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GK questions with answers to easy knowledge are comprised of facts, information, and abilities acquired via experience or education by a person. Theoretical or practical GK questions with answers easy of a topic. Awareness or familiarity with a thing or situation is earned via experience. Let us compare and contrast knowledge and wisdom. The gathering of GK questions with answers is easy and information is known as knowledge. Wisdom is the result of combining information and experiences to form insights with GK questions with answers easy. Wisdom enhances one’s connections and understanding of life’s significance. Education is a way of learning new things that we didn’t know before and so expanding our GK questions with answers is easy.

As a result, GK questions with answers easy are a meaningful organization of information into certain connections. GK questions with answers easy may be defined as knowing information or what is already known encompasses all that can be learned or discovered. The terms knowledge, information, and wisdom are all intertwined. GK questions with answers easy can also be defined as information enlightenment secure belief, and practical ability, and familiarity. The phrase ‘concept of knowledge,’ as used by instructors and educators, relates to information that teachers teach and that students are expected to learn in a certain topic or content area from GK questions with answers easy.

GK questions with answers easy

1. What is the national emblem of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Golden lily

2. In World War II, pilots use which pens because they do not leak at high altitudes?

Ballpoint pens

3. What does the French idiom ‘il faut souffrir pour être belle’ mean?

no pain, no gain

4. What is a synonym of ‘Difficult and full of obstacles or problems’?


5. What does an Alexandra taste of?


6. Jessica Simpson was a cheerleader for which institution?

Richardson North Junior High School

7. What is the output of keyboard shortcut SHIFT + DELETE?

[Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first]

8. What is Poncirus trifoliata?

Chinese bitter orange

9. Name a country without rivers.


10. What was Elvis Presley’s first UK number one?

All shook up

11. What is biotin (B7)?

Vitamin B

12. Name a word with all the vowels in alphabetical order.


13. What is a muppet-style character developed by the Children’s Television Workshop (CTW) for the Filipino children’s show Sesame?

Pong Pagong

14. What is the Discworld?

The fictional setting for all of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld fantasy novels

15. Hippoglossus-hippoglossus in which common sea fish?


16. Which soft, white, lustrous metal can make it rain?


17. What does the word ‘thirstry’ mean?

Showing a strong desire for attention, approval, or publicity.

18. Name a country without a rail network.

Solomon Islands

19. Momine Khatun Mausoleum is located in which city in Azerbaijan?


20. Chuck McKinley was the only American to do what in the 60s?

Win Wimbledon

21. According to Judaism, Cave of the Patriarchs, Hebron, West Bank is the burial place of whom?

Adam and Eve

22. What is the brand Chanel No. 22?


23. What is the current name of Pashto Iskanderiya (Alexandria)?


24. Wilhelmsen Lines LPG gas carrier is originated in which country?


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Wilhelmsen Lines LPG gas carrier

25. In the body what do the Islets of Langerhans do?

Secrete Insulin

26. What is the Accomplished Quaker?


27. What is the month of May in Hungarian?


28. What is the Genus of lion tamarins?


29. What is the name of the turtle in Uncle Remus’s folk tales?

Br’er Turtle (Br’er Tarrypin)

30. It is the English Channel but what do the French call it?

La Manche

31. Afinsa was a company from which country?


32. What are Austria’s most popular stamp collectors’ catalogs?

The Austria Netto Kataloge

33. Genbu is a turtle in which mythology?

Japanese Mythology

34. What are howler, spider, and woolly?


35. Bob van Winkle changed his name to what?

Vanilla Ice

36. Which airport has its IATA code ACJ?

Anuradhapura Airport, Sri Lanka

37. What is the name of the rabbit in Alice’s Farm: A Rabbit’s Tale, by Maryrose Wood?


38. What is the national flower of Slovenia?

Carnation (Dianthus Caryophyllus)

39. In which language, March is named março?


40. Gerry Dawsy, popular as Englebert Humperdinck was born in which country?


41. What is the ICAO code of Antrim County Airport, Bellaire, Michigan, United States?


42. Kobe beef is a delicacy in which location?

Hyōgo, Japan

43. In which year, the first American Post Office set up in Boston?


44. What is Yuanxing?

Beef cattle

45. Name Frank Sinatra’s Yacht?

My Way Again

46. bya or b.y.a. is an abbreviation for what?

“billion years ago”

47. The Turtle and the Monkey also known as The Monkey and the Turtle is a fable from which country?

The Philippine

48. Which famous illustrator was featured on the postage stamp of the United States in 2011?

Edwin Austin Abbey

49. The Admirals’ Burial Vault is located in which city?


50. A mirliton is another name for what musical instrument?

A Kazoo

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