100 GK Quiz Questions for Kids and Adults in English Printable

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Quiz questions for kids and adults

1. Who has made more scores over fifty and scored more runs than any other cricketer in World Cup history?

Sachin Tendulkar

2. Newark is located in which US state?

New Jersey

2. Who was Anthony J. Hope?


3. Quarto Group Inc, a Book publishing company was founded in which year?


4. The Fur Country is a popular 1873 novel by whom?

Jules Verne

5. What is the nickname for Big Ben?

Great Bell

6. Men Like Gods is a popular 1923 novel written by whom?

H. G. Wells

7. What is Der Freischütz?

Opera by Carl Maria von Weber

8. Who is the director of the 2021 adventure action film Finding ‘Ohana?

Jude Weng

9. Who sings the 2021 R&B/Soul song “Pick Up Your Feelings”?

Jazmine Sullivan

10. What city was chosen but refused the 1976 Winter Olympics?


11. Gestrande griend op het strand bij Zandvoort – is a popuar artwork made by which paineter in 1594?

Hendrick Goltzius

12. The Delta Force is a popular movie released in which year?


13. Who casts Hiroshi Nakatsu in the 2009 film Battle Under Orion?

Mitsuru Fukikoshi

14. Music album How Does That Grab You? was released in 1966 by which singer?

Nancy Sinatra

15. Which famous icon in London has the address London SW1A 0AA, United Kingdom?

Big Ben

16. Who is Billie Eilish?

American singer-songwriter

17. The Salian Franks, also called the Salians who appeared in which centuries?

Fourth and fifth centuries

18. On what date during the French Revolution, the Assembly of Vizille, assembly of the Estates-General of Dauphiné took place?

July 21, 1788

19. What is Michinoeki Green Flower Stock Farm?

Windmill in Japan

20. Where in Europe can you find wild monkeys?


21. When were the Albania–North Macedonia land borders established?

1913 at the Treaty of London, the border between Albania and Serbia.
1991 Independence for the Republic of Macedonia.

22. What is Autumn that you can eat?

Autumn onion

23. Royal Jewelry Museum is located in which city?

Alexandria, Egypt

24. Dar El Beïda Stadium is located in which city?


25. Hesperidina was invented in which country?


26. Egg Fu is the enemy of what superhero?

Wonder Woman

27. Altun Bogha Mosque is located in which city?


28. Ashanti Yam Festival is held in which country?


29. Arab Udupi is a tourist attraction in which city?

Abu Dhabi

30. 70% of Americans have done what?

Visited Disneyland / world

31. Approximately 3 million women in the USA have what?


32. Who was the Proto-socialist, guillotined in 1797 after an attempted coup d’etat?

François-Noël Babeuf

33. What is Ail blanc de Lomagne?


34. K-3 (rifle) was invented in which country?


35. What literary character was born on September 22, 1290?

Hobbit Bilbo Baggins

36. Tazos (sports) was originated in which country?


37. What is Gunma in Japan?


38. Who was the enemy of the French naval battle named Battle of Sluys?

Kingdom of England

39. Asiya is mentioned in which holy book?

The Quran

40. Who was the first honorary US citizen?

Winston Churchill

41. Blue rose was invented in which country?


42. Fossil of Woolly mammoth found in Alaska is from which age?


43. Shivalik Fossil Park, Saketi, H.P. is located in which country?


44. What is Verdale de Carpentras?

Olive cultivar in France, Australia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine

45. Photovoltaic manufacturer LONGi Solar is owned by which country?


46. Which countries have disputes over Ceuta, Melilla, other plazas de soberanía?

Spain, Morocco

47. In 2016, manufacturers in China and Taiwan met the what percent of global PV module demand?

68% of all modules

48. In Buia, Danakil Depression, Eritrea fossils are found from what age?


49. Patsy Mclenny became famous as who?

Morgan Fairchild

50. What links Bill Clinton Fidel Castro Alb Einstein, Jimmy Hendrix?

Left Handed

51. What is the Cotentin breed in France?

Donkey (Âne du Cotentin)

52. Which title of the surah in the Quran translates The Essence of the Divine Writ?


53. What is Holy Monday, a Christian holiday?

Anointing of Jesus

54. Folk iso-polyphony is a dance culture in which country?


55. What science fiction author wrote about The Cities in Flight series?

James Blish

56. What is Tatuidris tatusia?


57. What is Cesnecka?

a garlic soup in Czech cuisine and Slovak cuisine consisting of a thin broth, a significant amount of garlic, sliced potatoes and spices such as caraway, marjoram, and cumin

58. What fruits do Elephants eat to get pissed (ferment inside)?


59. Digital clock was invented in which country?


60. According to a survey what is the US top family food?

Spaghetti — then Chicken

61. What is Ivy League?


62. Supreme god Surya demonstrates which sect in Hinduism?


63. Easton Garlic Fest is held in which city?

Easton, Pennsylvania

64. What is the baby Crane called?


65. Moons of the faithful is the Chinese translation of what fruit?


66. What is Akabeko?

A red cow involved in the construction of Enzō-ji in Yanaizu, Fukushima.

67. 30% of women have done it but only 10% do it regularly – what?

Multiple Orgasms

68. What is the national motto of Albania?

You, Albania, give me honor, give me the name Albanian

69. Who is Ae-oyna-kamuy?

Hero in Ainu mythology

70. Urea is only found in humans and what other animals?

Dalmatian Dogs

71. Who is Amatsumikaboshi?

Japanese god in mythology

72. Who is Morten Qvale?

Norwegian fashion photographer

73. Causeway Point cinema is located in which country?


74. Palazzo Barbarigo Nani Mocenigo (palace) is located in which city?


75. Farina is Italian for what?


76. Ballenas Island Light is located in which Canadian province?

British Columbia

77. It is illegal to do what in the French vineyards?

Land a Flying Saucer

78. Darbasner fort is located in which city?


79. Where is the Headquarters of Nissan automotive?


80. What group were once called The Warlocks?

The Grateful Dead

81. Founded in 1261, Wormwood Gate is located in which city?


82. International Botev Prize is given since 1972 in which area?


83. What was the second top-ranked US state’s nickname in a 2005 survey?

“Sin City” (Las Vegas)

84. Legal & General Group insurance company was founded in which country?


85. What flavor is kirschwasser liquor?


86. What is the motto of the Real Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy)?

Limpia, fija y da Esplendor (Cleans, fixes, and gives shine)

87. Vritra tries to eat which Hindu god?


88. What word comes from the Latin phrase “to be ashamed of”?


89. Becontree Heath bus station is located in which city?


90. On Average a West German goes 7 days without doing what?

Washing his underwear

91. Which Canadian city has its nickname “Heart of The New West”?


92. Amanda Award is given at which film festival?

Norwegian International Film Festival

93. Which city in the UK has its nickname- “The Granite City”?


94. SABIC Petrochemicals is located in which country?

Saudi Arabia

95. What product is consumed most in California?

Bottled Water

96. What is Blucher?


97. The Travelmate was designed to allow women to do what?

Pee Standing Up

98. Aquasearch Aquarium is located in which country?


99. Which university in Argentina has its translated motto: Through the difficulties to the truth?

National University of the South

100. What color is a sunburned turnip?


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