100 Random Knowledge Trivia Questions Answer GK English

Random general knowledge trivia questions GK quiz answers free online test printable about the world is for the crazy learners. If you have a strong and general knowledge of important questions about the world, the world will be on your feet. Many steps in life will be easier if your random knowledge trivia questions are stronger than any other. Nothing will change if you don’t change by yourself. Practice more and more random knowledge trivia questions quizzes in order to fit yourself in any situation.

There are many forms of general knowledge quiz. Pick up whatever you need, however you what. Let’s solve this random knowledge trivia questions printable quiz trivia sooner or later!

Random knowledge trivia questions

1. What is Lithomyrmex rugosus?


2. What is Bourbonnais in France?

Donkey (Âne du Bourbonnais)

3. What are Seismic waves?

waves of energy that travel through Earth’s layers, and are a result of earthquakes, etc

4. In Afar Depression, Ethiopia fossils are found from what age?


5. Leslie C. Brand, Brand Park is located in which city?

Glendale, California

6. What links BP, United Kingdom, Bird Class, Samsung Heavy Industries, and 2003-2006?

Aframax tanker

7. Which airport has its IATA code ACA?

General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport

8. The Fall of Man is a famous artwork crafted in 1616 by which painter?

Hendrick Goltzius

9. Who sings “The Lady Is a Tramp”?

Tony Bennett

10. The word negligee is French and suggests the wearer does what?

Avoids refrains from housework

11. Who casts Claire in the 2002 thriller war film Below?

Olivia Williams

12. What airport has its ICAO code OEBA?

Al-Baha Domestic Airport

13. Woman is a 1972 studio album by whom?

Nancy Sinatra

14. Who casts Brice in the 2002 thriller war film Below?

Bruce Greenwood

15. The Begum’s Fortune is a popular 1879 novel by whom?

Jules Verne

16. Fossil of Woolly mammoth was found in which US state?


17. Easter Parade movie was released in which year?


18. Where is the Headquarters of the Walker Books media company?


19. Aberdeen Airport is located in which country?

Scotland, United Kingdom

20. Aleph magazine is published from which country?


21. West Coast Fossil Park, Langebaanweg, is located in which country?

Western Cape, South Africa

22. Which park in London has this address, Hampton Ct Rd, Hampton TW12 2EJ, United Kingdom?

Bushy Park

23. The Invisible Man & the Time Machine is a popular novel by whom?

H. G. Wells

24. What is Das Rheingold?

Music drama by Richard Wagner

25. Who is the music composer of the 2021 film Ghost Lab?

Bill Hemstapat

26. Who sings a 2021 song, Little Bit of Love?

Tom Grennan

27. Who is the spouse of Cardi B, an American rapper?


28. Who sings, How You Like That?

Jisoo, South Korean singer

29. Albrecht Altdorfer painted The Battle of Alexander at Issus in which year?


30. 46% of women say this is better than sex – what?

A good nights sleep

31. What was the highest-grossing musicals in 4?

Starlight Express

32. Supreme god Ganesha demonstrates which sect in Hinduism?


33. What is the baby Dove called?


34. What is Harness racing?

where horses trot or pace while pulling a driver in a sulky.

35. What is Sinomeganeura?

Prehistoric insect (Carboniferous)

36. Who is Sir Plume in Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock?

Thalestris’s “beau,” who makes an ineffectual challenge to the Baron

37. Qum Island or Peschany (island) is located in which country?


38. Principality of Antioch, a Crusader state in the past is now a part of which country??

north-west Syria, southern Turkey

39. Antonine Wall was built by whom?

the Romans in northern Britain

40. On Average North American women do what 83 times a year?

Have Sex

41. What has its nickname huff-duff?

the common name for a type of radio direction finding employed especially during the two world wars

42. Where is Arg Presidential Palace located?

Home of the President of Afghanistan

43. Which country has the third-longest coastline?


44. The Five precepts or five rules of training is the most important system of morality for whom?

Buddhist laypeople

45. 41% of American women believe what nationality best husbands?


46. Halal food is practiced by people from which religion?


47. What is Byeokgolje Ssangnyong Nori?

An ancient festival

48. What is the month of May called in Burmese?


49. Jesa is a ceremony commonly practiced in which country?


50. In Tennessee it is illegal to sell what on a Sunday?


51. What is Dom Pedro?

The world’s largest cut and polished aquamarine

52. Malsori Island, Ishulli i Malësorit is located in which country?


53. What is one of the largest emeralds and contains the largest single shard ever found?

The Bahia Emerald

54. Who are the winners in the Favourite Australian Movie Star (Male) category of the People’s Choice Awards (Australia) 1998?

Mel Gibson

55. Marathon runners have on average 14 a week – what?

Alcoholic drinks

56. Who is often considered (though not officially) to be the “primary god” of Shinto in Japan?


57. “Over the Rainbow” is a ballad composed by whom with lyrics by Yip Harburg?

Harold Arlen

58. Who is Bast?

cat-headed goddess associated with war, protection of Lower Egypt and the pharaoh, the sun, perfumes, ointments, and embalming

59. What is Atta cephalotes?

Leafcutter ant

60. Which German striker was known as Der Bomber?

Gerd Muller

61. What is Dictyonema huaorani used for?

substance used in rituals

62. What is Tsuru no Ongaeshi?

folktale referring “a crane who repaid its gratitude”

63. National Water Affairs Regulation Authority (NWARA), controls water supply in which country?


64. What is a Squall line?

Severe thunderstorm

65. Depeche Mode the 80s group’s name translates as what?

Fast Fashion

66. What is Blackadore Caye (Cayo Negro)?

Island of Belize

67. Where do you find Anti-intrusion bar?

Vehicle door

68. What is Atlantis?

Lost city of legend

69. According to WHO, what percent of the Argentine urban population do not have access to sewerage?


70. At the GRAMMYs in January (2020), who became the youngest solo artist of all time to win Album of the Year?

Billie Eilish, 18-years-old

71. Zaranj is located in which country?


72. HMS Endeavour, also known as HM Bark Endeavour, was a Royal Navy research vessel from which country?


73. Who is regarded by some modern historians as the first true king of England?


74. The boxing kangaroo is a national symbol of which country?


75. Hemeroticism is what?

Sexual fantasy

76. What is the home team for Aggie Memorial Stadium, Las Cruces, NM?

New Mexico State

77. Where do you find an Air cycle machine?

Aircraft component

78. Espora class frigates are owned by which country?


79. Accento, which originated in Italy is used in which area?


80. Which Alfred Hitchcock thriller is notorious for its shocking “shower scene”?


81. What is an analytical balance?

a class of balance designed to measure small mass in the sub-milligram range

82. What is used for measuring humidity?


83. What is an almucantar?

a circle on the celestial sphere parallel to the horizon

84. What is the first animated feature ever made?

El Apóstol (The Apostle), 1917

85. Who said “Losing my virginity was a career move”?


86. Which country originated the 1948 animated television series Crusader Rabbit?


87. What is the official name of the Bangladeshi Navy?

Bangladesh Nou Bahini

88. Animated feature film Sin dejar rastros (Without a Trace) was made in 1918 by which country?


89. What is a 1950 British film noir directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Jane Wyman, Marlene Dietrich?

Stage Fright

90. Who played Jack in Titanic?

Leonardo DiCaprio

91. Frozen ranks what in the top 50 highest-grossing films of all time?


92. MasSpec Pen can detect which disease?


93. Weather Underground (TV) is located in which country?

United States

94. What is the birth flower of February?

Violet or primrose

95. In Georgia it’s illegal for a barber to do what?

Advertise Prices

96. What is Panchang?

The Hindu calendar or Panjika refers to a set of various lunisolar calendars

97. Who were the original members of Destiny’s Child?

Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett, and LaTavia Roberson

98. In Chinese astrology, the planets are associated with the life forces of Yin and yang and what else?

Five elements

99. Daffodil or jonquil symbolizes what?

Unequaled love

100. Which London borough was famously Amy Winehouse’s hangout?


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