55 Horse Trivia Questions and Answers Interesting Equine Facts

A horse lover is crazy about learning more and more about horses. It’s true there is plenty of facts to know about this intelligent animal. Horse trivia questions and answers. This collection of horse trivia questions and answers is for everyone who has interesting in great, effective learning.

Horse Trivia Questions and Answers Interesting Equine Facts

Let’s find below a great accumulation of fresh and informative horse trivia questions and answers

1. Star is the marking that is found on which part of a horse’s body?


2. What is the name of the large joint on the back legs of a horse that is located in a similar place as the knee on the front legs?


3. Which body part of the horse is similar to the cuticle of your fingernail?

Coronet Band

4. What is the name of a brush with stiff bristles made in order to reach into the horse’s coat and smoothly brush away bits of dirt, dander, and hair?

Dandy brush

5. Which joint of a horse connects the cannon bone to the pastern?

Fetlock joint

6. What is a horse’s Latissimus dorsi?


7. The Del Mar Derby is a 3-year-old turf event held at Del Mar. It was originally run in which year?


8. Khan is the name of a loyal and sweet black horse in which animated movie?


9. What is a leg marking that is white and goes up to the knee or hock of a horse called?


10. What was the name of the horse was an undefeated winner of the 1,000 Guineas and Epsom Oaks?


11. Name the facial marking of a horse that is a small, white spot or star on a horse’s nose?


12. Peppers Pride is a Thoroughbred racehorse with undefeated 19 wins was originated from which country?

United States

13. Who is the Jockey of the horse None Above the Law in the Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Joe Bravo

14. Which country has the greatest number of racing horses after Japan?


15. Which Champion hurdler won a then-record 22 Grade One races over his ten-year career?

Hurricane Fly

16. Male and female horses are equally aggressive in horse racing – true or false?


17. All of the horses in the stable will not lie down simultaneously, why?

At least one will serve as a watchdog, alerting its companions to any potential threats

18. Kincsem is a Thoroughbred racehorse from Hungary has how many undefeated wins?


19. 4-H is a country-based network of youth organizations?


20. The Thoroughbred racehorse with the most undefeated race record is a male – true or false?


21. The most prominent feature of the western saddle is what?


22. What do you call it when your horse’s forehead to be moving straight down the outer track along with his head that is facing straight ahead in the direction he’s heading to, yet his quarters are placed on the inner track, what is the word for it?


23. In which country is the Competencia de Lazo, or Deporte de Lazo an equestrian sport?


24. What is the knob called on the front of the saddle?


25. What is the name of the traditional style of working riding of passionate guardian herders of the Camargue region that belongs to southern France?

Camargue equitation

26. A bay coat color is a mixture of what colors?

Red and yellow

27. What do you read when the horse’s ears are turned back but not pinned?

It is likely that the horse is listening to something or someone behind him, his attention is towards the source of the sound

28. In Western riding, the canter is referred to what?


29. How many teeth does a male horse have?


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Midnight Bourbon

30. What is the name of the talking and wise-cracking palomino horse in the film, Mister Ed?

Mister Ed

31. What is the common color for Friesians?


32. You need to support with your outside rein to control the amount of bend in your horse’s neck in order to ensure what?

The horse is facing forward

33. The process of estimating a horse’s age by inspecting its teeth is called what?


34. What does it mean when someone says “A Nod Is as Good as a Wink to a Blind Horse”?

You won’t be able to persuade certain people to accept a hint if they are adamant about not doing so. If someone is ready to comprehend something, regardless of how it is indicated, they will understand it.

35. Dawand horse breed is originated from which country?


36. What links hands, seat, weight, legs, and voice?

Natural aids

37. How do you understand if your horse may be overwhelmed by too many stimuli?

Rapidly swiveling ears

38. Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show is owned by which country?


39. What is most often described as gymnastics and dance on horseback?

Equestrian vaulting, or simply vaulting

40. Why does your horse require Leg-yield?

to move forwards and sideways

41. Eventing horse racing is from which discipline?

English Style Disciplines

42. Sheltie is a horse breed – true or false?

False (Dog)

43. What is the tiniest horse breed?


44. Gran Premio Estrellas is a horserace hosted by which country?


45. The stunning and strong white horse named Samson in the film Sleeping Beauty belongs to whom?

Prince Phillip

46. What does a horse with white spots on top of a base coat color get called?


47. What is the purpose of a forelock?

It keeps flies away from the horse’s eyes

48. Phylogenetically, What are the horse’s closest relatives after donkeys and zebras?

Rhinos and tapirs

49. It’s the rider’s job to make sure that what remains consistent and ‘elastic’?


50. This horse gait is named from the fact that it is rapid, two-beat, and the legs on the same side move simultaneously.


51. What is Dam?

The mother of a horse

52. What do you understand when someone says bosal?

A type of bitless bridle

53. Horses sleep for how many hours a day?

Three-Four hours

54. The horse goes sideways and forwards on a diagonal line with his shoulders slightly leading while remaining parallel to the school’s side in which position?


55. What is a dual-purpose British racecourse, located in Ascot, Berkshire, England?

Ascot Racecourse

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