50 GK Easy Questions with Answers General Knowledge Quiz

GK easy questions with answers is a completely free source of testing your level of general knowledge, and for sure you will learn many interesting and fun facts in printable trivia format. Reading newspapers, listening to AIR news, and watching GD interviews are all good ways to study general knowledge, according to everyone with GK easy questions with answers. We’ll show you how to do it right here. Reading the newspaper every day can help you improve your general knowledge. It’s a good idea to maintain an eagle’s eye on what’s going on around you and stay informed. It will be enough to read the editorials of a few old newspapers from the last two weeks by dint of exercise like GK easy questions with answers.

One of the newspapers you should read should be in your native tongue or regional language, while the other should be in English GK easy questions with answers. Watching TV for the sake of entertainment does not improve your general knowledge; however, watching the news channel on a daily basis does it GK easy questions with answers. Pick your favorite newsreader and a convenient time for yourself to prepare for admission examinations by making a schedule of the greatest news channels and episodes and watching them on a regular basis. View the most recent news and headlines apart from GK easy questions with answers.

Prepare notes to learn General Knowledge: Writing is the greatest technique to prepare for current events and GK in the format of GK easy questions with answers. It’s usually a good idea to have a notepad in your own handwriting and words. Make a list of everything that is going on around the globe according to GK easy questions with answers.

GK easy questions with answers

1. What is the IUCN status of Ctenophryne carpish?


2. What is common among Greece, Guernsey (UK), Iceland, Ireland, and Isle of Man (UK) regarding bordering factor?

Countries and territories bordering the Atlantic Ocean

3. Ortona beach is located in which country?

Abruzzo, Italy

4. What is the home ground of Tasmania, a popular first-class cricket team in Australia?

Bellerive Oval, Hobart

5. What game has only 7 possible opening moves?

Draughts – Checkers

6. First Battle of the Aisne was a deadly battle in which historic event?


7. Bidni olive cultivar was originated in which country?


8. Capture of Kufra was a deadly battle in which historic event?

WWII (January 1941 – March 1941)

9. What is Allium nigrum?

Black garlic

10. Who owned the dog called Peritus?

Alexander the Great

11. Blackpool Sandsbeach is located in which city in England?


12. Krak des Chevaliers windmill is located in which city in Syria?


13. Manger townland, near Belleek, County Fermanagh (inhabited islands) is the westernmost point of which country?

United Kingdom

14. What is the significance of January 24, 1789, during French Revolution?

King Louis XVI convokes elections for delegates to the Estates-General

15. In cookery what happens to food served farci?

It’s stuffed

16. What is Allantide?

an Autumn festival

17. What is the annual largest broadcast digital media and satellite expo in the Middle East and Africa?


18. Battle of Albert (1914) was a deadly battle in which historic event?


19. Great Mosque of Aleppo is a tourist attraction in which country?


20. An orchiectomy involves what procedure?

Removal of testicle

21. Mary, Mother of Jesus Mosque is a tourist attraction in which city?

Abu Dhabi

22. Italian invasion of Egypt was a deadly battle in which historic event?

WWII (September 1940)

23. Alexandria Naval Unknown Soldier Memorial is located in which district in Alexandria, Egypt?


24. Botanical Garden Hamma is a popular tourist attraction in which city?


25. Queen Victoria in 1837 was the first English monarch to do what?

Live in Buckingham Palace

general knowledge trivia quiz questions and answers general knowledge quiz with answers general knowledge quiz for students with answers
Buckingham Palace, London

26. Calpionella fossil is discovered in which country?


27. National Peanut Festival is celebrated in which US state?


28. Leptaena fossil is found in which country?


29. Strettweg Cult Wagon is an archaeological discovery in which country?


30. Where would you find your Zygomatic Arch?


31. Oxygen mask was invented in which country?


32. As per the average IQ score by Ulster Institute in 2019, which country has the more intelligent people: Hong Kong, or China?

Hong Kong (China) – 105.37
China – 104.10

33. In which location in Taiwan, there is a Hollow post windmill?


34. Beach racing sport was originated in which country?


35. What is measured in ohms?

Electrical resistance

36. Omar Benrabah Stadium is located in which capital city?


37. Kaplan turbine was invented in which country?


38. What is c-Si?

Crystalline silicon solar cell

39. What is a snack food of Azerbaijan, made of crushed cherries with herbs and salt?

Doymenj or doymaj

40. 61 is the international telephone dialing code for what country?


41. Oktoberfest – La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA is celebrated during which months?


42. Niuafo’ou, Tongatapu administrative area is the westernmost point of which country?


43. 150 MW Andasol solar power station is founded in which location in Spain?


44. What is Ayvalık in Turkey?

olive cultivar

45. What American Indian tribe currently has over 300000 members?


46. What is LSC?

Luminescent solar concentrator cell

47. Niiname-sai, Shinjō-sai, Honen Matsuri, Tsukimi is a festival in which country?


48. Graciosa island is located in which Ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean, Azores (Portugal)

49. What is the name of the 150 MW solar thermal power station located in Torre de Miguel Sesmero, Spain?

Extresol Solar Power Station

50. In the US civil war what were graybacks?

Body lice

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