50 List of Trivia Questions with Answers for Adult Interesting GK

It is time to enjoy the list of trivia questions with answers for adult general knowledge interesting printable quizzes! Information is power in our world. And, if you can depend on Wisdom being given to you, it is not only a blessing but also a sign that God is on your side. There is no better benefit than knowing that God is also with you! Have fun with a list of trivia questions with answers for adult general knowledge. Wisdom and knowledge travel in opposite directions. Knowledge may borrow from wisdom, but wisdom cannot borrow from knowledge.

Understanding the significance of our acts is one of the advantages of knowing. We act on information; without it, we would not be able to operate in a regular manner and would resemble zombies. Share the list of trivia questions with answers for adult general knowledge.

In a 2012 IBF heavyweight championship eliminator at the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Tomasz Adamek defeated Steve Cunningham in a split decision. Grab the list of trivia questions with answers for adult general knowledge.

In a 9-4 triumph against the NY Rangers in 1978, NY Islanders center Bryan Trottier broke an NHL record with six points – four goals and two assists – in the second period; he adds a goal and an assist for a total of eight points; the Islanders’ home winning streak is now at 16 games.

In the 2003 Ballon d’Or, Juventus Czech midfielder Pavel Nedvd beat Arsenal forward Thierry Henry and Milan defender Paolo Maldini to be voted Europe’s finest football player. Explore the list of trivia questions with answers for adult general knowledge.

In a research published in The Lancet in 2016, the Ebola vaccine VSV-EBOV was shown to be 70-100 percent effective, making it the world’s first confirmed vaccination against Ebola. Collect the list of trivia questions with answers for adult general knowledge now!

List of Trivia Questions Interesting General Knowledge Quiz

1. Which roots are horizontally compressed and appear like planks. Eg., Bombax?

Buttress Roots

2. John Derek, and Elaine Stewart cast in which American film in 1954?

The Adventures of Hajji Baba

3. Attempted suicide terrorist bomb attack in New York wounds 3, bomb fails to fully detonate in which year?


4. Which singer had the music track You Haven’t Done Nothin – one of the number 1 singles during the 1970s?

Stevie Wonder

5. In 2012, which bank settles with US authorities to pay $1.9 billion for drug cartel money laundering?

HSBC bank

6. Port of New Orleans is located in which US state?


7. In 1968 which Northern Ireland Prime Minister receives overwhelming support from Unionist Members of Parliament (MPs) at Stormont?

Terence O’Neill

8. What is the name of the superhero action/Black comedy, premiered on January 13, 2022, by HBO Max?


9. Words to use instead of VERY: Very accurate —>?


10. In 2016, which Gambian leader said he will contest his election defeat in court, after his 1st election loss in 22 years?

Yahya Jammeh

11. What was the name of the 1975 republic took 2 years to be incorporated into the Cape Colony, though this time under British rule?


12. In which year, Rahul Gandhi, son of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, is elected leader of the Indian National Congress?


13. On December 3, 1992, who received the first SMS in the world, “Merry Christmas”, sent by programmer Neil Papworth?

Richard Jarvis

14. How many amendments have been ratified by the requisite number of states, are part of the US Constitution?


15. In 2012, which British physicist, won the $3 million Fundamental Physics Prize, the most lucrative academic prize in the world?

Stephen Hawking

16. What was the name of the television reunion film aired in 1977 on NBC?

Halloween with the New Addams Family

17. Name a country, where political parties are banned?


18. What is Ceres?

An asteroid

19. Who was the founding president of the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF)?

P. P. Lakshmanan (India)

20. In 2016, a Bombing at a chapel in which city in Egypt, kills 25 and wounds 45?


21. Irish War of Independence began in which year?


22. Egg on =?

to encourage

23. What is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state, Campeche?

San Francisco de Campeche

24. If you want to record music from the Angel Recording Studios – where do you go in England?


25. In 2013, 20 people are killed by the bubonic plague in a small village in which country?


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26. According to Cavalier-Smith’s system of classification, Kingdom Animalia has the following:

Radiata (phyla Porifera, Cnidaria, Placozoa, and Ctenophora),
Mesozoa, and.
Bilateria (all other animal phyla)

27. Who said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”?


28. All Shook Up – the song was recorded by which American singer?

Elvis Presley

29. What type of disease is Marburg?

a Virus

30. In 2012, 125 people are killed and 200 are injured by bombings in which town in Syria?


31. What is the 9th pair of Cranial Nerves in the human body?

Glossopharyngeal nerve

32. What is the slogan of the Fine Gael party in the Republic of Ireland?

Family of the Irish

33. Theodora (1042, a shared throne with Zoe; 1055–56) was an empress of which empire?

Byzantine Empire

34. Who was the first member of the Beatles to release a solo album?

George Harrison

35. In 2014, CIA Director (who?) defended interrogation methods used after 9/11 but admits some methods were “abhorrent”?

John Brennan

36. Road & Track is an automotive-related magazine published from which country?

United States

37. In December 2015, which magazine publishes its last nude issue, featuring Pamela Anderson on the cover?


38. In Roman mythology, who is the wife of Jupiter?


39. James Courtney performed in which famous opera in New York?

Metropolitan Opera

40. In which year, Federal judge order Microsoft not to bundle IE4 in Windows?


41. Kenenisa Bekele held the Olympic record in 10,000 meters athletic in which game?

2008 Beijing

42. Six wildfires in Southern California have been the covered area larger than New York City and Boston combined in which year?


43. Very quiet=?


44. Where do you find the Velum?

In a human body

45. In 2014, World’s 1st penis transplant procedure by a team from Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital in which city in South Africa?

Cape Town

46. Who was the fourth wife of Henry VIII?

Anne of Cleves

47. In 2015, Unrest in which country leads to clashes between authorities and protesters in Bujumbura, killing at least 87?


48. Who is the writer of the fiction, Kafka on the Shore (first English translation, Philip Gabriel, 2005)?

Haruki Murakami

49. Yantai is a what type of city in China?

A port city

50. “Sunshine Boys” opens at which theatre in NYC in 1997?

Lyceum Theater

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