


30. How many DNA bases are there in our genome?

Around 3 million

31. What is Delawarean?

Name of Delaware city residents

32. During the ‘Song’, ‘Yuan’, and ‘Ming’ dynasties in China, women played in which event?

Professional Cuju or Tsuchü teams(earliest form of football)

33. Cat Got Your Tongue – means what?

Something you say to someone when they will not speak

34. Berserker means what?

One of the ancient Norse warriors legendary for working themselves into a frenzy before a battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury

35. Unlike turtles on land the Sea-Turtle does not do what?

Retract into its shell

36. The Worst U.S. Security Breach of All Time Happened Because of what?

A USB Stick

37. What is the name Alabama origin?

From the Alabama or Alibamu people, though the river was named first. Alabama comes from the Choctaw for “vegetation pickers,” in reference to local farming practices.

38. The Apollo astronauts’ footprints on the moon will probably stay there for at least 100 million years, why?

There is no wind of water on the moon

39. People own how many account per user?

About 1.8 accounts

40. The hearing of the average cat is at least how many times keener than that of a human adult?


41. Paternity DNA tests compare DNA between whom?

A father and child

42. It is illegal to whistle for a lost canary before 7 am in which US city?


43. The first time women made an entry in the Olympic Games was in which city?

Paris in 1900

44. Which animals are also known as the sea cow and were believed to be the inspiration behind mermaids and sirens?


45. When Pigs Fly – means what?

Whatever you are discussing will never happen

46. A Single Computer Catches what percent of all Wikipedia Vandalism?


47. How many fake languages are there?

Over 200

48. How many brains an Octopus has?


49. Consumer email accounts represented the majority what percent of US email accounts in 2016?


50. DNA tests can help you understand your risk for genetic diseases. T/F?


51. Modern Olympic games, took place in which year, were not open to women?


52. what percent of our solar system’s mass is the sun?


53. In the largest cat breed, the average male weighs approximately how many pounds??


54. All Talk and No Trousers – means what?

All talk but no action

55. In which city, women may not wear high heels while in the city limits?


56. Computers Sort what percent of Mail?


57. Cat’s Arse – means what?

To describe the facial expression adopted by a scorned woman

58. As per a survey, which day of the week is the best day of the week to send an email?


59. Kangaroo is relative to which animal?


60. DNA is found in all living things. T/F?


61. What is Familicide?

A multiple-victim homicide where a killer’s spouse and children are slain (Latin: familia “family”).

62. What is the Independence Day of Spain?

Spain has no Independence Day

63. Women’s sports in Europe in what time focused on correct posture, facial and bodily beauty, muscles, and health?

The late 1800s

64. Where does the Beaverhead river outflow?

Gulf of Mexico

65. In which US city, you are prohibited from owning a smelly animal hide?


66. In German, Rice Krispies go what?

‘Knisper! Knasper! Knusper!

67. 6. More energy from the sun hits Earth every hour than the planet uses in a year. T/F?

True. The amount of energy only accounts for 0.7% of the world’s annual electricity usage?

68. MIT Has Computers That can Detect Fake what?


69. As of September 2019, which country is the number one offender for spam email?


70. Cemetery is a word that originated from which language?


71. On Venus, the sun will rise in the west and set in the east, why?

Venus rotates clockwise

72. Forensics DNA testing looks at how many specific segments of DNA?


73. In whichUS city, it is against the law to hold a private bingo game?


74. A cat cannot see directly under its nose. T/?F


75. Women’s sports were mostly _____ rather than sport-specific.


76. Computers Might Soon be Able to Tell What?

What a Dog thinks

77. Hairy at the Heel – means what?

Someone who is ill-bred, dangerous or untrustworthy

78. In the U.S., what percent of email is read on mobile devices?


79. The koala is a relative of what animal?

The Australian wombat

80. Throughout evolution, humans have lost over how many DNA codes?


81. Releasing more than one Mylar or foil balloon into the air is a crime in which US state?

Los Angeles

82. Bardolatry means what?

The idolization of William Shakespeare

83. The most widely translated books after the Bible what?

The Little Prince and Pinocchio

84. Fall Off the Back of a Lorry – means what?

You acquired something that was probably stolen, or you are trying to sell something that’s stolen or illegitimate

85. In which year, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), a sports organization based in the United States, held its first national championship for women in the category of swimming?

In 1916

86. Which animals do their poop in cubes?


87. Bamboo shoot means what?

Edible young shoots of bamboo

88. What percent of the emails a person receives every day are considered important?

Only 14%

89. We share what percent of identical DNA with cabbage?


90. Which US city has outlawed the frying of gravy?

Redwood City

91. Auk means what?

Black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving bird of northern seas

92. Which country engineered a Computer That Ran on Water?


93. Enough to Cobble Dogs with – means what?

A surplus of anything

94. In which US city, it is illegal for used underwear to be employed in wiping off cars in a car wash?

San Francisco

95. Use Your Loaf – means what?

Use your head, think smart

96. Elephant calves can stand within what time of birth?

20 minutes

97. Disney Fired John Lasseter for what reason?

For Pushing Computer Animation

98. The average person who works in an office receives how many emails a day and sends out 40 business emails daily?


99. What percent of our DNA is the same as other humans?


100. To have Van Gogh’s Ear for Music – means what?

To be done deaf

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