50 General Knowledge Hard Trivia Quiz Interesting Facts

The general knowledge hard quiz is really cool with many interesting and jaw-dropping facts in the form of trivia in printable English quizzes. When you don’t grasp the meaning of some unknown terms in the text, pay attention to the context in which the word appears: other words you know, synonyms, antonyms, definitions, and examples provided in the text of general knowledge hard quiz. Once you’ve put it all together, you’ll be able to deduce the meaning of these unfamiliar terms. Consider what this word should signify in order for the phrase to make sense with general knowledge hard quiz.

In this world of volatility and change, Fortune 500 firms lose around “$31.5 billion a year by neglecting to share information” (Babcock, 2004, p. 46), a frightening sum of these general knowledge hard quiz. By improving decision-making, creating learning environments by making learning normal, and promoting cultural change and creativity, actively managing knowledge may help firms boost their chances of success. Companies may rewrite the ancient adage “Change is inevitable, growth is voluntary” to “Change is inevitable, growth is purposeful” by proactively integrating knowledge management systems by dint of general knowledge hard quiz.

To correctly answer inquiries regarding the text, we must first comprehend the question and determine the type of information sought: broad or specialized general knowledge hard quiz. How can we figure out what the word anorexia means? “Eating disorders” and “thin” are the two hints we have here. They claim that this sickness is linked to eating disorders and that it primarily affects thin persons. This gives us a better understanding of the term anorexi, for example general knowledge hard quiz.

General knowledge hard quiz

1. Which river is called Chang Jiang; Long River?


2. Mention a word with vowels in order.


3. John Irving wrote The World According to Garp in which year?


4. What is Independence Day in Montenegro?

May 21

5. Ben Hur won most Oscars 11 what film comes second with 10?

West Side Story

6. What is Mount Penglai?

In Chinese mythology, a mythological mountain claimed to be located on an island in the Bohai Sea and home to Taoist immortals, is said to exist.

7. “O.K.” clubs were created to support with US President’s campaigns?

President Martin Van Buren (1782-1862)

8. Geodie brand is originated in which country?


9. Toyota car brand was originated in which country?


10. John Books was the final role of which actor John Wayne in?

The Shootist

11. The length of your which organ tells something about your sexual curiosity?


12. What is the study of statistics such as births, deaths, income, or the incidence of disease, which illustrate the changing structure of human populations?


13. Nationality of Laos is named what?


14. What is the national flower of Spain?

Red carnation

15. From which alphabet do all western alphabets originate?


16. Felix is a what pet breed?


17. What does the French idiom ‘il n’y a pas un chat’ mean?

nobody’s here

18. What is a synonym of ‘Difficult to endure, live through, travel over’?


19. The Dark Tower is a series of eight novels written by which American American author?

Stephen King

20. Who is the Patron Saint of Germany and sodomy?

Saint Boniface

21. Clown sailfin pleco is a what breed?


22. The most commonly owned promotional products among all consumers are what?

Writing instruments

23. What is folate or ‘folic acid’ when included in supplements?

Vitamin B9

24. Name a word with all the vowels in alphabetical order.


25. Ivan Mauger won six world titles in what sport?


gk quiz easy easy general knowledge questions and answers in english easy general trivia general knowledge easy questions with answers

26. According to Christianity, where is the tomb of Adam located?

Chapel of Adam, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

27. Kopi luwak is a delicacy in which location?


28. Yusif ibn Kuseyir Mausoleum is located in which city in Azerbaijan?


29. Birchington-On-Sea village is located in which country?


30. What sort of meat is used in the dish Guard of Honour?

Neck of Lamb

31. How many National Flags are there that differ on their front and reverse sides?


32. Where is the present location of the ancient city Alexandria on the Indus, Alexander the Great founded?

Possibly Uch, Pakistan, and another town on the Indus.

33. What is the language of a Kuwaiti?


34. What does the word ‘title bar’ mean?

A horizontal bar at the top of a program window used to display information

35. What became legal in 1901 in the UK?


36. Toy Manchester is a what type of dog?


37. Name a country without a rail network.

Sierra Leone

38. Birkenhead Central Railway Station is located in which country?


39. Phyllis Smith, actress on The Office (US version) was a cheerleader for which institution?

St Louis Cardinals football

40. Harry Longbaugh became better known under what name?

The Sundance Kid

41. What is the output of the keyboard shortcut RIGHT ARROW?

[Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu]

42. What are the birthstones for December?

Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise

43. What is the national emblem of Botswana?


44. Which Actress was born on November 12, 1982, in Brooklyn, New York, United States?

Anne Hathaway

45. Which country has the world’s first greyhound racing track?


46. According to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, what is the total accumulation of past events, especially relating to human affairs or the accumulation of developments connected with a particular nation, people, place, person, thing, etc.?


47. What is Japanese Polled?

Cattle breed

48. There have been how many official versions of the American flag, each with a different amount of stars?


49. What is the internet country domain TLD for Russia?


50. What was Marie Osmond’s only solo hit?

Paper Roses

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