100 December Trivia Questions and Answers Interesting Facts

December trivia questions and answers free online printable quiz, interesting facts in English for everyone who is crazy to learn facts.

We mentioned in this December trivia questions and answers, this day in honor of Sol Indiges, as well as Septimontium, was celebrated in Ancient Rome as one of the four Agonalia. On December 13, the Dies Natalis (birthday) of Tellus was celebrated, followed by Consualia on December 15, Saturnalia on December 17–23, Opiconsivia on December 19, Divalia on December 21, Larentalia on December 23, and the Dies Natalis of Sol Invictus on December 25. These dates do not correlate to the Gregorian calendar as we know it today.

December Trivia Questions and Answers Interesting Facts

Let’s find below 100 December trivia questions and answers!

1. In the Roman calendar, how many days were there in December?

29 day

2. What does December month’s name translate?

“tenth month”

3. What is the first month of winter?


4. December contains the winter solstice in which Hemisphere?

Northern Hemisphere

5. What was the serial of the month of December in the Roman calendar?


6. What do Romanian call December?


7. What is the month of December called in Spanish?


8. Disney released his first cartoon, featuring Mickey Mouse, called Steamboat on what day in 1901?

On December 5, 1901

9. On December 1, The Treaty of Lisbon comes into force in European Union in which year?


10. Which soft drink was served for the first time on December 1, 1835?

Dr. Pepper

11. Which changes have forever cursed December to be a month with the wrong name?

Julius Caesar changed the calendar in 45 BC to the Julian calendar and added January and February

12. On what day in 1993, 1993 was The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Signed into Law?

December 8

13. December contains the summer solstice in which Hemisphere?

Southern Hemisphere

14. On December 29, 1952, who invented a photographic printer?

Larry Bartlett

15. What is the month of December called in Portuguese?


16. On what day in 1992, Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced a formal separation?

December 9

17. On December 29, in which year, Charles Goodyear invented the vulcanization process for rubber?


18. On what day in 1913, Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving assembly line?

December 1

19. On what day in 1944, American scientist Kary Mullis developed the polymerase chain reaction or PCR technique?

December 28

20. December in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to which month in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa?


21. What is the month of December called in Polish?


22. Who invented Coca-Cola on December 30, 1851?

Asa Griggs Candler

23. What is the seventh and last month in the year with 31 days?


24. On December 1, Mapping of Human Chromosome 22 was Released Into The Public Domain in which year?


25. On December 1, 2004, who anchors his last broadcast of NBC Nightly News?

Tom Brokaw

26. What did Anglo-Saxons name December?

“Yule Monath”, “Winter Monath”

27. On December 27, 1571, which German astronomer discovered elliptical orbits?

Johann Kepler

28. USSR was dissolved on what day in 1991?

On December 8

29. On what day in 1948, Universal Declaration on Human Rights was in action By United Nations?


30. In the Northern hemisphere, the beginning of the astronomical winter is traditionally on what day?

21 December, or the date of the solstice

31. On December 28, 1895, who were twin brothers who opened the first commercial cinema?

Auguste Lumiere and Louis Lumiere

32. On December 10 in which year, First US Commercial Jet Flight launched?


33. December was originally the tenth month of the Roman calendar, following November (novem, “nine”) and preceding which month?


34. What is the ninth astrological sign, which falls in December?


35. In which year’s 11 December, was UNICEF established?


36. Who called December “Heligh Monath”, which translates into “Holy Month”?


37. What is the month of December called in Norwegian?


38. On December 26 in which year, English inventor Charles Babbage invented the calculating machine?


Yellow narcissus flower
Yellow narcissus flower

39. On December 1, 1990, which tunnel links the UK to Europe?

Channel Tunnel

40. On what day in December, French chemist and biologist Louis Pasteur was born in 1822?

December 27

41. On what day in 1896 Alfred Nobel died?

December 10

42. Name some of the famous birthdays.

Bette Midler, Lee Trevino, Pablo Escobar, Sarah Silverman, Woody Allen. Britney Spears, Lucy Liu. Joseph Conrad, Julianne Moore, Ozzy Osbourne.

43. Thomas Graham founded colloid chemistry on December 20 in which year?


44. The Bill of Rights came into effect on December 15 in which year?


45. On what day in 1901, the first Nobel Prizes were awarded?

10 December

46. Woody Allen, a famous Movie director was born in which year on December 1?


47. What is the tenth astrological sign, falls in December?


48. On December 2 in which year, the first person receives a permanent artificial heart?


49. Which historic battle commenced on December 16, 1944?

Battle of the Bulge

50. What are December’s birthstones?

turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite

51. On December 22, 1911, who invented the first parabolic radio telescope?

Grote Reber

52. On December 1, The U.S. government holds its first draft lottery since World War II ( Vietnam War ) in which year?


53. On December 2 in which year, Monica Seles, a famous Tennis player was born?


54. On December 2, 1804, who was crowned as the first Emperor of France in a thousand years?

Napoleon Bonaparte

55. In which year’s December 3, the 1st official U.S. flag raising takes place on the navy ship Alfred?


56. What is the month of December called in Italian?


Month December depicted in Hans Bol's and Adriaen Collart's Emblematica Evangelica.
Month December is depicted in Hans Bol’s and Adriaen Collart’s Emblematica Evangelica.

57. On December 2, 1981, which famous female singer was born?

Britney Spears

58. What is the full moon in December called?

Full Cold Moon

59. On December 11, 1997, 150 countries agreed at a global warming conference named what held in Kyoto, Japan?

Kyoto Protocol

60. What is the month of December called in French?


61. 2021 FINA World Swimming Championships (25 m) to be held in December in which country?

United Arab Emirates

62. On December 1, a Fire at Our Lady of Angels School grade school in Chicago leaves 100 children dead in which year?


63. 2021 Women’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup to be held in December in which country?

South Africa

64. USA US Enters World War II in 1941 on what date?

December 8

65. What day in December has been considered to be the unluckiest day of the year for thousands of years?

December 28th

66. On December 7, 1931, Ford produced the last Ford model?

Ford Model A

67. On what day in 1941 Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

December 7

68. On December 8, 1980, former Beatle John Lennon was shot dead in which city?

New York

69. What are the flowers of December?

narcissus, and holly

70. On December 1, Nationwide gasoline rationing goes into effect U.S. in which year?


71. In which year’s December 6th, Irish Free State was created?


72. 2021 World Women’s Handball Championship to be held in December in which country?


73. On 5th December 1945, five U.S. Navy Avenger torpedo-bombers comprising Flight 19 Lost in where?

Bermuda Triangle

74. What is La Brea Stakes that is held in December?


75. What is the month of December called in German?


76. In which year’s December 6th, École Polytechnique massacre tool place in Montreal?


77. On what day in December, Dr. Robert Liston employed anesthesia on a patient for the first time in Britain in 1846 at the University College Hospital in London?

December 21st

78. On December 1, Josef Stalin begins a purge of enemies in the Soviet Union in which year?


December, from the Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry
December, from the Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry

79. In which year’s December 4 first Burger King (Insta Burger King) was opened in Miami, Florida?


80. 2021 FIFA Arab Cup to be held in which country in December?


81. December was called the Heil-mond (Holy month) in which country?


82. In which year’s 4th December, Deadly London Smog In England Leaves 1’000s dead in London?


83. 2021 Asian Youth Para Games to be held in which country in December?


84. On December 2, 1956, which country’s Revolution Begins?


85. If you’re born before December 23rd, then you have the sign of what?


86. In December 1959, The Malpasset Dam in which country collapses leaving 400 dead?


87. What is the month of December called in Chinese (Mandarin)?


88. The French Republican Calendar contained December within the months of what?

Frimaire and Nivôse

89. In which language, December is named joulukuu?


90. On December 3, 1818, which is admitted as the 21st U.S. state?


91. If you’re born December 23rd or later have the sign of what?


92. Famous author Joseph Conrad was born in which year’s December?


93. What is December named in Turkish?


94. 2021 BWF World Tour Finals Badminton to be held in December in which country?


95. What was the name of the month of December given by Saxon?


96. Name some of the month-long events in December.

  • National Egg Nog Month
  • National Fruit Cake Month
  • National Impaired Driving Prevention Month
  • Kwanzaa Read a New Book Month
  • Human Rights Month
  • Calendar Awareness Month
  • National Handwashing Awareness Week
  • National Fruit Cake Month

97. What is Cigar Mile that is held in December?


98. On December 30 in which, the United States of America essentially doubled in size when it formally took control of Louisiana?


99. In Ancient Rome, as one of the four Agonalia, this day in honor of Sol Indiges was held on which date?

December 11

100. What are some of the events in December?

  • December 6th is St. Nicholas’ day,
  • December 8th celebrates National Brownie Day (US)
  • December 15th is National Cupcake Day (US)
  • December 21st is the Winter Solstice
  • December 25th is the Christmas
  • Pearl Harbor Day
  • Boxing Day

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