50 Interesting Trivia Quiz Questions Answer General Knowledge

Do you like to solve some interesting trivia questions answer general knowledge GK? To begin, I’ll state that we humans survive on what we see, hear, and recognize in this world, making interesting trivia questions answer general knowledge GK our sole means of existence. Now, when a person is born, they have no interesting trivia questions answer general knowledge GK (dismissing human instincts and reflexes), and whatever they receive via any of the five senses from that moment on will be recorded in complete detail in their brain.

I understand that you may have come to the conclusion that knowledge is not a completely necessary component of a human’s life; for example, one may be able to survive solely on involuntary bodily functions such as breathing, blinking, or, more commonly, the beating of the human heart; however, interesting trivia questions answer general knowledge GK will only result in a noticeably shorter life span, as a human without knowledge of his body or surroundings may end up committing life-threatening acts.

Frightening and deadly behaviors that might put his life in jeopardy. On the other hand, one may find himself unable to do the essential rituals in order to maintain his existence of interesting trivia questions answer general knowledge GK. To recap my argument, information plays a significant part in a human’s existence since it is what gives meaning to the brain, prepares it for the path of life, and allows one to adapt to it. Knowledge is compatibility, and without it, there is no compatibility with interesting trivia questions to answer general knowledge GK.

Interesting Trivia Quiz Questions Answer General Knowledge

1. Who said, “I have to run like a fugitive, to save the life I live. I’m gonna be Iron, like a Lion, in Zion.”?

Bob Marley

2. Social conservatism is an ideology associated with which area?


3. NRK2 is a Cable and satellite television channel in which country?


4. De Profundis Ad Lucem (Latin: “From the depths to the light”) — who used the Magical motto?

F. L. Gardner

5. In 1965, which musical was closed at Shubert NYC after 232 performances?

“Roar of the Greasepaint”

6. Who was appointed Imam and Khateeb of the Masjid al-Haram from 1953 till his death in 1993?

Abdullah Al-Khulaifi

7. What is nicknamed the “City of Elephants” in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia?

Bandar Lampung

8. Who was Olympius of Athens in the Roman period?


9. What is Premio Bartolomé Hidalgo in Uruguay?

Literary awards

10. In 1965, 2 passenger planes collide above which city in Connecticut, 4 die?


11. NATYS: New Acts of the Year Show award is given in which country for comedy and humor?


12. Bipana Thapa is an actress, singer, and model of which country?


13. What is “Dump the Bosses Off your Backs!”?

A labor slogan

14. What is dystopia etymology?

dystopia (n.); “imaginary bad place,” 1952, from dys- “bad, abnormal” + ending abstracted from utopia

15. 2nd NY Knicks game was postponed, due to what in 1965?

Death of opponent 76ers’ owner

16. What was the ceremony location of the Golden Goggle Awards 2010 for swimming?

New York City

17. What is the opposite of “fair hair”?

Wavy hair

18. Ridge is located in which part of the human body?


19. What is the score of Canada as the smart people based on Students’ Test Scores in Reading, Math, and Science – OECD PISA 2018?

520, 512, 518

20. Which San Francisco Giant, 4-1 in 1965, does not renew his contract signing instead with the Nankai Hawks of Osaka for $40,000?

Masanori Murakami

21. Ōshima is a what is Japan?


22. In the Preliminary Round of the 2014 WPA World Nine-ball Championship held in Doha, Babken Melkonyan participated from which country?


23. Who is the Miss Nepal titleholder in 2003?

Priti Sitoula

24. Proteus’ father orders that Proteus must leave the next day, prompting a tearful farewell with Julia, to whom Proteus swears eternal love in Shakespeare’s which famous play?

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

25. Which country has been liberated from Pakistan in December 1971?


26. Arab language is regulated by which regulators in Arab League?

Academy of the Arabic Language
Arabic Language International Council

27. Ahmad Khatib, an Islamic Scholar from which country was appointed Imam and Khateeb of the Masjid al-Haram from 1953 till his death in 1993


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Masjid al-Haram, Saudi Arabia

28. What is the bandwagon effect?

The tendency for people to adopt certain behaviors, styles, or attitudes simply because others are doing so

29. What does the astronomical symbol 🌝︎ mean?

a white circle as it appears in the night sky

30. KETS TV channel 2 in Little Rock, AR (PBS) begins broadcasting in what year?


31. Great Expectations is one of the best BBC Period Dramas of all time released in which year?


32. Who was emperor after Nero in Ancient Roman Civilization?


33. Newcastle United is located in which country?

Saudi Arabia

34. Which German footballer is the only goalkeeper in the history of the competition to be selected as the best player of the tournament?

Oliver Kahn

35. Two months after the death of drummer John Bonham, who announces they will disband in 1980?

Led Zeppelin

36. How many German football teams are there?

26,000 football clubs

37. Alexandra Pavlovna was a grand duchess of which country?


38. Italian city Bologna is located in which region of the country?


39. How many Roman emperors were executed?


40. “Falcon Crest” premieres on CBS-TV in which month in 1981?


41. Born in 1884, who was a Polish-British anthropologist whose writings on ethnography, social theory, and anthropology?

Bronisław Kasper Malinowski

42. Who was the woman with seven sons?

a Jewish martyr described in 2 Maccabees 7 and other sources

43. In astronomy, what is declination?

one of the two angles that locate a point on the celestial sphere in the equatorial coordinate system, the other being hour angle

44. In 1917, which Forces launch an offensive against the Italians on the western end of their line, around Asiago?


45. Which team retire jersey # 7, Bingo Smith in 1979?

Cleveland Cavaliers

46. What language did Romans speak?

Classical Latin

47. Who was Sawda bint Zama in Islam?

a Wife of Prophet Muhammad (SW)

48. What is Jiaolong?

a Chinese dragon

49. Who was Agave in Greek mythology?

A deity

50. In 1981, Reagan Executive Order on Intelligence (No 12333) that allows CIA to do what?

engage in domestic counter-intelligence

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