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Festivity is joyful. Holiday quiz questions and answers must be a good source to know about each holiday, culture, origin, norms, customs, and festivity. Holidays are quite fun and when people know about a particular holiday from holiday quiz questions and answers quiz printable general knowledge, it’s really great.

Festival changes the mood of mind, its inspiration, and charm, feelings of unity and independence from holiday quiz questions and answers printable quizzes. It’s true, one single trivia is not able to let know all of the events of festivity, thereby holiday quiz questions and answers are just an endeavor to try a little.

Let’s solve the holiday quiz questions and answers below in order to understand some of the wholes.

Holiday quiz questions and answers

1. On what day is US Independence Day 2021?


2. In Britain, the Christmas tree was introduced in which era?

Early 19th century

3. In 1821, the book A New-year’s present, to the little ones from five to twelve was published in…

New York

4. The Restoration of the Stuart monarchy in the kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland took place in


5. Which of Santa’s reindeer is female?


6. Who was Rudolph’s father?


7. “The Last Waltz”, a 1978 documentary that took place on Thanksgiving Day in 1976, whose farewell concert was it?

The Band

8. What immigrants brought Santa Claus to America?


9. In North American tradition (in the United States and Canada), Santa is said to live at the

North pole

10. What is the name of the Celtic festival that Halloween originated from?


11. Where did the Christmas tree originate?


12. What is the birthday of Muhammad called?

Mawlid an-Nabī

13. “Christmas” is a shortened form of

“Christ’s mass”

14. Many popular customs associated with Christmas developed independently of the commemoration of

Christmas Jesus

15. Oak Apple Day or Royal Oak Day, was an English

Public holiday

16. By 1845 “Kris Kringle” was a common variant of Santa in parts of the.

United States

17. letter writing to Santa includes

Wish list

18. On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me what?

A partridge in a pear tree.

19. What do spiders use to create spider webs and capture prey?


20. In America, what type of meat is traditionally served at Thanksgiving celebrations?


21. In which month is the American Thanksgiving holiday celebrated?


22. Who wrote the music for the Holiday classic film “White Christmas”?

Irving Berlin

23. Which nursery rhyme character “sat in a corner, Eating his Christmas pie”?

Little Jack Horner

24. What are witches known to fly through the sky on?


25. On “Seinfeld”, what is the name of Frank Costanza’s alternate holiday for Christmas?


26. Many postal services allow children to send letters to

Santa Clause

27. In 1912 the who became the first actor to be identified as having played Santa Claus in a film

Leedham Bantock

28. In the United States and Canada, children traditionally leave a glass of milk and a plate of cookies intended for

Santa to consume

29. Popular modern customs of the holiday include

Gift giving

30. In which religion Laylat al-Mi’raj is celebrated?


31. Santa Claus, also known as

Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas

32. Who bring gifts on Christmas day

Santa Claus

33. Writing letters to Santa Claus has been a

Christmas traditions

34. The USPS Santa letter answering effort started in


35. In Mexico and other Latin American countries, besides using the mail, what they do

Wrap their letters to a small helium balloon, releasing them into the air so Santa magically receives them

36. What northeastern US state holds the Guinness record for the largest snowman?


37. How tall, plus or minus 25 feet, was the tallest cut Christmas tree?

221 feet

38. In 2010, the Brazilian National Post Service, “Correios” formed partnerships with public schools and social institutions to encourage children to what?

To write a letter to Santa Clause

39. What Christian group banned Christmas in Boston from 1659 to 1681?

The Puritans

40. Name something you might find in a Christmas stocking.

Magazine or comic
A coin
A piece of fruit
A Christmas ornament
Snow globe

41. How many sizes too small was the Grinch’s heart in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”?


42. What comedian played Buddy the elf in the 2003 movie “Elf”?

Will Farrell

43. Before becoming tied up with Christmas what was Yule?

A pagan midwinter festival

44. What stop-motion animated film by Tim Burton stars Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter?

Corpse Bride

45. According to superstition, what do witches transform themselves into to avoid being seen?

Black Cat

46. Which creepy television series on FX starred Lady Gaga as a bloodsucking hotel owner?

American Horror Story

47. What do people fly for Easter on the island of Bermuda?


48. What direction should you stir your Christmas pudding according to tradition?

East To West

49. On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me what?

Two turtle doves, And a partridge in a pear tree.

50. On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me what?

Three French hens, Two turtle doves, And a partridge in a pear tree.

51. Where did the “Home Alone” family go for the Christmas Holidays?


52. Laylat al-Qadr is celebrated in which religion?


53. In what year was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?


54. What zodiac sign falls on Christmas day?


55. As of 2013, how many movies were released under the “Scary Movie” franchise?


56. The French word “Noel” is often used around Christmas, but what was its original meaning in Latin?


57. In 2009, the Brazilian National Post Service, “Correios” answered almost…

Two million children letter

58. What U.S. President decorated the first White House Christmas Tree?

Benjamin Harrison

59. Tisquantum was a member of the Patuxet tribe, what was he more commonly known by?


60. Whose 1933 song is titled “Easter Parade”?

Irving Berlin

61. Easter comes after how many days of Lent in the Christian calendar?

40 Days

62. Which type of pie is traditional at British Christmas feasts?


63. What fruit did Germans decorate holiday trees within the 16th century?


64. What is the name of the Celtic festival that Halloween originated from?


65. Green bean casserole, is a food product invented in 1955 by what company?

Campbell Soup Company

66. How many golden rings are given in the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song?


67. What is the name for the saying on a gravestone?


68. Vampires cannot enter homes of the living unless what happens?

They Are Invited

69. How Santa Clause laugh

Ho ho ho

70. In the Early Middle Ages, Christmas Day was overshadowed by


71. What Roman holiday held from December 17th to the 23rd had a large influence on how Christmas was celebrated?


72. How much does the largest pumpkin ever recorded in U.S. history weigh?

2,528 pounds

73. In “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, what color does Freddy Krueger bleed?


74. How many golden rings are given in the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song?


75. The vampire character Count von Count appeared on which TV show?

Sesame Street

76. “Alice’s Restaurant” is based on a true incident that began on Thanksgiving Day, 1965 to what singer/songwriter?

Arlo Guthrie

77. What is Hajj?

A pilgrimage to holy Meccah.

78. What date was Thanksgiving 2020?

Thursday, November 25

79. Where does the magical train in “The Polar Express” go to?

The North Pole

80. What famous philosopher-poet said, “I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and new”?

Ralph Waldo Emerson

81. How many nights can a vampire bat go without blood before it dies?

2 Nights

82. Among Christians who lived in the East, when was Christmas originally celebrated?

January 6th

83. What is the museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts that replicates the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony?

Plimoth Plantation

84. What fruit did Germans decorate holiday trees within the 16th century?


85. How many times the “Easter Bunny or Hare” mentioned in the Bible?


86. According to U.S. tradition, Santa Claus lives where?

North Pole

87. In what month are pumpkins typically harvested?


88. How many reindeer does Santa have?

Nine Reindeer

89. In what season does Thanksgiving occur in the USA?

Fall, Autumn

90. In what century was the first written use of Xmas?

The 16th century

91. in 17th century England, some groups such as the Puritans, strongly condemned the celebration of


92. What large former retail outlet commissioned and published Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Montgomery Ward

93. In which state was the first citywide Halloween celebration held?


94. What common household pet is thought to be bad luck on Halloween?

Black Cat

95. What fruit is typically bobbed for on Halloween?


96. Which “Margaritaville” singer was born on Christmas in 1946?

Jimmy Buffett

97. The man who voiced the Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas! was most famous for playing what popular Hollywood monster?

Frankenstein’s Monster

98. Oak Apple Day is also celebrated in the

Cornish village of St Neot

99. What Christmas song contains the line “Don we know our gay apparel”?

Deck The Halls

100. How much did the first Christmas card cost?

1 Shilling

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