100 History General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

History general knowledge quiz questions and answers have appeared with some interesting fresh facts. When someone takes the time to delve deeply into their own family’s history, they can have a better understanding of how their ancestors dealt with bigger historical changes. Have any members of your family fought in significant wars? Were they present at any major events?

By addressing deeper questions about why things are the way they are, history general knowledge quiz questions and answers aid our understanding of current concerns. Why did the European conflicts of the twentieth century important to countries all around the world? How did Hitler come to power and keep it for so long? What impact has this had on the current state of our planet and global political system? Let’s do something new from this history general knowledge quiz questions and answers.

If we actually want to understand why something happened — in any area or subject, such as one political party winning the previous election vs. the other, or a significant shift in the number of smokers — we must search for elements that occurred earlier. It’s time to get into these history general knowledge quiz questions and answers. Only by studying history can individuals truly comprehend the reasons for these changes, and only by studying history can we comprehend what aspects of an organization or culture persist despite constant change by dint of practicing more and more history general knowledge quiz questions and answers.

History General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What killed the Roman Empire?

Invasions by Barbarian tribes

2. Who won the Turner Prize in 1992?

Grenville Davey (Sculpture)

3. In 1790, The U.S. Congress moves from which city to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

New York

4. 20th Roman Catholic ecumenical council, Vatican I, opened in which city in 1869?


5. In 1974, 1st World Football League Bowl, Birmingham Americans beat which team?


6. James Clerk Maxwell’s what paper was the 1st read by the Royal Society in London (published by the Royal Society 1865) in 1864?

“A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field”

7. 1960 Miss Universe titleholder, Linda Bement, was from which country?


8. Who won the 38th Heisman Trophy Award in 1972?

Johnny Rodgers, Nebraska (FL)

9. In 1787, who was appointed Dutch pension advisor?

Laurens Pieter van de Speigel

10. In 1983, ICIMOD was established and inaugurated with its headquarters in which city?

Kathmandu, Nepal

11. Which US president issues his Amnesty Proclamation and plan for Reconstruction of the South in 1863?

Abraham Lincoln

12. What was the natural disaster was held on December 13, 115 AD in Antioch?

115 Antioch earthquake

13. In 2020, which Chinese leader says the country will reduce its carbon intensity by 65% by 2030?

Xi Jinping

14. Appointment of Special Constables Act 1820 was passed in which Parliament?

United Kingdom

15. In 1955, what organization was formed by Ralph Abernathy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Edgar Nixon to support the Montgomery bus protest in Montgomery, Alabama?

Montgomery Improvement Association

16. 2,500 reported killed as a result of a fire at Jesuit Church of La Compana, in which city in Chile in 1863?


The People’s Republic of Zanzibar was an African state founded in which year, consisting of the islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago?


17. In 2017, scientists begin checking interstellar asteroid Oumuamua for signs of alien technology through radio signals, later studies conclude what?

It is a piece of sliced off planet

18. In 1972, which party in Australia won the parliamentary election?

Australia Labour party

19. What is a town in Rudraprayag District in the State of Uttarakhand in India, a holy place for Hindus?


20. In 1983, which LA Dodger pitcher was suspended for 1 year for cocaine use?

Steve Howe

21. Which Pope proclaimed Immaculate Conception, makes Mary, free of Original Sin in 1854?

Pope Pius IX

22. In 1756, British troops under whom occupy Fulta, India?

Robert Clive

23. Operated in 1911–1946, what is the boxing organization in France?

International Boxing Union, IBU

24. On which ground in England, the first cricket test match was held on 21 July 1884?


25. In 1956, which 17-year-old British swimmer and American Carin Cone both swim world record 1:12.9 in the women’s 100m backstrokes at the Melbourne Olympics?

Judy Grinham

26. Gustav Freytag’s “Die Journalisten” was premiered in Breslau in which year?


27. In 1973, Chicago Cubs Ron Santo becomes 1st baseball player to invoke 10-5 rule and veto his trade with which team?

California Angels

28. In 2017, which artist wins Britain’s Turner Prize, oldest person at 63 and first nonwhite woman?

Lubaina Himid

29. The 1st issue of Herald of Rutland, VT published in which year?


30. In which year, 12 were killed by a car bomb shattering a 9-story building in west Beirut?


31. In 1735, the first recorded appendectomy performed by whom at St George’s Hospital in London?

Claudius Amyand

32. In 2020, UN Chief Antonio Guterres urges world leaders to declare what to avoid catastrophic global warming on 5th anniversary of the Paris Climate Accord?

“climate emergency”

33. In 2017, Prehistoric bones of a what animal as tall as a human (1.77m) found on Otago beach, New Zealand, reported in “Nature Communications”?


34. 1st cremation in the US: Henry Laurens in which year?


35. In 1956, which Soviet artistic gymnast wins the women’s vault and ties for gold in the floor exercise section at the Melbourne Olympics?

Larisa Latynina

36. What congress, comprising the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, met from March 4, 1789, to March 4, 1791?

The 1st United States Congress

37. Hijackers aboard Kuwaiti jetliner kill 2nd hostage in which year?


38. In December 2020, Russia begins vaccinating people with which vaccine in Moscow, despite the vaccine not finishing clinical trials?

Sputnik V

39. What is a city and a municipality of Devbhumi Dwarka district in the state of Gujarat in Western India, and a holy place for Hindus?


40. Who won the 47th Heisman Trophy Award, 1981?

Marcus Allen, Southern Cal (RB)

41. In 1732, the 1st play in American colonies was acted by professional players in which city?

New York

42. In 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May’s UK Conservative government loses a key vote in Parliament for an amendment to allow MPs to vote on what?


43. Who was Wenceslaus Hollar (1607–1677)?

Czech etcher

44. In 2012, in his Autumn Statement, which Chancellor of the Exchequer cuts the UK growth forecast for 2013 to 1.2% from the 2% forecast in the budget?

George Osborne

45. In 1956, which Danish yachtsman wins the Finn class gold medal at the Melbourne Olympics?

Paul Elvstrøm

46. There have been how many vice presidents of the United States since the office came into existence in 1789?


47. In 2019, which Saudi state-owned oil company raises a record $25.6 billion in its first public share offering, making it the world’s most valuable company at $1.7 trillion?

Saudi Aramco

48. In 2017, which Democratic representative had resigned from US Congress after allegations of sexual harassment?

John Conyers

49. In 1648, Pride’s Purge: who prevented 96 presbyterians from sitting in English parliament?

Thomas Pride

50. In 1979, Ex-World Series Cricket combatants Greg Chappell (124) and Kim Hughes (130no) rescue Australia on the last day of the drawn 1st Test v West Indies in which venue?


51. Who of Australia sets the Marathon record at 2:08:18 in 1981?

Rob de Castella

History General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers
Rob de Castella marathon time: 2:07:51

52. In 2017, which country jailed for life 11 militiamen for raping 40 children, including a local MP?

Democratic Republic of Congo

53. Battle of Brihuega in the War of the Spanish Succession: which British General was captured by French & Spanish forces in 1710?

James Stanhope

54. 52 people are killed and 167 are injured in a militant attack on a defense ministry compound in Sana’a, in which country in 2013?


55. In 1958, what method was inaugurated in the UK by Queen Elizabeth II when she speaks to the Lord Provost in a call from Bristol to Edinburgh?

Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD)

56. In 2018, a Letter by Albert Einstein from 1954 on the concept of religion sells for how much USD at Christie’s in New York?

$2.9 million

57. In 2019, a National strike in which country caused more than 800,000 people in 100 cities to protest against proposed pension reform?


58. In 1641, who was appointed land guardian of South Netherlands?

Don Francisco de Mello

59. What is one of Australia’s longest-running art prizes, having been established in 1936?

The Sir John Sulman Prize

60. In 1978, Islanders took how many shots in 1 period vs Penguins, Penguins’ Ross Lonsberry failed on 7th penalty shot against Islanders?

28 shots

61. Who won the 1932 US Presidential election by a landslide, defeating the incumbent, Herbert Hoover?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

62. In 2018, which actress revealed received a $9.5 million settlement from CBS after sexual harassment on the set of “Bull” from actor Michael Weatherley?

Eliza Dushku

63. The 1st predicted transit of Venus (Kepler) is observed in which year?


64. NASA launches Intelsat V satellite, no. 502 in which year?


65. In 1968, Future Hockey Hall of Fame center Phil Esposito of which team scores 2 goals in his goaltender brother Tony’s (also HOF) NHL debut for the Montreal Canadiens; 2-2 tie?

Boston Bruins

66. Which Mexican border town was founded by Fray García de San Francisco in 1659?

Ciudad Juárez

67. In 1996, Portland’s which player at 18 becomes the youngest NBA player?

Jermaine O’Neal

68. Online store Amazon begins operations in Australia in which year?


69. In 2018, Wisconsin Republican senate passes bills restricting the power of which new Democratic governor?

Tony Evers

70. In 1978, Sam Shepard’s which musical was premiered in NYC?

“Buried Child”

71. Skinner Prout in Australia exhibition was held in the year in Australia?


72. In 2016, which country becomes the 1st country in Europe to outlaw conversion therapy?


73. In 2019, who says 142,000 people died of measles around the world in 2018, nearly 20,000 more than in 2017?


74. In 1240, Mongols under whom occupy and destroy Kyiv; out of 50,000 people in the city, only 2,000 survived?

Batu Khan

75. In 1970, LA Rams Willie Ellison sets what sports record of 247 yards rushing?


76. Spain adopts constitution in which year?


77. In 2017, which country is banned from the next Winter Olympics in South Korea over state-sponsored doping?


78. In 1997, the 1st Game at Wash Capitals’ MCI Center vs who?

Fla Panthers

79. Biblioteca Ambrosiana in which city opens its reading room, the second public library in Europe in 1609?


80. Oliver Tilden Triangle in the Bronx was named in which year?


81. In 1196, the Northern Dutch coast flooded by which flood?

“Saint-Nicolas Flood”

82. Cease-fire in which port city of Yemen, by Houthi rebels and Saudi-led coalition announced by the UN in 2018?


83. The Treaty of Paris, signed in Paris by representatives of King George III of Great Britain and representatives of the United States of America on what date?

September 3, 1783

84. Name a professional skater, who has appeared in the Dancing on Ice – a British television series telecast in from 2006 to 2011.

Jodeyne Higgins

85. In which year, Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe Trophy & Bill Masterson Trophy stolen from Hockey Hall of Fame?


86. Daitokuji temple, Rinzai line, established in which city by Daito Kokushi in 1326?


87. Which Speaker of the US House of Representatives, announces articles of impeachment against US President Donald Trump will be drawn up for the abuse of power in 2019?

Nancy Pelosi

88. Who won the 41st Heisman Trophy Award held in 1975?

Archie Griffin, Ohio State (RB)

89. In 1160, Jean Bodel’s “Jeu de St Nicholas” was premiered in which city?


90. KCBJ (now KMIZ) TV channel 17 in Columbia, MO (ABC) 1st broadcast in which year?


91. In 2018, CO2 emissions reach an all-time high (up 2.7%) driven by coal use in which country and consumption of oil, in Global Carbon Project report?


92. Which country’s courts rule in favor of same-sex marriage from 2019?


93. What happened with Jianwen Emperor (Zhu Yunwen) from China in 1402?

Disappeared mysteriously

94. William Macmillan received a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford in which year?


95. Premiere of Dario Fo’s Morte accidentale di un anarchico held in which year?


96. Who was crowned king of Hungary in 1060?

Béla I

97. In 2018, Arrest of which Huawei Financial Officer for possible violation of Iran sanctions in Canada?

Meng Wanzhou

98. What are The Federalist Papers?

A collection of 85 articles and essays published under the pseudonym “Publius” by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay to advocate the ratification of the United States Constitution

99. In 2017, Netflix fires which actor from “The Ranch” after allegations of rape?

Danny Masterson

100. NFL’s Seattle Seahawks forms in which year?


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