60 Famous Horse Trivia Questions Answer Quiz about Horses

The timeline of the famous horse is not short, and trivia like this can only give an outline from the number of famous horses, some of them we can name but many are forgotten. Famous horse trivia quiz general knowledge is an endeavor to habituate you with the pattern you should follow to explore new information you did not know. Keep going!

Horses were tamed by humans circa 3000 B.C., and they have been one of our closest friends in work, battle, travel, and entertainment ever since. There have been a few standouts over the thousands of years and millions of equines that have lived alongside humankind with famous horse trivia. The stories of a few unique horses have become popular and have endured the test of time, whether it’s because of their speed, strength, intelligence, or simply because of their excellent looks or devotion.

Famous Horse Trivia Questions Answer Quiz about Horses

Here you will get 60 famous horse trivia, full of adventure, surprises, fun, and learning. Don’t forget to share your experience with us and others nearby you.

1. What is the name of the first New Zealand horse to win the Grand National?


2. Grand National or National Hunt horse racing takes place annually in which venue?

Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, England

3. The Eclipse Award is a prestigious Thoroughbred horse racing award in the United States named after whom?

Eclipse, a British racehorse, and sire from the 18th century

4. What does TRA mean?

Thoroughbred Racing Associations

5. Which horse has the most wins in the American Horse of the Year award, one of the Eclipse Awards?

Kelso, won 5 times in 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, and 1964 respectively

6. What is the name of the winning horse of the Grand National 2017?

One For Arthur

7. Welsh Mountain Pony horse breed was originated from which country?


8. Galopprennbahn Freudenau horseracing venue is located in which country?


9. In 1951, The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame was founded in which US city?

Saratoga Springs, New York

10. Which famous Australian racing is held on the run at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne?

Melbourne Cup

11. What was the first Florida-bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby in 1956, also won the Belmont Stakes?


12. What were a stunning champion American Thoroughbred racehorse and the third winner of the American Triple Crown horse caring?


13. Century Downs Racetrack and Casino race venue located in which Canadian state?


14. Which was Canada’s champion on the racetrack, with its name as the most successful sire of the 20th century?

Northern Dancer

15. Who was the jockey for Tiger Roll, the Grand National winner 2018?

Davy Russell

16. Since 1882, which country-bred horses have won 2 Melbourne Cups?


17. Lipizzaner horse breed was originated from which country?


18. Which was the last horse to win the English Triple Crown in 1970?

Nijinsky II

19. Since 1882, which country-bred horses have won 40 Melbourne Cups?

New Zealand

20. Hippodrome de Wallonie horseracing venue is located in which country?

Mons–Ghlin, Belgium

21. Cowboy polo is an equestrian sport under which discipline?

Western Riding

22. Who was a pacer that won 37 of his 39 races and broke many records, therefore was considered to be one of the greatest harness racers of all time?


23. What is the largest annual competition for the Morgan horse in the United States?

The Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show

24. Hipodromo do Taruma horse racing venue is located in which country?

Curitiba, Brazil

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Seattle Slew

25. Which famous horse won the Kentucky Derby in the year 1931?

Twenty Grand

26. What is the name of the horse in the Emil i Lönneberga series by Astrid Lindgren?


27. Vollblutaraber horse breed was originated from which country?


28. Rajshahi Pony horse breed was originated from which country?


29. Who was the sire of Phar Lap?

Night Raid

30. Junior Hunter Finals, a two-day national championship takes place annually in which country?

United States

31. Which famous horse won the Belmont Stakes in the year 1935?


32. Albion Park Racecourse is located in which Australian city?

Brisbane, Queensland

33. With its 10 wins in the entire career, what is the country of origin for one of the leading Thoroughbred racehorses named Handsomchamp (2002)?


34. Garrison Savannah Race Track horseracing venue is located in which country?

Bridgetown, Barbados

35. Which film, starring Tim McGraw, is about a young girl’s quest to tame and own a wild mustang while demonstrating to her father that she is capable of taking over the family ranch?


36. Show hunter is an equestrian sport under which discipline?


37. Österreichisches Warmblut horse breed was originated from which country?


38. Which Italian bred Thoroughbred racehorse was named with several names where “Thoroughbred Heritage” narrated him as “one of the greatest racehorses of the Twentieth Century” as well as “one of the most important sites of the century.” This famous horse was distinctively undefeated and his sire line was significantly dominant?


39. What is the purse of the Apple Blossom Handicap horseracing, held in April, every year?


40. Lexington Junior League Horse Show was founded in which year in Kentucky?


41. What is another name of the Pinkafeld horse breed, originated in Austria?


42. Which famous horse won the Preakness Stakes in the year 1931?


43. Charles Town Classic horse race takes place during which month of the year?


44. What is the name of the horse from Black Beauty by Anna Sewell?


45. Jenny Wiley horseracing, held in April every year takes place in which track?


46. Ulysses S. Grant rode which one of many secondary horses during the American Civil War?


47. Shirvan horse breed was originated from which country?


48. Which famous won 21 of 22 career races, with the only loss in the Kentucky Derby, and sire whose descendants have come to rule over the modern Triple Crown racing?

Native Dancer (also called the Grey Ghost)

49. Barbados Gold Cup horse racing tournament takes place annually during which months of the year?

February or March

50. What is the name of one of the Thoroughbred racehorses from Great Britain with 12 wins in its career?

Crucifix (1837)

51. Latvian Draught horse breed was originated from which country?


52. Charlotte Dujardin, who won a bronze medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in equestrian under Dressage on Gio, individual category, is from which country?

Great Britain

53. Which is one of the most successful Thoroughbred sires of the 20th century, grandsire to magnificent Secretariat?


54. Black Beauty is a popular film released in which year?


55. Which famous horse won the Travers Stakes in the year 1920?

Man o’ War

56. Which horse was named as the dam of Man o’ War?


57. Which office rode the horse named Jennie during the American Civil War?

Sullivan Ballou

58. What is the country of origin of the horse breed Angevin?


59. Owned by E. Parry Thomas, what is an Olympic-level dressage horse ridden by Debbie McDonald?


60. A Land Girl Ploughing (1918) was painted by which equine artist?

Cecil Aldin

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