100 Interesting Questions and Answers for a GK Trivia Quiz

Appropriate interesting questions and answers for a quiz are quite sensitive to pick. Knowledge management is becoming increasingly vital as a result of data overload. The following are three major reasons why actively managing interesting questions and answers for a quiz is critical to a company’s success: 1.) Aids decision-making, 2.) Develops learning organizations by making learning a habit, and 3.) Encourages cultural change and creativity.

Data may provide managers with a lot of information, but processing large volumes of data might obstruct making high-quality judgments like choosing interesting questions and answers for a quiz. The Corporate Executive Council (CEC) of GE is an example of how a firm used a knowledge management system to assist executives in cutting through the noise, sharing information, and improving decision-making with interesting questions and answers for a quiz.

The CEC is made up of the CEOs of GE’s fourteen largest businesses, and the two-day meetings are used to share best practices, interesting questions and answers for a quiz, accelerate growth, and analyze achievements, mistakes, and lessons learned (Garvin, 2000, p. 195). While information overload and the requirement for knowledge from other sections of the firm to make decisions can be a hindrance to managers, using knowledge management systems can help them make better, more informed judgments by dint of interesting questions and answers for a quiz.

Interesting questions and answers for a quiz

1. Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music is a 2013 book by whom, published by Oxford University Press?

S. Alexander Reed

2. According to Canadian Oxford Dictionary, what is a continuous, usually chronological, record of occurrences or events in the past?


3. Which 3 colors were chosen as the colors to represent valor, liberty, and purity, and justice, and loyalty?

valor (red), liberty and purity (white), and justice and loyalty (blue)

4. Where is the present location of the ancient city Patala and Xylinepolis, Alexander the Great founded?

Unknown, possibly near Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.

5. Gerry Dawsy became more famous as who?

Englebert Humperdinck

6. Birchwood town is located in which country?


7. What is the national flower of Sri Lanka?

Nil Mahanel Water Lily (Nympheae Stellata)

8. What does the French idiom ‘jeter l’argent par les fenêtres’ mena?

to poor money down the drain

9. What is a synonym of ‘Demanding great effort, ability, and endurance’?


10. Ronald Wycherley became more famous as who?

Billy Fury

11. More than two billion pens are manufactured in which country annually.

The United States

12. Name a word with all the vowels in alphabetical order.


13. The Mock Turtle is a fictional character devised by Lewis Carroll from his popular 1865 book?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

14. The ‘Second Agricultural Revolution’ is also called what?

The Green Revolution (1945–)

15. Nostology is the study of what?


16. What is the language of a Laotian?


17. What does the word ‘topophilia’ mean?

Love of, or emotional connection to, a particular place or physical environment

18. Birkenhead Hamilton Square Railway Station is located in which country?


19. Lake Edip is located in which country?


20. Brian Gamlin of Bury is credited with what sporting invention?

Numbers on Dartboard

21. Caravan Bridge in Turkey was completed in which year?

9th century BC

22. What is the symbol of the chemical element Yttrium?


23. What is 5′-end?

strand of DNA or RNA

24. What is the largest of the Great Lakes by volume, having more water than the other four combined?

Lake Superior

25. Which country’s wine might be labeled DOCG?


26. What is the output of keyboard shortcut LEFT ARROW?

[Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu]

27. What is the national emblem of Brazil?

Southern Cross constellation

28. Name a country without a rail network.


29. Name a country without rivers.


30. Who did the walrus and the carpenter ask to walk with them?

The Oysters

31. Aaron Spelling was a cheerleader for which institution?

Southern Methodist University

32. Which conservation system maintained and presented by NatureServe in cooperation with the Natural Heritage Network, was developed in the United States in the 1980s?

The NatureServe conservation status system

33. Arihant class submarine is the Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN) owned by which country?


34. Ōiso-juku is located in which district in Japan?


35. Jack Palance won the best supporting actor Oscar in what 1991 film?

City Slickers

36. Which chemical element has its symbol Sr?


37. What was Beagle 3?

2009 British lander mission meant to search for life, past or present.

38. In which year, the historic naval battle took place between Corinth and Corfu?

664 BC

39. Who were the Sea Peoples?

Prior to and throughout the Late Bronze Age, a rumored maritime confederation assaulted ancient Egypt and other East Mediterranean territories.

40. What’s unusual about a bob house?

It’s on skis

41. What was a state which existed in the Middle and Late Bronze Ages, and was situated somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean?

Alashiya, Alasiya, or the Kingdom of Alashiya

42. Blood Group (O) was discovered by whom?

De Castello and Sturli

43. Taekwondo martial art was first played in which country?

Korea, the 1940s

44. What is the scientific name of the Indian parrot?

Psittacula eupatria

45. Which spice is used in a whisky sling?


46. What is the atomic number of Technetium?


47. Muhamed Aman, flag bearer for Boxing at the Summer Olympics in 1996 was from which country?


48. What is Black and red ware (BRW)?

A South Asian earthenware, associated with the neolithic phase, Harappa, Bronze Age India, Iron Age India

49. Who was the first to complete a circumnavigation of Earth as captain while leading the expedition throughout the entire circumnavigation?

Francis Drake, (1577-1580), England

50. What key is music written in if it has five flats?

D flat

51. What is Jujutsu?

Japanese martial art

52. What is the second of the dashavatars of Vishnu, a turtle in Hindu mythology?


53. Who wrote the novel ‘Salem’s Lot in 1975?

Stephen King

54. When did people from East Asia inhabit the Japanese islands of Honshu and Kyushu?

~36,000 BCE

55. Which sea area is immediately south of Ireland?


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Fastnet, the south of Ireland

56. Typhoon, Delta, and Borei classes submarine are the Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN) owned by which country?


57. In which year, Society for Studies of Interplanetary Travel was founded in Moscow by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Friedrich Zander, and 200 other space and rocket experts?


58. Which famous Secretary of State was featured on the postage stamp of the United States in 1993?

Dean Acheson

59. In 1615, who publishes the Tyrocinium Chymicum, an early chemistry textbook, and in it draws the first-ever chemical equation?

Jean Beguin

60. Chimpanzees, gorillas and orang-utans what is missing?


61. Guido Imbens, born in the Netherlands is famous for what achievement?

Nobel laureate, Economics, 2021

62. What is Black-topped pottery?

A specialized type of African ware that was found in Nubian archaeological sites

63. Melvin Schwartz, Noble Prize in Physics in 1988 is an alumnus of which university?

Columbia University

64. Which Roman Emperor from Julio-Claudian dynasty ruled for 3 years, 10 months, and 6 days?


65. What building links Stacy Keach and Oscar Wilde?

Reading Jail

66. (379–457) Theodosian dynasty governed during which era of the Roman Empire?

The Dominate

67. What was NetLander?

2007 or 2009 – Mars netlanders, canceled

68. Built in 1976 by the Soviet Union, where is the 6 m BTA-6 telescope located?

Zelenchukskaya, Caucasus

69. Zaragoza metropolitan area is located in which country?


70. What was John Denver’s only solo UK number one?

Annies Song

71. STX Offshore & Shipbuilding is a shipbuilding company from which country?

South Korea

72. What is the month of July in Hungarian?


73. Prairial; renamed Hellas Fos, renamed Sea Giant supertanker is originated in which country?


74. What is the HMS Acheron?


75. Which dancing represents fertility through death and rebirth?

Morris dancing

76. Coco is a women’s perfume by Chanel, introduced in which year?


77. Lobster is a delicacy in which location?

Maine, Massachusetts, New York City, The Maritimes, Sabah

78. Huseyn Javid Mausoleum is located in which city in Azerbaijan?


79. Where is Adolf Loos’s Dvořák mausoleum located?

The mausoleum was never built

80. The USA declared war on which country in 1898?


81. According to Shia Islam, Imam Ali Mosque, Najaf, Iraq is the burial place of whom?


82. What appears among Aesop’s Fables and explains how the tortoise got her shell?

Zeus and the Tortoise

83. What is the name of hare in Redwall & Mattimeo, by Brian Jacques?

Basil Stag Hare

84. Who experienced a wrongful conviction in the United States, and was hanged for the charge of murder of George Watkins in 1863 in Marion County, Arkansas?

Charles Hudspeth

85. Polite society man does it 2 legs woman sitting dog 3 legs what?

Shake hands

86. In 1922, who publishes his scientific work about rocketry and space exploration: Die Rakete zu den Planetenräumen (“By Rocket into Planetary Space”)?

Hermann Oberth

87. Which airport has its IATA code ACI?

Aguaclara Airport, Colombia

88. What is the Bocchoris vase?

A ceramic container dating from ancient Egypt

89. What wars were fought between the Maratha Empire and the Mughal Empire from 1680 to 1707?

The Mughal–Maratha Wars, also called The Deccan War or The Maratha War of Independence

90. What does the DIN number mean on photographic film?

Speed of film

91. What is Japanese Shorthorn?

Cattle breed

92. What is De La Rue plc?

British company headquartered in Basingstoke, England that manufactures polymer and security printed products including banknotes and tax stamps.

93. In which language, July is named julho?


94. Brusden-White (Australia) is a what type of company?

Stamp catalogues

95. By what other name is the double album The Beatles known?

The White album

96. What is the Family of Family capuchins and squirrel monkeys?


97. Vanguard class submarines are the Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN) owned by which country?


98. Mail service in Connecticut started in which year?


99. What is the ICAO code of Alcides Fernández Airport, Acandí, Colombia?


100. Name the first actor to get the best actor Oscar for repeating a role?

Paul Newman — Colour of Money

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