50 Fun Trivia with Answers General Knowledge Printable Quiz

A collection of fun trivia with answers to general knowledge is suitable for every GK fan. Knowledge is transferred throughout this procedure. With this teaching method, new views, questions, themes, and wide learning emerge from fun trivia with answers. Our skill-sharing software Kool Stories was created to let people share their expertise in a fun, friendly, and supportive atmosphere. People gather in this information-rich atmosphere to pass on their expertise to others with fun trivia with answers. Categorized information and global skill networks assist both learners and trained professionals based on fun trivia with answers. Go through fun trivia with answers, a platform for like-minded individuals, to start skill-sharing, learning, and networking right now.

Connecting existing information and building new concepts on it is a fascinating method to learn from fun trivia with answers. To put it another way, it is tying your new fun trivia with answers to an old habit. Those who know how to skate, for example, can apply their balance skills to learning to bike or trapeze. Fun trivia with answers interconnected learning facilitates the acquisition of information and comprehension.

Fun trivia with answers

1. Which strait in the USA is located between Prince of Wales Island (Alaska) and mainland Alaska?

Clarence Strait

2. Kendo is a form of martial art in which country?


3. Meraldene Dam is located in which country?


4. As of 2020, who is the WBA (Super), IBF, and WBO heavyweight boxing champion?

Oleksandr Usyk

5. The Bronte sisters had a brother named him?


6. Who was the first male player in history to win each Major title twice?

Roy Emerson

7. With 72 PGA Tour career wins including 7 major, Arnold Palmer H is from which country?

United States

8. What is a British chamber orchestra, founded in Newcastle upon Tyne and currently based in Gateshead?

Royal Northern Sinfonia

9. Who was Maceo Anderson?

American tap dancer

10. Golden and Argus are varieties of what bird?


11. How did American actor Fredric March die?


12. When was the first appearance of Homo neanderthalensis (Saccopastore skulls)?

250,000 years ago

13. Dedebit Credit and Saving Institution SC bank is owned by which country?


14. Northern Air is an airline operating out of which airport?

Nausori International Airport, Fiji

15. What is the magazine of the Salvation Army called?

The Warcry

16. Bajeko Sekuwa restaurant chain is located in which country?


17. Famine in Edessa was recorded in which year?


18. Which natural calamity in China in 1975 caused a death toll of 229,000?

Typhoon Nina

19. Baltimore County Public Library is located in which US state?


20. The Dutch Royal family is Orange, where is Orange?

Village in France

21. Just Another Photo Festival is held in which country?


22. Who was Licho?

Terminal speaker of Aka-Cari language, Andaman Islands, India

23. Oriana Peak is named after which Royal individual in Canada?

Queen Elizabeth I

24. Who was John Alfred Howard?

The sole survivor of Pan American-Grace Airways Flight 9 crush on 22 January 1943

25. Who first noticed that the sun had spots?


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Galileo kept track of sunspots, which are dark irregularly shaped patches that appear on the sun’s surface on a regular basis. Galileo first learned about telescopes in 1609, and by 1610, he had built and modified one that allowed him to view sunspots, which were normally invisible to the human eye.

26. Asahikawa Science Center is located in which country?


27. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines belong to which dynasty?

House of Windsor

28. What is Juma?

A language family in Rondônia, Brazil

29. Druk Gyalpo Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck is the reigning monarch of which dynasty?

House of Wangchuck

30. What kind of dancer was Mister Bojangles?

A Tap Dancer

31. St. Lucia’s flood, storm surge took place in 1287 in which location caused 50,000–80,000 death?

Holy Roman Empire

32. Aguadilla Service Processing Center prison is located in which city in the USA?

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

33. The Barbados Community College is a tertiary institution located on Eyrie Howells’ Road, in which city of Barbados?

Saint Michael

34. Let’s Discover Eid al-Adha is a French documentary on the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha featured in which year?


35. It’s now the Birmingham Royal Ballet but it used to be what Saddlers?

Wells Opera

36. Breakfast sandwich is popular in which country?

United States, Canada

37. Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the 9th major version of the Android mobile operating system developed by which company?


38. “Maxibon” is an ice cream sandwich brand in which country?


39. What is a handmade traditional art of Ancient China and also a traditional Chinese sweet similar to spun sugar?

Chinese cotton candy, or Dragon’s beard candy

40. Cavatina what is the theme music of which film?

The Deer Hunter

41. Ullswater is a large lake and reservoir in which country?


42. Which trench in the Pacific has the maximum depth of 10,820 m (35,500 ft), the second deepest?

Tonga Trench

43. What was the name of the literary movement most often associated with the Latin American literary boom of the 20th century?

Magical realism

44. How many US Presidents died in office?


45. Which microbe produces alcohol?

Yeast – alcohol is yeast piss

46. Who was the oldest person to assume the US presidency, took the presidential oath of office two months after turning 78?

Joe Biden

47. What is Bienenstich in Germany?

custard dessert

48. East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm is founded in which country?


49. Former Bathhouse is a historic place in the Rockies in which Canadian province?

Improvement District No. 09 (Banff National Park), Alberta

50. In the Bible the good Samaritan was traveling to where?


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